Word about the consumer outlook

For more than 10 years — since the days when I was a student of modest means — I do not get tired of repeating: money overrated, because creation is much more interesting consumption, and the internal state of a disproportionately powerful external. Once you make a cult of money and share "to be" on "sound", you send yourself into voluntary slavery. Debts due to the status of tinsel, a boring job with sad cowards need to lie and betray his own world — that's a fraction of the price you pay for the excessive desire to paper.
There is an ancient saying: "The slave does not want to be free, and he wants to have their own slaves." A person can not be truly free until there is a dead-end paradigm of "slave — master." In this system, any host — someone's slave, and every slave — someone's boss. Being a slave to money, you can not become a true master of his own life.

Pavel Durov, founder of the "contact"

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