Why modern men and women can not be happy?

My answer to you — WAR. The war between man and woman, which began long ago — when the goddess was gone from this world, retired to his cradle, leaving her smile in the hearts of women. So in any case, they say myths. And soon, when the darkness crept into the souls of people — I do not know who or what opened the gates to the human soul — the war began. The greatest and destructive, which has lasted for thousands of years, but every year carrying away millions of souls. This war is not yavna it ingrained in our habits, daily habits so that it became invisible. And that she is terrible. And now — people can meet, get to know each other, happy family units … — whether to continue this horrible list?

So why, you ask, how to stop this war?

I do not know how to stop it in all the land, but I believe that this is possible in every family, if there is, due to mental effort satellites, combined in a family, one small miracle — awareness.

On the (world) — with (joint) — knowledge. If the whole world will turn to the knowledge by giving us the ancestors.

For this we need to understand that everyone, yes, everyone, regardless of the wishes involved in this war. How? Throughspell— "Bound attention." It is no coincidence the word "charm", "Enchantment" had a negative representation in the national colors.Charm is created in several ways: First substitution of values —for more than a century there is a "fashion body" — every age, with the change of cultural philosophy, so does the so-called standard of beauty, and is not a secret that every age it further away from the natural views. If even two centuries ago was considered a beautiful woman with a figure, ethical, moral principles that make it potentially a good mother, but now the standard of beautiful women — is a reptile like creature with a lack of behavioral, moral notions of motherhood and family life.

Second, the creation of myths, which binds man to the goals and concerns only at the level of the physical body, without care and attention to the soul and spirit.These myths are actually not play off opposites, as well as the important parts, causing them to death. We will try to list these myths:

1. The myth of equality,

In times that in modern philosophy and history are considered "wild", even during the formation of the world's religions, among different cultures, there is the concept of "problem man" and "woman's problem", which is not opposed to anywhere else — neither in China nor in Egypt — and different. Only after the appearance of Islam and Christianity, the idea of "defective", "sin" of women in relation to men. The development of this myth on the principle of the pendulum has led to such modern diseases such as feminism — is parasitic on society.This eventually led to the man and woman are reversed, that is, do not fulfill their divine destiny— Man is no longer Ost, Numberaboutm — vector direction and a woman — toaboutscrap bowl. But in the end count and do not form colonies over unity — Bells! No sound of the Joint Shower! So there is no peace!

2. The myth of "the features of the male body, which can not do without sex."This myth was created during the time of the fall of the ancient Roman Empire, when the orgy became a common pastime of the nobility. The result — almost 90% of modern relationships start with a bed — sexual compatibility test is a test of family relationships. Way to keep the partner becomes pastel! "First, will lie, then create a family" — art is not to "sleep"! Even the "open" Telegonia law, but rather a proven scientific ancient Slavic law Rita, not just disappeared into oblivion — it skillfully cut — in modern more or less "enlightened" society, there is a perception that the effect Telegonia podverzhany women only! And this is again war! Because it is not — and it will tell you any livestock!

3. The myth of "the peculiarities of the human soul — men, women, etc."This myth is supported by such illusions:

1) "Men do not cry" (type, power — is a restraint) — up — men closed cult — tough, aggressive, arrogant lout

2) "Girls do not have to fight '

3) "It hits a man — a loving" ("pulling the pigtails — so like you"), etc.

The result of this myth — people are not natural, closed, afraid, do not know and feel free to express their feelings or make it ugly ways. Hence the desire to "love, showing their best side" — not themselves, but better — not just you! This BAM! And the show is mainly the body and not the soul!

