Write off the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Entreprayz

Write off the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier "Entreprayz"

Enterprise planned to write off here and there in 2014-15, but braked at the end of 2012, reports RIA "Vostok-Media." Ship will be officially removed from the operating system of U.S. Navy ships December 1, 2012 in Norfolk, Virginia.

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) has been and remains the most longish warship in the world, with a length of 342 meters. The plan was to build a 6-class aircraft carrier Enterprise, but it was built only one other building had to be canceled due to the very highest prices. By the time the true USS Enterprise (CVN-65) became the second-oldest veteran of the U.S. Navy's ranking in order, older than him only sailing frigate USS Constitution. USS Enterprise was in service 51 year, more than at least some other aircraft carrier The world. During this period, the service on board have passed more than 100 thousand sailors.

Aircraft carrier became the emblem of the naval power of the U.S. and has participated in virtually all wars and conflicts in which the United States were involved. Enterprise was a member of the Cuban missile crisis, took part in the fighting in Vietnam, the United States, along the way to take part in the conflict between North Korea and South Korea. Also participated in the Gulf War and the Yugoslav conflict.

After the ceremony, he has to write off the deactivation of the reactors and unloading of fuel — an operation that takes almost as long as its construction. It is planned to start in the middle of deactivation in 2013, and end somewhere in 2015. In the United States have long since there is an active campaign to preserve the aircraft carrier as a memorial-museum, but experts at skeptical of this idea, explaining that after the discharge of fuel from the reactor and deactivation innards aircraft carrier that is not enough, as the seizure of fuel and reactors will claim a major showdown ship designs.

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