Zaporozhye ufologists found spaceport aliens

November 26, 2012 10:43

Zaporozhye UFOlogists discovered the presence of the active spaceport in Sinelnikovskoye area (Dnipropetrovsk region). According to scientists, there daily UFO landing ships.


Told ReporterUA ufologist veteran Victor Tsarinnik, in this area is constantly working space center. Also, he said, there is also a kind of portal to go to other galaxies.

— I could not understand why they're so much until you've stumbled on this portal. It was a transition in other galaxies — says ufologist.

What is interesting, as such ships are invisible, but they manipulate the light, which makes it possible to notice them. They also have a beneficial effect on people.

— That's why when astronauts return from space, they could not describe that saw: they are always different. Has their station and underground. Such units have a beneficial effect on people, charge them with energy, — he says.

Now, according to Victor Tsarinnika, due to lack of funds the study of the area stopped.

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