4. The myth of the transience of opportunities divine good.It must be said that the good-it was mostly in the representation of material wealth. It is good it can be shown through the ordinary phrase: "The modern woman has to provide for themselves — first, career, fame, then — the family" modern men too are of the opinion that the first wealth, and then family. Both forget that the development of material goods is only possible when there is a goal. After all the money — it's not a piece of paper, it's just energy. And energy, as we know, comes only where there is an opportunity for development, where "circuit is capable of opening and increase" (Physics). That is, when is the goal — to answer the question: "Why do you need this?" — And the answer to it may not be easy: "I want" — is not the goal. And that in Russia very well explained two concepts-images: Koschey and Hercules. Small excursion into history. Hero — a word that comes from the etymological roots of the two: God and tyrit (st.sl. — own). Hero — a "God owns" that is, to develop their talents, and so rich both spiritually and materially, for when you develop, comes to you from the world of all (from teachers, information about money), because the hero has a goal — move towards God. The opposite concept in fairy tales shown in the image Koschei, and not by accident. The word "Koschei" comes from the word "koschny" — bone, ossified and etymologically related to a term such as "koschna" — bag bandit falls to all without discrimination (and the consequences of that, you understand) and "Treasury" — wealth without development. Thus, Kashchei — is the one who has the wealth, but does not develop it, not seeking God, so he is "wasting away over with gold", so it is a symbol of death. Death to the Slavs — the lack of development. Therefore, one who simply "want", but does not know what will never be rich in spiritual and material — is not a hero — Kashchei in essence. And it called for in the present: the arms race, the race of values ("whose car cooler", "Who has more money") — Race bodies treasury. And in this race, people forget about the souls and the family.

And then the family? Explain — the main goal of the individual — is the embodiment of the land of the task that has set itself the spirit. Everything on earth works together with others — from rocks to animals and plants. Only modern man tries to resist it. Seed can not germinate without the consent of the land, insects, water, sky, worms, etc. so the person can realize its mission only in cooperation — in the family. It is no accident has survived a saying: "God made the child — will give all for a child." Child in a family is born only with the consent of parents — that is, if they have a common goal and they know how to negotiate. Child — an indicator ladnosti target parents. And this means that the number of children and the family's wealth — it all depends on who the parents — Heroes or Koschei — what is their purpose.

5. The myth of the hierarchy, a pyramid of all — from the biological chain to the structures of society.At the heart of this myth is the theory that someone could be lower, and someone above, and therefore closer to God, and therefore may be called the "chosen." Based on this theory was created slavery, castes, "labor class and the intelligentsia," relationship "boss and employee," and the worst thing is how you create a family — "older means wiser", "teach your grandmother to suck eggs", "women should stay at home and remain silent when the man says, "etc. — The popular "frazochki", which is a way to start a conflict, to push the two sides, with no interaction and fret that the whole world will collapse. And any, in fact, the structure, which was built on the principle of hierarchy and oppression of some other means — it's just a way to create slavery, where slaves — those who have, and slave owners — those with others. All this so-called "principle of the pyramid." It never happened in Russia and in other countries in the Golden Age of the peoples! Remember how the most ancient symbol represents the sun — the face of God, all peoples — Circle! How the Earth? Too Circle (only point-seminomas)! Therefore, in Russia was Veche — a circle of wise men, the older of the birth and it was the concept of cheer — a circle of the earth, that man had to defend; temple — the circle, the city — a circle, etc. Therefore, everything in nature tends to circle — anthill, trees, planets circle of death and birth, and the biological food chain, etc. Therefore, the family — a circle: the child-parent-Stry — and then through death again coming to the race in a child — a child. Therefore, the varna (caste) — is a circle! And the true soul tseleustroenoe enterprise — gang — a circle! Etc.

6. The myth of the irrelevance of personal change.In the modern world has long been widely believed that all expressed in a single sentence: "He (she) has to change, and I accept the way I am." At first glance, everything is fine, but it is only at first. In fact, because of this people are able to justify their laziness and nothing to do, do not change anything in their life and do not change themselves. As a result, this leads to the fact that people only meet fellow-"mirror" that is, with the same problems and "cockroaches" in the head. And the construction of the family that led to the fact that there were families where the people are just "mirror" each other!

As a result, in today's world this has led to the fact that now there is no one "type" of the family, and three: family-mirror-mirniki family, and only the third "type" of a true — a family-satellites.

Family-mirror— It's just the same family, in which people are attracted only by the total pain. And they are like a mirror in a satellite view their own pain — shortcomings and unresolved situation, aggression, etc. For example, she advises parents perceive as restrictions on freedom and it too — met without understanding deeper married. Relations in such a family based on the principle: "log in your own eye did not notice — in another speck see quite clearly." That is, any quarrels, scandals look the same: "Everyone thinks of another monster, though, that the very ugly" (L.Filatov) — your "antics" of each other as nuclear war, with one hundred percent hit the target missile — a large one! Kolesh else there that is 100% is at most — can be expressed through different actions, but there is! Therefore, the war in these families — a terrible thing. But in this family is a plus: in the other, as in a mirror you can see yourself. And remember this: "like is attracted to like that" — that is, look what annoys you, angry, nervous in the satellite (not only in the wife, and in the life of any satellite) — these are 100% is in you. So do not seek to change the person. And it is impossible. Me himself.

