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Slavic Rodnoverie — a natural, traditional, national faith.
Endoethnonym religions speaks for itself: the Buddha — Buddhism, Christ — Christianity, Krishna — Krishnaism. Slavic native Rod — Rodnoverie. That it holds claim to adequate understanding of the world.

Rodnoverie relies on the natural system of natural values, the way is really like this world. Rodnoverie is, by and large, only an adequate understanding of the world, that is, understanding of the world as it really is and learning how to live in this world. It helps people to recognize themselves as part of nature, living by its laws, contributes to the formation of national identity, it revives the ancestral memory and traditions of their ancestors, creates a self-sufficient and independent person, the owner himself.
Rodnoverie formed on the basis of the wisdom and knowledge gained by our ancestors through the contemplation of the phenomena of nature and all that is available senses and understanding person in the course of its development. Comprehending the different phenomena, our ancestors were aware of their relationship and interdependence. This interdependence they connected with the existence of a unified management of all phenomena in the universe, which found its expression in the recognition of the Almighty God — Rod.
All natural religion, perceiving the world as it is, believed in the infinite basis of being majestic and eternal cause and worshiped her under different names, according to each nation. Slavs called this spring Universe short and succinct word — ROD.
ROD — The Great Spirit of Life. ROD eternal. ROD is a kind of — universal aura — "energy — information structure."
Rod everywhere: in water and air, fire and stone, in animals and humans, the Gods and insects, sun and stars, in a word — everywhere. They covered the entire Universe. Race is not over nature, he is in it, it is — in all. ROD — the life-giving force, forcing the seed to germinate, flower, blossom, fruit ripen and produce new seeds of life. ROD was, is and will be, … When nature run its everlasting cycle and fade all the worlds. ROD again become granule — the embryo of new …
The word "race" is present at the root of many Russian, basic words: nature, home, people, families and relatives. The genus concluded universal sense of the eternal birth of all existence.
"For the first one was Vsebog Rod. One became two: Svarog and Lada, Koi is the Father and Mother of all things. In Svarog and Lada son — Solntseliky Dazhdbog, our grandfather, "Sun King, syn Svarog, hedgehog is Dazhdbog, whi bo husband silen …".
Our ancestors called themselves grandchildren Dazhdbozhimi: not slaves of God, how to teach others, but relatives in Rod of God — Svarog. They do not beg the gods of Native worldly goods, but their glory — Senior Rod in his, and we, their descendants, tacos same deyat commanded.
Rodnoverie natural faith of the people. ROD connects Nature, people and Homeland together.
Old Russian priests possess a holistic worldview. It is reflected in the "Book of Veles" (in the Vedas) in the "glorification of the great Triglav", which reveals the fullness and sufficiency of the universe.
After Triglav "Rights — Reality and Nav" is expressed most complete measure of what we mean by the word God, Rod, the Creator, the Maker, etc.
This gives Triglav key to further understanding and appreciation of all the components of the Slavic faith.
're Right — there is a single coherent set of laws of the universe and everything.
Live by the Government — it is right to think, speak properly and correctly done.
This is the origin of the word "truth", "right", "right", "just"
Reality — a world that people are able to feel their senses and show it in your mind. Hence the word "clearly", "awake", "appear", "phenomenon."
Nav — a world that exists in nature, but not available to our perception.
Hence the word "obsession".
In the Vedas it is said (Veles book) that the process of creation is managed and carried out through the right "Before there Nav after Nav is" the expression of the said information, the indestructibility which claimed Bulgakov M. A: "Manuscripts do not burn." Finally, Nav manipulated by the Government to materialize into reality.
Correct knowledge about the world is contained in our outlook, our ancestral religion.
This we have seen in himself, and it is given as a gift of the gods, and it requires us, as (do) this — then follow the right. (From the Vedas)
Native Faith feature is that the Slavs never asked for anything from God, but only His glory, believing that God has given all that is necessary for each person to a decent life in this world, so we just have to sell their labor bestowed more than possible.
Another feature of Native Faith is that the Slavs believed the gods and enjoy them for what they are.
Slavic faith is inextricably linked with the traditions and way of life of our people. Slavs lived in harmony with each other, respect for elders, younger nurtured, cared for sick people that worked together, that is, as has long been assumed in Russia — were in the rules, according to Justice that by godly.
Rodnoverie — not a dogmatic religion, whose canons prescribed in the scriptures
or misinterpreted reputable theologians, who must blindly accept every believer.
Rodnoverie — a holistic attitude, outlook and philosophy of life, where every person is different and unique.
