Zack of the attack: On concepts such criminals do not

April 11 terrorist attack in the Minsk metro did not leave indifferent and those Belarusian citizens who are now behind bars. Many of them learned about the events through the transfer of BT. One of the accused, 35-year-old Andrew, which is contained in the Orsha colony called to our office in the program "Freedom in Prison" and expressed his condolences to all those who survived the tragedy.
Andrew said that serving the sentence for the second time. For fraud. The first time the reason was the conclusion of a fight. We asked Andrew as a person experienced in criminal cases, to express their opinion about the events of April 11.
"Freedom in the prisons": Previously heard that if in Minsk in 2008 there was the first terrorist attack, then the organizers and those involved in the organization sought even in the zone. Namely — the questioning of those who were in prison, especially among the prisoners who were held in cases related to weapons … What was it someone found?
Andrew: I do not know what it was. Maybe so, investigators acted out of fear, they were ordered to interrogate each in prison. It got to the point that people are sitting as 6 years. But he goes on business with a weapon. He's shown this sketch and begin to find out the details about the gun …
"Freedom in the prisons": Do you think that people from the criminal world familiar to you still can not have a relationship?
Andrew: Never in my life. Here, 100% sideltsev condemn. Such actions only bad people can do. And if there was a sudden, it is unlikely that he would have lived here somehow cozy. Would have torn it here. This action is directed against ordinary civilian citizens. Look at history. For example, Russia with its attacks. Never criminal world had nothing to do with it. All offenders who live at the expense of crime — different theft, something else — they have such principles and concepts common to the ordinary people do not become victims.
"Freedom in the prisons": Do you have any other sideltsev their judgment version?
Andrew: That's my opinion. Although I do a lot of things I can not understand. But just look at the background of all these events. West is going to introduce some sanctions. Now it is a moral barrier, and it does not allow you to enter them in connection with the tragedy. Another variety of motorists were going to go on strike — they are thus warned not to twitch. It is known that there are different charges. But the attack was directed against ordinary citizens of Minsk, many of whom voted against the election. The Opposition can not talk here. We think so.
"Freedom in the prisons": You admit that such attacks can lead to a worsening of the situation with crime in the country?
Andrew: The explosion of crime goes, when the economic situation worsens. As it was in the 1990s, as now, due to the rise in price, the lack of currency. But after such cases, when someone feels that law enforcement officers have certain questions to him, he disappears from the horizon.
"Freedom in the prisons": I myself witnessed that in a crowded trolley — it was after the attack — one guy stole a purse with money. Or Shchipachev can thus use the situation?
Andrew: I do not know any of these experienced and reputable Shchipachev that would do it. Earn a living at this in a public transport. Is it that he wanted to adrenaline and got bored, and he thought he did not show that his skills are not lost. Now this bread no one earns. Who falls for it here, basically it is unfortunate addicts who need to dose. Go to the trolley to grab something and run away.
Interview with Andrei, you can listen to shtonyadelnay program "Freedom in the prisons"

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