Family-mirniki— Family, where satellites have converged on the common interest "on the now." It is people-friends. They do not think about the future. Together reduce the explicit goal. For example, he is fond of metaphysics, and it, too — have tied the knot. This is not bad, but very often it turns out that both — yes, dreaming of home, but one — a brick in the city, and the second — on the wood, and in the countryside. And it is not always possible to build something in common. And, as a rule, by the time of the "discovery" that the goals of something different, already have children.

Andfamily, where people are to each otherSatellites— Is only now — they have a common story — dreams of the future. And it unites them forever, even if they are of different hobbies, money status, appearance — a clear world. Because they share the Regulation — common aspirations.

So in the end in the modern world of Cinderella dreams of princes, but not developing, never met them, the one that "grows" to the princess without development, so she stays in the 40 and 50, next to the same naive 50 -year-old prince — without the development they never become king and queen.Remember: said to someone — it does not know them to be, and it does not mean that you have reached a higher level, without effort.

7. The myth of bodily contact.Modern people understand by touch, basically, two types: medical (explore, to feel — a verdict), and "sexy" or as they are referred to as "intimate." Some even think that "Touches are only intimate." And almost everyone falls into the trap of these judgments. If a good relationship is all but a confirmation of this philosophy, the family is becoming one of the means of destruction of relationships: couples or groping each other and looking for flaws, finding fault or to the figure of the body of each other, playing "evil doctor", or lustfully "lapaya" each other. In the first case there is a focus on the body, which leads to the formation of complexes, samobichivaniya and hence stiffness, tightness of oneself and others — and it is a betrayal of the vessel of God, which is the body. And since habits baiting each other every year is rising, but nothing changes. In the second case, it has led to the fact that modern people can be engaged in sex (from the word "sect" — circumcision — Lat.), Sex (floors — what's going on than dirt), but they do not know how to give pleasure to each other, because , admire each other as gods, and thus works at the call of a child into a purely mechanical act, in which the parents do not hear or feel the moment of arrival of the god!

8. The myth of management.In the modern world presents judgment: "Trust, but verify, and better manage it." The result — improvement in the modern world of management — fraud that led to the division once and contrast of languages, peoples, etc. And at the heart of this — the difference TOLKOVINA (popular term) — certain internal interpreter, which is part of the mind (the size of the mind — the mind of this time, the pattern). He tolkovin leads to the fact that even in a language different people under the same words on the first reflex of different aspects. For example, the word pen — one sees inside the mind of the child handle, the other — a ballpoint. The result is a race of images — it wins the one who will quickly create a combination of images, implying its view that it does not cause a protest from the audience, creating a substitution patterns, but will result in a favorable interaction of the speaker's result. And this administration.

9. The myth of the "righteous" or lie about the game.In the modern world, people from the above reasons is getting used to live close by hiding, rather face the soul "palming" to each other the different "sides" — masks, rehearsed role. Playing in this theater of deception, the person gradually ceases to distinguish where it is present, where his mask — mask grows. And in the end people do not know his soul, does not see it, does not feel — he becomes a mask, harey — undead, as it is popularly called. And the worst thing that the undead will always find nice words to justify their lies.

AndThird, the charm is created involving human struggleforces, where the situation is "a no-choice", that is, a man with his emotions involve the creation and support of field-security agencies, is also called egregors or pendulums.And this is the worst, because sustaining life "pendulum" our assessments, we continue to the present situation, not changing it.

