Witness the explosion blast wave has passed and the collapsed ceiling right where the escalators

The explosion at the plant, "October" Minsk metro, according to preliminary information, seven people were killed and about 90 injured, including 50 people with injuries of varying severity were hospitalized. The explosion occurred at 17.55.

After the explosion, the traffic was blocked, the metro nobody. At the metro station were visible blood stains, a very strong smell of burning. Near the scene dozens of ambulances and fire engines. Riot police pushed the crowd of passers-by from October Square.

Witnesses explosion that came out of the subway station, the feeling experienced a shock. In a young man Alexander attire was marred by a dark dust. He said that the explosion occurred close to the cars, somewhere around the first and second carriages. The train was traveling from the Victory Square.

The door opened and people began to leave. And at this point, the first or second car was a big explosion …

"I was coming down the escalator. Two escalators down to work. I was somewhere in the middle. Going down and at that moment a train came from the Victory Square. Door opened and people began to leave. And at this point in the first or second carriage was the big bang. Immediately a huge flame. And then the smoke gray color as my jacket. blast wave has passed and the ceiling collapsed right where the escalators. unclear where to go. were born. It was very a lot of smoke. It collapsed ceiling mounted. There were many people on the platform, just when people go out. All Peron was busy with people. The man had two or three hundred. And the man said to me that there was a crater about a meter in size. "

Alexander says that in a hurry and if the train ran on the escalator, then stay there. But went quietly, and he was lucky.

Parts of the body carried out. Oh, damn …

"It was not clear what happened. Some immediately panic, everyone began to run directly up at the ceiling, which collapsed. I'm in shock, I can not yet. There were not breathe. Persons carried out, there is the torn dress, everything. Part carried out of the body. Oh, damn. "

Mrs. Olga said that when the train came out of Uruchcha, she was on the platform, heard the sound of breaking glass.

"I was right on the platform when the explosion took place. And all rushed to the exit."

Olga herself was badly hurt.

"A little ear laid, we can say that in comparison with the other not. But, I think a lot of casualties."

Pale face Olga stained dark dust. How do people react?

"People were shouting, explosion, flames, fumes, dust, this one. I think that also damaged and escalators. Indeed debris flew cement plaster. Stench and wild and can not see anything. During the rush hour."

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