Yu.Latynina: Old Man set fire to the Reichstag is not necessary, it is all burned in the right direction

Comment on the terrorist attack in Minsk, we asked the Russian journalist and author of numerous publications on the subject of terrorism Yulia Latynina. She's talked to Yuri Drakakhrust.

Latynina: I'm still not probable none version. It can be absolutely incredible story kind Yushenkov murder or an explosion in Sochi, which were made some Frick.

Version obvious that this burning of the Reichstag is questionable, since his father set fire to the Reichstag is not necessary, it is all burned in the right direction.

The second obvious version — it tried to Russia's security services, which have recently his father very much "love" — also seems doubtful to me, as the Russian special services are not covered and if they are caught by the tail, you will not find it. If the Russian secret services do such things, they would not have started from Belarus, and from Georgia. But in Georgia, the Russian special services really do such things as all costs the explosion at the police station, the undermining of the railway, and similar petty hrennyu, which is almost not felt human and which the UN does not complain.

I rather think of a story that happened a couple of years ago in Sochi, on the beach when ever there is an explosion. And there was a dilemma — it is clear that this is not the Georgians, but it also can not be fools of our special services.

And it turned out that it was a gang of young thugs like Unabombera who went and blew up.

The only thing I do not like this hypothesis — that the Belarusian the police is much better than the Russian. And if Lukashenko imagined that there is a group of opposition members who have come to despair, which is the grass does not grow, it is doubtful that this group is not caught early.

I think that very soon we will all understand. Even if such a group would be caught, all the same will point the finger at Lukashenko, saying that he knew everything and it provoked.


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