Imagine a man who sees a woman passing by in a challenging and revealing clothes, he curses it was worth, and along with fashion that bares women. They are not committed to a pendulum fashion, he did not follow it for a variety of reasons. But what happens? man scolds fashion, thinking, "do not give God my daughter will come out in this way" .. Thus, it emits intense mental energy at the frequency of the pendulum.In fact, as a pendulum does not matter which way you shake it. For a pendulum suitable positive and negative energy. The main thing that has been the resonance frequency of the radiation. Because the main task of the pendulum is to engage, touch people for a living, no matter how, as long as a person's thoughts were busy with the pendulum. One of the most popular ways to get access to the pendulum of your energy is to take you out of balance. Departure from equilibrium, you start "swinging" at the frequency of the pendulum and thus sways him.Suppose a neighbor does not share your faith, and more — is a representative of the other religions .. Hearing his opinion on your religious beliefs, you react negatively — start to resent, to complain, to share information with friends. It is a normal and appropriate response. But this is exactly what awaits the pendulum. You radiate negative energy into the world on the frequency of the pendulum, it gets energy and swinging harder — a situation aggravated by, for example, those neighbors become more or you have a boss, boss at work, who actively hates the adherents of the "no religious sects" .

So, even if you just pay attention to the men, women — and give them an assessment, compare — you feed it a program. The detailed description and modern physics by Zeland in his book "eBook URL." Remember the first example: the girl "bare" — "bad", modestly dressed — "good" — giving this assessment we will not reduce the number of "bad" and do not increase the number of "good" — and then, and it will grow as we support swing of the pendulum.

Struggling with some force, we do not reduce the amount of "bad". Out, you ask?

Remind you of a frame from the film of Merlin: "You can not kill me" — says Morgan. "I'm not going. We just forget you "- is responsible Merlin.

The best way to disconnect from the pendulum — stop responding to him.

Therefore the people, when a child or an adult gave any phenomenon rated "good-bad", the medicine man, seeing that the man is in a "hare" (mask, guise), that is, support the existence of any distruktivnoy system, asked him:

-How do you feel about that?

— Why is it right for you, it's — no?Why is it "bad" or "good"?

— That means to you criterion of correctness?

— For anyone of you is right and wrong something?

— What do you feel in terms of right and wrong?

— Who in your estimates, "good-bad"?

And so, the man realized that no soul, no spirit, and lead him to the vector estimates and mug.

Fourth, any level of enchantment created through fear.The oldest and strongest emotion. It does not matter what it is you are afraid of, but if the fear associated with any aspect of the pendulum, it will get your energy. Anxiety and worry is weaker, but still strong enough thread. These feelings are very good record of mental energy radiation at the frequency of the pendulum. If you have a concern, it is difficult to focus on anything else.

Fifthly, the spell effect on us and through a sense of guilt

Sixth, through variouspsychological complexes people.Complex — this is when you have something touches a nerve. Inferiority complex: I have an unattractive appearance, I do not have skills and talents, I do not have the mind or wit, I do not know how to communicate with people, I am not worthy. Guilt: I'm guilty, I condemn all, I have to carry his cross. Complex Champion: I have to be cool, I declare war on myself and all others, I will fight for a place under the sun, I will take her by force. Complex truth-lover, I'll prove it at all costs their case and prove to others that they are wrong. These and other systems are the keys to personal power of individuals.

And much of the reason for the existence charms:


A person can realize that negative thoughts and actions are no good, but out of habit makes the old errors.Thus, habits often cause problems and force to act effectively, and get rid of them is difficult. Habits are an illusion of comfort. People more confidence in the fact that the long-familiar. All new causes concern. The old, familiar, already established itself in practice. It's like an old chair in which you sit down to relax after work. Maybe a new and more convenient, but the old comfortable. Comfort is characterized by such terms as convenience, confidence, positive experience and predictability. New possess these qualities to a much lesser degree, so it takes a long time to get a new habit was old.

  1. Ignorance of the fairy tale dreams with each other to sexual and family relationships
  2. Inability to give each other strength and physical (non-sexual), and spiritual
  3. Inability to show your dreams to another
  4. Inability to empathize and rejoice, to pay attention
  5. Inability to trust men and women "do not climb" ahead
  6. Inability and unwillingness of men to please a woman and trust her my good and good — invest to get more from the world
  7. Reluctance of women to be housewives and men — leaders.
  8. Unwillingness to live and work together.

What is all this "treated"? How to remove the spell? Awareness.

How to get out of this war? Not react.

How to be happy? Understand who you are and why. And go your own way — not the worst and not the best, but his own.

Arina Nikitina I.

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