Everyone knows the surviving Rodnovercheskie Carnival celebrations and bathe. Everyone has heard of divination on Christmas Eve. Almost every child to read their native Slavic fairy tale about Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, the heroes, the Goblin, Kikimora, Baba Yaga, dragon, mermaids, goblins, Koschei … This gray characters Slavic past. This is a huge world of Slavic culture. They are fascinating, being led away to the world of the unknown, the mysterious, fantastic, full of mystery, discovery and adventure. Fairy tales are a powerful layer of folk memory. And so has a strong positive influence on children. They awaken in him ancestral memory, embedded in the early ancestors of the folk consciousness, learn to know life in all its diversity and originality.
Rodnoverie demonstrates the depth and stability of ancestral memory, storing in unconscious archetypes of the past. This is the beginning and the awakening Rodnoverie hereditary human memory. In other words, the Slavic Rodnoverie returns to modern society ancestral tribal values and, based on them, go ahead.
The word "faith" in the Slavic tradition highly conditional and relative. How can you believe or not believe in their parents, in the glorious things their fathers and grandfathers, workers and heroes who defended their homeland and to nurture a generation of beautiful people? How can you believe or not to believe that the sun rises and sets, the earth blooms in spring and autumn crop yields?
Everyone sees it, and to confirm these effects do not have to have a sacred books, miracles, or the infamous deception. Slavic gods are themselves not in books or in the church attributes. To see the starry sky above and feel a part of the universe, created by Rod in the beginning, you may not want to believe or not to believe it. It's just enough to see. The presence of faith is a stimulus for learning. In the process of learning faith turns to lead, that is, knowledge —
"Blessed are those who believe, and strong who knows"
Rodnoverie — not religious dogma, frozen in the mists of time. A developing live folk thought corresponding pressing problems of the modern world. Respect, honor and praise traditions — sacred to each Rodnoverie. Man in Rodnoverie constantly self-improving and the measure of his actions can only serve Conscience and Canons of Justice.
A special place in the Slavic tradition is the understanding of nature and man's relationship with nature. Nature for Rodnoverie — not just a dwelling place, not the source of all kinds of goods and not the subject of ruthless exploitation. Nature — his house, his temple. Hence the cautious attitude. Rodnoverie protecting and preserving the world around us, know that a person related to the nature carefully, never hurt her guardians and in difficult times can rely on their help.
But the one who has forgotten his roots, who felt entitled to be above made him, who spat on natural laws and plunged into the abyss of destruction, is not worthy of the title of Man. That's the trouble with many people that do not understand. And the reason for this is mainly in the fact that all of us for many years consistently been telling that, de, "The nature of a creature, alienated from the Creator," that it — only "tool" feels nothing and nowhere receptive. Did our ancestors were in charge, that all that surrounds us, His own nature — all living things. And all of this has (every phenomenon in its own way) of its own spiritual power.
And if so, then must learn to live in harmony with all of Nature. Spirit so that each person is not in contradiction with the nature.
Rodnoverie believe Native Gods their ancestors, their ancestors.
Therefore, the attitude towards them is akin to parents. This slavlenie (from the word "glory"), reverence and respect. Slav — Rodnoverie not kneeling in front of the native gods, not crawling or humiliated in front of them, begging to save, to forgive, to spare or submit any good in exchange for sincere prayer, diligent behavior or observance of religious precepts. It praises the gods and ancestors of Native standing, hands raised to the sky. He is proud and independent of their son, not a slave. Mother gave birth to the Slav gods and his ancestors. He follows the paths of right, inscribed for centuries.
The main character is a Slavic Rodnoverie Kolovrat.
It is a bright, sunny (solar) character. Symbol Kolovrat accompanied ancient Slav ancestors in glorious deeds, he watered the blood and sweat of the past generations who defended home soil in honest labor and feats of arms.
Kolovrat symbolizes the Fiery Sun and eternal rotation in Nature (Svarog wheel): day and night, the annual cycle and shift eons. Kolovrat sunlight illuminates career Rodnoverie, leads him in the path of the Government, graven gods and ancestors.
Kolovrat Rodnoverie hated the dark and evil forces, as it symbolizes the life-giving sun and creation.
Kolovrat — a symbol of the workers and soldiers of the Russian land. Kolovrat Rodnoverie — its most important guardian. Show image Kolovrat man and trace his reaction means to know about this man very much. For Kolovrat — a very significant character and attitude is very significant. Kolovrat can only hate those who ogluplen antislavyanskoy vicious propaganda and fear of sunlight, itself being a creature of the world of darkness and destruction … Any interested person who thinks and knows that in a variety of Kolovrat typeface is original symbol of many Indo-European peoples. Except in Kolovrat Rodnoverie using other characters, earth, fertility, water, fire, etc.
God of any nation — a reflection of its archetype, its national character, his attitude.
