Yushchenko. Risen from the grave?




"The new Ukrainian Review". Laredo, USA. From February 15, 2005.

Ilion Vasilenko.

Honestly, when I came across this article in the "Nuevo Komanches", a small Spanish-language newspaper, I did not know what to think. I read in Spanish with difficulty. Error? Did not understand? The newspaper published a brief interview with a famous magician and healer Yuri Longo, who allegedly said that the Ukrainian president Yushchenko — a zombie.

In short, the article I was so interested that I'm not spending too much time on the charges, flew to Moscow. I was lucky, Yurii agreed to give me a few minutes. Here's what he told me. Here is a slightly abridged.

IV I saw an article about you in the "Nuevo Komanches." You said there that the current President of Ukraine has undergone … Well, a strange metamorphosis.

JL This is true. You've heard about the Polish center for the production of biological weapons? Of course not.

IV No.

JL Even I can not tell you exactly where he nahoditcya. It is in the Carpathian Mountains, at the most Ukrainian border. Five hours on a dirt mountain road from the nearest village. There produce biological weapons.

IV Disease-causing viruses.

JL Well, biological weapons — one of the oldest inventions. Forget about viruses so far. Even in ancient times people used to, say, elephants.

So? But, cavalry, cavalry. Each horse — a unit of biological weapons. Yes, just take the usual mongrel guard.

IV That's really really never thought about it.

JL That is what I want to say, biological weapons can be any animal or plant. What a man, of course.

IV The soldiers?

JL Naturally! Any living organism. In the twentieth century, mankind has finally realized the power of the living world and the beginning of systematic development in this direction. Everyone knows the agent of smallpox, anthrax. But it's quite natural substance, it is not fit for war. They are out of control and are constantly striving to break out of control. Now the search goes in other directions. Make weapons purposeful action and, moreover, do not fall under the various international conventions.

IV Well, for example …

JL Please you like. Ants. You know that already launched a special kind of ants that inhabit exclusively in the office equipment?

IV What do you mean?

JL Yes! And they do not just settle. Thanks to its habits or tastes they preregryzayut, destroy delicate tokoprovodyashie tracks on printed circuit boards. Multiply rapidly. Now imagine the headquarters of the enemy army, which bred these creatures. Every computer — anthill. Each fax machine, each handset. And it is not working.

IV Yes … I can imagine.

JL Or an example of a different kind. Crowd. An unmanaged crowd of people. Rather, managed implicitly.

IV You are about events in Ukraine last fall.

JL All this attests. Massive zombie — also known method. Take, for Kashpirovsky sessions. I'm not talking about teleseansy, and about those ideas which he arranged in the stadiums. There he had two people on the treadmill running. Right off the bat, it would seem reason.

IV Aha! We're getting close to the main topic.

JL Yes and no. It's all speculation. But I do not somnivayus that Kashpirovsky certain interested persons of the Polish center. Surely invited to cooperate. I'm pretty sure that even. Not clear until the end of the events surrounding the "White Brotherhood". Not clear, popleka his Ukrainian teleseansov.

IV Ukrainian sessions?

JL Just then his speeches on Soviet TV, Kashpirovsky gave several sessions on Kiev channel only for Ukraine. Well, that's okay. It is extraneous. You do want to know what to do with "orange revolution" was a person am I?

IV Yes, please. What is the relationship between you and Yushchenko, as you said, "the Polish center"?

JL Specific organization. Would not advise mere mortals deal with her. It's very, I repeat, very seriously. Big politics, big money, big secrets. Well, as usual, long arms.

IV And you are not afraid of it so easily tell?

JL You know, there is, of course, the strength that I'm afraid. However, they are somewhat different in the world. I am hard to scare anything in this life … More coffee?

IV Yes, please … And why do you suddenly talk about it?

JL I just "thrown". Yes, yes. Went cheated with the payment. Therefore, I am also available on promises. They contacted me a few years ago with a request for cooperation. It was a revival of a corpse. Perhaps you are aware that I had a number of successful experiments in this direction.

IV Well, then there were doubts …

JL That you had any doubts. And I — there was not. Know first-hand, I really revived more than a dozen people. I say with full responsibility, no cheating. And one of them was dead for a week. This is the same man who now holds the post of Ukrainian president. Who's Yushchenko — I do not know. I've never seen it and do not know what's wrong with this Yushchenko.

And that man is now president, I revived himself. There are witnesses. The time was somewhat lost. I do not know what they were pulling the cat's tail, but the body had been in the ground for six days. Plus the time while I was taken to Poland by plane and then almost a day on the mountain side road. So that traces of decomposition preserved corpse on his face. And the official version of this dioxin poisoning, it's nonsense, it's easy to prove. Clinic "Rudolfenhauz" … I do not remember the name … And so, that the Austrian clinic — cosmetology. You can easily check. No toxic effects are not involved. And anyway, no doctor, being of sound mind, do not diagnose "rigor expansion." I wonder how they will get out now?

VI It sounds incredible. Explains in part why there is still no consensus on the fact that he had with the person. But you're sorry, you can hardly believe our readers. Well, do you have any proof of what you have told me? I suspect not.

JL Why is that? Ready to prove his fingers. Find photos of the new and the old Yushchenko. Required similarity, yes. And really looks like. But when you look in the full-face photo. Look at the profile and immediately realize that this is a completely different person. Shape of the nose, ears, and poise. Where did this slouch? No toxic effects can not explain this, and the expansion too. I am the way, he compared the pictures. Rough work. No, not mine. Rough work of those who picked up the body. Yes, he and the growth of the other.

New Yushchenko to five centimeters above the old. It's very easy to check. Find the photo in full growth, and the picture must be present object, the size of which is known. Using the object as the standard length can be calculated growth. Or even without a subject. The distance between the pupils of the eye in humans — six centimeters. Moreover, almost does not depend on the shape and size of the face. Take the distance between the eyes and count as the standard for growth. This way, by the way, for a hundred years is used in forensics to determine the growth picture. Then …

IV But this does not prove anything! Double suppose. This version had already been raised. How to prove that it revived a dead man?

JL Well you are not allowed to finish …. Please. All of the above is easy to check people entering the inner circle of Yushchenko. It's not human. Or rather not quite human. And he knows about his background, so he tried to respond to stimuli like a man. Yes! He is endowed with superhuman capabilities in terms of physical strength, endurance … but in some ways he is deprived. Walk up behind him and, say, a needle prick. Just can give, as they say, in the head. If he does not see you, I did not react because not feel anything. I highly recommend to people who are in contact with him, to such an experience.

IV Hmm. It sounds convincing. But what do you think, why is all this necessary? And to whom?

JL Polish tsenr, as I understand it, is specialized in large-scale operations against entire nations. But in the end, probably the piper calls the tune someone else … Well, it bepredmetny conversation. I do not know. Of course, it is necessary to wait for something bad. False Yushchenko — this is the product the "center" for the production of biological weapons. Consequently, destroy — its target. It all depends on the program that it has laid. But by that I do not have a relationship. It may be interesting to know you that Yushchenko — not the only one of its kind. In the world there are a few such creatures.

IV There are the exact names?

JL One is. This is Zbigniew Brzezinski. Also a product of "the Polish center." True revival of doing other people, thirty years ago.
Please note the type of person he is the same as that of Yushchenko. But it is something no one poisoned with dioxin!

IV So. I see that my time is over. Thank you so much for the interview. All you have told, resembles a Hollywood thriller.

JL Life is sometimes worse than any horror movie. Believe middle-aged man. All the best.

Conversation held Ilion Vasilenko.

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