Why did the authorities softened some political prisoners prosecution?

Several other political prisoners charged reclassified to a more lenient. How to explain such actions by the authorities? Does this mean the beginning of trade with the West?

Members: Vice-Chairman of the unregistered human rights center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich and director of analytical projects "BelaPAN" Alexander Klaskouski.

Why reclassified charge

Valery Karbalevich

Valery Karbalevich"Irina Khalip, Paul Seviarynets, Dmitry Bondarenko and Sergei Martseleva amended indictment. From the article" Riots "charge was reclassified to the" organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them. "Sanctions under this much softer. What does this mean? Belarusian authorities have become more compassionate? How can this be explained? Which version? ".

Valentin Stefanovich

Valentin Stefanovich"It is difficult to guess for our government. Most probable version is as follows. This is a reaction to pressure from the West and the United Nations. AND threatened economic sanctions so they are forced to take the stress off of the matter.

Another version. With respect to the investigation of these individuals do not have enough evidence that they organized the riots, and had taken part in them. Although it can be argued that in the previous sentences in this case there was no clear evidence of involvement in the riots. Has been submitted and evidence on the riots themselves. "

Alexander Klaskouski

Alexander Klaskouski"First, it is clear that the government started to back up and maneuver. And not because he's up there better uchytalisya the penal code, and saw that went too far. And not only under pressure from the international community, the Belarusian authorities suddenly ashamed.

As a result of this re-qualification must be sought not in the law, and the economy and politics. For the authorities fought for it and ran. Peradkatastrofnaya economic situation has led to the fact that the Kremlin is pinned to the wall of the Belarusian authorities. Loans for Russia will be forced to surrender economic sovereignty.

And so the West needed. And the game begins. Of course, the release of all — a loss of face. We have to show firmness. This is a small concession to display the field of play. This style crown of the Belarusian authorities. "

Why are prisoners of different — different charges?

Karbalevich"In the case on December 19 sentenced eight people who have been charged with rioting. And other persons involved on December 19 and charged with this, the more severe the article.

The following question arises: what is happening on Independence Square on December 19: riots or actions grossly violating public order? Or different people at the same place at the same time various events involved in? . "

Stefanovic"The presence of the various articles in the same case is not contrary to the law. But we, the human rights activists, from the beginning said that on December 19 in Minsk riots were not. Both trials of eight men on the case confirmed our findings. And this only confirms the reclassification our position. We criticized that the case stands out in a separate proceeding before it ended the investigation. So there was no evidence of the riots, and people began to judge. Therefore, there are doubts about the fairness of the verdict that the eight political prisoners. "

Klaskouski"It is interesting to follow this story with allegations of dynamics. Judge before the trial began. From high tribunes and through the state media announced the arrested criminals. Publication in the newspapers called" Behind the scenes of a conspiracy. "That has been the intention to fasten Article 357 (conspiracy to seize the government). All persons involved in the case on December 19, which is now divided into grades, to the same publication to smear black.

Thank God that someone will now be more lenient punishment. But, for example, that the accused in the riots former presidential candidate, dig? It is all to do with anything. Only for the fact that he would not testify against Statkievich. And those individuals who appeared in the newspaper as conspirators go on lighter paper.

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that this is a political case, sewn with white thread in it a strong outreach component. Important task — a "dunk scumbag" and a propaganda sense, and put behind bars.

Here is an investigator in the indictment says: "far-fetched reasons alleged unfair elections," they came to the square. What does the conclusions of the OSCE ODIHR? Captain stroke of a pen decides that the elections were fair, and so these people — the criminals. "

Bargaining with the West

Karbalevich"The most popular version of this mitigation charges — this is the beginning of bargaining with the West. Whether you agree with her? Seems to contradict the other actions of the authorities of this version. I mean the criminal case against Andrzej Poczobut, and visa bans on 150 state and community Western politicians. "

Stefanovic"Not so much pressure from the international community, as the threat of economic sanctions causes the power to make concessions. Because other sanctions do not threaten the Belarusian authorities.

It seems that the authorities are trying not solve the issue, and take it up a notch. The fact that ten people charged reclassified to a soft, does not solve the problem of political prisoners. After all, about 30 people are still charged with rioting, and eight people were convicted under this article. And further leniency will only take place under the threat of economic sanctions. "

Klaskouski"Without public support indispensable. Even if Russia and will give $ 3 billion, they last only a few months. And then we need a new credit dope, so you need to turn to the IMF.

Lukashenko during an interview with the "Washington Post", when asked about the pardon of political prisoners, said that the first to be held court verdict, but we'll see. Here's an algorithm. Kozulin in 2008 literally pushed out of the gate of the colony, even no paper is not given, and he did not know on what basis he was released. So everything will be determined by political expediency. While these concessions to the West did not meet, but will probably start negotiating behind the scenes. "

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