Yarosh Maliszewski — about the silence of the Belarusians in the mirror of the national literature


Vasily Zuyenok. Silence of the grass

Selected works. Minsk, "Logos", 2010

Small village Uzbore, where the unfolding events of the poem — like a mini-universe, with its joys and woes, the fate of people. Or as the book. And on its pages — as if our Belarus in miniature. At the intersection.

Who is the wolf, and who climbed viper —
How did you survive, tell the people?

Compared with the grass here is very apt. This is the grass that in every way — through the snow and frost, heat and cold, in spite of any obstacles, hard climb out of the ground, reaching for the sun and dies, collapses under the scythe blade. The destiny of man, the fate of the whole nation … And how can you not remember the time — far and near, when Belarus was deprived of its best sons and daughters of those who raised his head to lift the edge. Who is responsible, who deprived us — what talents and geniuses? Silence of the grass … Indeed, the "needless tests did not happen" and suffering are to ensure that they are not forgotten, so as not to repeat the mistakes. If only you are aware of the Belarusians? Is generation after generation will continue this horrible institution — go to the grass under the knife?

"We are always on the road early, we are always at the beginning of the epoch." The road awaits. Its that leads to his own home, and not the direction of the curve paths, abandoned stray.

It is not us but generations
Cause of our future,
To avoid broken off roots
To the sacred fire is not extinguished.

Anatoly Vertinskiy. Silence is different … The boy looks …

Selected Poems and poems. Minsk, "Fiction", 1992

Mini-study of the nature of silence is very good to akreslivannya today's situation. Silence of Belarus, Belarusian silence, something that turned the country into a continuous silent space — what is it? Or that eventually fill up the mouth of the people fall silent and go into oblivion? Or it's the silence that is needed to pratsverazets among the diabolical noise finally realize that what this is all done, you are my people! In this collection as well — different silence. And in this case, you want to think about the last mentioned in the product — "the terrible silence." This is that today is perhaps the only way — especially what it ends, if not more closed his mouth in order not to anyamyats.

Silent man, sustain,
Silent as near silent.
And then decisively breaks
Out of the mouth of their printing.
And suddenly blow themselves:
"I can not be silent!"

Ernst Levkov. Silent witnesses of the past

Minsk, "Science and Technology", 1992

The stones are silent lighter stone is created to not saying a word, lie down and watch the events unfolding on earth. Ah, if stones could speak — no matter how much we could hear, learn! At least that why is it that extorted inscriptions on the stones of Boris, who left his mark on a boulder at the White rowing — God Is the Mother of God. A snake of love to the girl-beauty, but as a victim on the stones brought, and what was for dinner in the Grand Duke six centuries ago, there have Vytautas plates …

Book Levkova time is devoted to them — the stones, without which Belarus is impossible to imagine. Here — the stones in all, so to speak, angles: historical, magical, legendary … Stones with their own names and Tradition. Do you want to imagine that such stones in Belarus — without this book is indispensable.

Stones easier, as their silence incorporated initially. They are not threatened to go mad from the age-old injustice, they can not deliver. They are destined to be one silent witnesses. And what about the people?

Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. The silent rally

Selected works. Minsk, "Logos", 2009

Looking at the year before last, fifty-second volume of the collected books, which estseka poem "The silent rally" once again realize everything has changed in Belarus in recent months. Every time you think, let alone more? Yes, every time it turns out — is, is where, and this is not the limit. "Tomorrow" is another revelation that — for example, like the disappearance of works by Vladimir Neklyaeva in bookstores.

There we are on our land. We live our lives — love, fight, hate, are wrong, change. But we are not alone. For us those who came before us. Those who fought, built churches, gave birth to children, creating works of genius. Those who pachatkavav beloruschinu, those who lit the fire and perahovvav. They came, they stand side by side with us.

Every one who came
There were close ancestors and …
Stood silent shadows of relatives,
Stood in the shadow of the silent ones.

Or we pripryachem campfire, or flare up with his flame that warms us, warm and light the edge of his slippery after night? What does it say a silent rally? Perhaps that

I for the first time, silently stsyavshy mouth
People looked out from the crowd. Almost people.

Sergei Grakhovo. Zone of silence

Minsk, "Fiction", 2008

In the documentary novel, which is often compared to the "Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn — the classic fate of Belarusian writer of the thirties of the last century. What the writer — a man of culture, which is at least a half-century harsh occupiers. What was left after a pogrom? Who Remain? Yes, and those had break themselves lie low — at best. "Zone of Silence" — a cut of the tragedy that took place across the beloruschinu, right through the life of the author. Endless year by Stalin's zone — real … Reading the "Area", you catch yourself thinking, and this is, paradoxically — in spite of all this the horror — the author was lucky, unlike those who went into the ground after the sentence bastards.

How to survive, endure the trials and remain a man, when it is almost impossible? The author asks a lot of questions — but not so as to give the answer himself, but to every reader gave them his own. What is good and evil? How to stay himself in hell on earth? How to treat those who have lost a human face — to hate or sympathize? It all comes back, and it's important to be prepared for the fact that These questions may be the most important to you., so as zone of silence — it is the whole country today.




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