Yandex quarterly profit rose by 79%

Net profit of the Internet company "Yandex" for US GAAP increased by 79% to 2.24 billion rubles. (72.2 million dollars) in the I quarter of 2013. compared with the same period in 2012., according to the company. Adjusted net income "Yandex" has grown by 60% — to 2.4 billion rubles.

At the same time revenues of nearly 8 billion rubles., An increase of 36%. Revenues, net of interest partners grew by 37% — to 6.7 billion rubles. Operating profit amounted to 2.4 billion rubles., An increase of 57%.

The number of advertisers has exceeded 226 thousand — it is 26% more than in I quarter of 2012., And 6% more than in the IV quarter of 2012. 

In March, "Yandex" has announced a secondary offering (SPO) of the shares. It is reported that large shareholders, including the company's founders Arkady Dobkin and Ilya Segalovich, will sell about 7.4% of the shares.

Recall that in December 2012. Sberbank announced the purchase at the "Yandex" 75% minus 1 share of "Yandex". It is planned that this transaction will close in the II quarter of 2013.

"Yandex" (the parent company Yandex NV is registered in the Netherlands) is one of the largest Russian IT-companies and the fourth search engine in the world by the number of requests processed. "Yandex" appeared in 1997. May 19, 2010. the company launched an English-language version of its search engine on the domain, coming on the international level.

24 May 2011. ordinary shares of "Yandex" Class A began trading on the American Stock Exchange Nasdaq section Nasdaq Global Select Market. In the IPO was taken Yandex 52,174,000 shares at a price of $ 25 per share, the placement volume amounted to $ 1.3 billion (excluding the over-subscription option). The final amount of the proceeds from the sale of shares in the IPO "Yandex" for the benefit of the company and some of its shareholders reached 1.43 billion dollars

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