Young Front expelled from the university Baranovichsky

Alexander Suslov, Baranovichi State University student, was expelled from the university.

Learning problems at Alexandra began immediately after the area in 2010. She was detained and sentenced to administrative detention. After serving the university administration allowed Alexander to continue training and allowed to pass the session. But one of her exams to pass and failed. Says Alexander Suslov, the exclusion of a political nature:

"I was summoned to the dean's office and was told that I excluded. Was told that I should write an application for transcripts. When taken as a whole, many of the students have a few debts. And I only have one nyazdadeny exam. I put the change of exchange rate earlier than the exam. I assumed that I have another week, but I suddenly found that I no longer have that time. Today, it is a message about my expulsion. "

Alexander Suslov was a student Baranovichi State University, was engaged in the specialty "Jurisprudence". She was expelled from the third year.


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