Why aliens pan Vladislav

Polish citizen Vladislav S. aliens abducted usually in the evenings, after work, and bringing on board, educated on environmental issues, foreign policy, etc. After many years of contacts with extraterrestrial "teachers" Vladislav S. interest problems before it is not particularly Worked.

It started long ago.

About aliens pan Vladislav silent. Only once told about Mrs. Galina P., who once helped him to lease space in the city of Legnica, where he opened a small shop. Once Mrs. Galina told Pan Wladyslaw on his nephew G. Domanski, who repeatedly kidnapped by aliens. Here Pan Vladislav and "split." Mrs Galina gave them with a home-sky meeting.

Formerly Pan Vladislav UFO encounters took for granted, and only. Like and to what, and where to get to? Domanski told him about the club in Legnica UFO researchers and members of the club and the local ufologists know about abductions Pan Wladyslaw from himself. He told me that it all started back in the 80's. Since then, with Pan Wladyslaw some strange began to happen. That included appliances themselves, then in the morning on the pillow appeared from nowhere who had taken a drop of blood …

Kidnapping scheme.

Every day pan Vladislav closed shop at 18:00 and went to the car to go home — to the village, located a few kilometers from Legnica. But not always, he immediately found himself there. H

If ye all the aliens were taken directly from the Pan Wladyslaw front lawn, and then right at the store. Pan is, for example, to the car, looking — and he is at home, confused and do not understand anything. Or wake up in the morning and no cars in the yard. Get to work by bus and car, as if nothing had happened parked at the store.

Special state of consciousness.

Some mornings he could vaguely remember last night. But how long he stayed on the ship and how the aliens found at home — had no idea.

At first cases of "lost time" once a week, then once a day. But, despite all attempts to Pre-Mansky, Mr. Vladislav could not tell you about every single abduction, being unable to distinguish between them, and some episodes altogether perceived in a particular state of consciousness — whether as a reality, whether as a dream. In short, to establish a clear chronology seemed impossible. One thing is clear: this is tens or even hundreds of times. Time suddenly stopped, and then raced furious gallop.

Blue light.

When pan Vladislav first saw the UFO, he was horrified. The ship seemed more than the entire village! On the perimeter of the long oval object pulsating bluish lights. Then the UFO moved powerful blue beam, dropped to Vladislav and tore it from the ground … And then — another gap in time, and the next moment, Vladislav was a small oval room, lit by the dim blue light. Soon there were two strange creatures, they were wearing large blue jacket, cast metal, and some semblance of whether helmets, or hoods with rectangular slit for the eyes. At the hands of the big wide gloves, shoe covers on your feet. Growth they had like an ordinary person, but they are moving very strange without moving his feet, as it were gliding like them on the soles of the wheels. However, when these creatures led somewhere Vladislav, he moved about the same, just a puppet: indifferent to everything, as if hovering above the floor between the newcomers, keeping upright.

After passing the blue light filled the long corridor-like tunnel, the man was in a large circular room …

Round light.

Flooded with blue light on the wall — some set of devices. The circle is similar to that caused by Vladislav wearing "robes" with slit for the eyes. Lower body tucked in something like free tunics.

Vladislav seated in a soft comfortable chair, like dental, and began to investigate. Every touch of the hands or tools seem unpleasant.

Finally, in front of him right out of the chair came flat tray and a voice: "Do not worry, everything will be fine." Who said — can not see, but the voice did not belong to any of the creatures that were in the hall. However, it seemed that all of his command as a senior. Voice commanded to turn the hands, palms up and then down. Finally tray disappeared, while Vladislav began "a lesson."

The information was flowing river — on the protection of nature, the role and responsibility of mankind, the meaning of life. The facts, as it were broadcast directly into the subconscious in the form of bulk motion pictures such as a hologram or a movie.

Vladislav can not say how long it lasted, "lesson", but at some point, without noticing it, he again found himself on his own lawn, with the only difference that the UFO above it is not hung …

What's under the skin?

Over time, the frequency of the "visits" has changed. At first, being taken away it once a week, then a little less. This went on for a half year. Man quite remembers contacts in 2000-2001. And suddenly — a break for two years. Vladislav hoped that all was over. However, the creatures appeared again and abducted him three more times, but with long intervals. To date, Vladislav can not say that it is still being kidnapped, but some sense of these contacts are still there. It is possible that the aliens are simply learned how to completely erase his memory, and now they are stored deep in the subconscious.

On the inside of his left thumb Vladislav vshil implant: a solid, easily palpable through the skin, the size of a mustard seed. Where it came from? The man did not know it, but is willing to undergo a medical examination.

True, cut implant Vladislav disagrees: what if the aliens again often with their "visits"?

And the idea of spending hypnosis man does not inspire. Who knows how it will affect the psyche and that the aliens found out about it?

Anya S.

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