This concept has absorbed the history, mythology, tradition, culture, behavior, lifestyle, and more. Road Rodnoverie the Slavic God — it is the way of its ancient ancestors. The beginning of the road back to the progenitor of the Slavic peoples. They threw the seed, which has risen a great history, full of glorious victories and heroic work. As he wrote the famous French philosopher Gustave Le Bon, "the moral and intellectual characteristics, the totality of which expresses the soul of the people, are a synthesis of all of his past, a legacy of the ancestors and the motives of his conduct."
Rodnoverie respect traditional beliefs of other people, but they are strongly
opposed to someone belittled their religion, would call it heresy or
to impose their ideology foreign to us with a claim to exclusivity.
However, this does not mean that a religious doctrine to be closed to scrutiny or criticism. After all, everything is relative.
A sorcerer, the question of the relationship between "their" and "foreign" said
"It is not bad to learn Heritage other genera. But it is necessary to follow the wisdom of his kind! "
Every nation has its own values, their own ideas of right and justice, his views on the surrounding reality and more. Each nation is different and lead all to a common denominator can only those who seek to destroy the national fabric and turn people into a faceless mass of slaves and supple.
Recently became available to the public works of writers and scholars, in his writings based on the age-old tradition of the Slavic peoples. Their work on religion, history, politics, rasologii, ethno and other sciences deal a severe blow to the theories of development targeted unification of mankind under a single standard rootless, not remembering his roots and do not know their age-old traditions.
Each year, the authors and their work is becoming more and more, which suggests that common intellectual capacity is not destroyed as a result of the various global experiments on transformation of the Russian people in extra-national "lamb", "scoop", "Russian"
A man who has spent his life doing useful things, who sought to atone for his actions are not serious fasting and prayer, and creative actions, not ashamed to appear before any of the gods in the afterlife. The modern industrial world is a huge anthill, where the so-called "civilized" countries have mixed all kinds of culture, religion and nationality. Mixing occurs at an appalling rate, threatening to engulf the entire national and individual. Rodnovercheskoe traditional worldview is central to counter this destructive cascade, both at the individual human level, and at the level of the collective national mind. It helps a person to think independently and critically. Rodnoverie not a mindless person crowd in the worst sense of the word. He is part of his people.
On the ancestral memory, called "genetic", deserves mention that, inheriting blood of our ancestors, we inherit the knowledge and feelings, with which they possessed. The goal of each ancestral memory awaken and understand the world as it is, remember who you are in reality.
Rod Slavic likened Tree. The roots will dry up (the memory of ancestors) — dead tree.
Tree — the Slavic character, symbolizing the unity and cooperation of all three tenses: past, present and future.
The trunk represents the present, ourselves. What is under the ground — the roots of the tree represent the last time, the world of the dead, our ancestors. Crohn embodies future — our future generations: first children, then grandchildren, then great-grandchildren, etc. The roots of the tree represent our roots — first the father and mother, and then our grandparents, then great-grandfather great-grandmother, then many generations of our ancestors .
Every single one. Then, among all the people of our ancestors ends and begins animals.
Then the animals come to an end, start plants, rocks, sand, light rays of different colors.
Then there are the elements — air, water, fire, earth, metal!
Then there are spirits!
Then there are the gods!
And all our ancestors and all that is within each of us, in our genes, in our subconscious mind, in our soul.
We know we are the way we are, but we do not know what we can be. There is also a connection with the future of this. But the future is not yet, there are only plans for its implementation, so the future is always ambiguous. In the future, there is always a lot of ways in which the implementation can go. The past and the future can influence the present. And, of course, we are in our present (here and now), my thoughts, words and deeds make their future.
Rodnoverie — modern man who is interested in the various spheres of human life, which honors the age-old folk tradition and follows the precepts of their ancestors. He follower of those who lived on his land to him and he knows that is the ancestor of future generations — this never ending trail of generic parent to child. He goes on it confidently and boldly, as were his ancestors, praising Rhode your thoughts and deeds.
It is impossible to overestimate the strength of our faith. Russian Rodnoverie can we do other people. People of other, richer world view, people stronger in spirit, strong willed people, people happy and free, which no one will ever be able to make their slaves and lackeys.
Rodnoverie despite the most severest persecution, never died in. Slavic world is large, and it allowed us to survive. Rodnoverie — a colorful, multi-faceted, rich, interesting world, it reflects the diversity of the world, a variety of real cosmic forces.
Most of the sensible people at heart do not accept the alien, chuzhebesie waiting for someone to help them return to the natural, national, native religion. Find and remember the Real Native Gods.
But remained unconscious. He was many thousands of years, it is in our Slavic genes. Try to break away from the consciousness, to rely on intuition and go deeper into the subconscious and feel the faith of his soul. And you will feel that it is our native, is the soul of our nation. This is the faith of our ancestors, whose blood flows in our veins. Our faith! Slavic! Dear! It is the key and the lever of our national recovery!

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