100 days in the province of Lukashenko



… In Krichevo a month after the election, we went to a hotel room with my good friend, the editor of a popular independent newspaper here "Free City" Sergei Irregularities. Apparently recognizing him, a few minutes later knocked at the door, middle-aged woman. Before the crisis, Ludmila was PIs now — the maid at the hotel. We listened to her, knowing that this is — soul cry.

Ludmila"All my friends, my friends — no one voted for Lukashenko. How so you could walk? "

Reporter"Luda than you in a particular Krychau life prevents Lukashenko?"

Ludmila"Because there is no salary — just to give a minibus and black bread. I had 330 added — 350. Also — there is no truth in any newspaper, on TV. We all smooth-good. The newspaper portrait — smiling, look disgusting — our mayor Prokop, a relative of Batura. All mated, steal more. Pazoryshcha — as the son of Lukashenko on television sitting on a gold reserve, as on his own. People work in Moscow, 50%, because there is no earnings. Retirees also his clothes did not even buy me a mother helps with pensions. Apartments are not available to buy. My daughter was at a meeting of the executive committee — one-room apartment 156 million and 50 million immediately to make — where to get them? The man spoke — "said that there is preferential loans." What he said — "rethink your image!" He sent them and went away. And from Moscow our children, spouses do not come — I fell, then stopped. Young families break up, do not stand this guy and commit suicide. My son died so — I have a son buried in '28 … "


… In Lida, supposedly, and today there is no problem with the salaries of the builders of the plant hot atsynkovvannya where the future is provided 150 jobs. On the site and spoke with the builders — 27-year-old Volodya and 23-year-old Oleg. The guys were confident in appearance, perhaps, in all.

Oleg"We have a zero-cycle now — over 15 months, the surrender in 2012. All is well with the materials to work no one complains — from one million to two and above. All are inclined to believe that everything is bad, and I think everything is fine. I have a job, a stable income … . "

Reporter"It means — Lukashenko continue?".

Oleg"And where are you from? '.

Reporter"From Minsk, with Radio Liberty …".

Oleg"Well, of course. I believe that at this point, other than the incumbent, there is no decent candidates … . "

However, against the construction of the plant before the election signed two thousand local residents. And this year, it was felt that everything here is alarmed — they still have not explained what will happen to the environment. Spoke with 75-year-old Felix Ostroukh that when asked, he immediately went on the road.

Reporter"What are you afraid? '.

Ostroukh"Emissions — and could be an emergency situation, a poisonous plant technology …".

23-year-old Sasha Ozin that lived here since childhood, perhaps one of the most knowledgeable.

Ozin"Subscribed — I'm against, poor health will be. I work on the "Lidselmash" with zinc. Many people have left — sickening after work, and headache. And if the plant will stand next to, people do not come out of the clinic … . "

Mrs. Yanina Guzowska, which, as the coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" once took the lead in organizing the collection of signatures, today said that ahead of mass protests.


Guzowska"We started this movement villagers spontaneously — people killed, who can rarely say that against the government. But they "get it" — and addressed to the director of the plant, but there were only a promise to the public hearing the mayor came up empty. The plant has a sanitary zone of less than 150 meters, belongs to one class of hazard. We have a lot of chemical plants — lyakafarbavy, casting and mechanical, hear, smell of these emissions … . "

Yanina Frantsevna believes that the danger is ignored because of the tight relations of power and corrupt factory managers. In this sense, Klimovichi after the recent declaration of refugee, ex-judge Tishkina made in time Lukashenka 100 days over the Internet from Poland, have confirmed its long-standing nickname of "criminal capital of Mogilev region." Independent journalist tells Klimovichi Sixth.


Arzhantsav"The Supreme Court said the suspect in bribery demands extradition through Interpol. Tishkin says it has suffered in the struggle for legitimacy — feared killed. It can be argued that he was a fighter, but I knew that if does not, as required by the nomenclature godfather that hold the power — will meet the family. Argued that the fire began relatives — his nephew, sister. One chairman of the executive committee was in prison, the second took off without telling me why. Director of the largest plant bakeries — in the Baltics, is still at large, took the head of the district police. The whole country was made that the Department of Culture (!) Found a registry of 400 million — 130 thousand dollars! The criminal case is … "


Our trips are sometimes the most remote villages. Here are my observations of the mentioned 100 days.

… In the village Molyatichi after the discovery of agro built half a dozen presidential houses. Usyalenne in one 25-year Snyazhany Artemov and mother, and 11-month-old baby has caused a lot of publications in the elections. Little has changed since them. The door was opened by a short, blond girl, who immediately put her finger to her lips — say, the child is asleep. And whisper told about its history.


Snyazhana"Own a house collapsed — was in disrepair. Caused the commission of the executive committee — was then given. 4 months with a small child was there — could die! The fire came, said emergency home and to live. It was necessary before repair. And when the mother turned to the chairman Radunskaya said — help. Then he collapsed, his mother came again, he said — and who will pay? The mother said — I, if not enough — the farm, and I will give. Stolintsy-builders came — "Radunsky told us to do their work, and after work -" your bride-price. " So do not do it. She worked as a cleaner at the farm. How much is the salary? 69000 … . "

Reporter"This did not happen!".

Snyazhana"It happens. And I have no husband. Mother working day watchman. She promised 500, but do not pay. Child support this month gave 490 — the money is not enough. Power supply cut — were given 50 cans, and now at the fifteenth and instead started giving milk mixture. There is nothing to drown — there firewood? 2 bags of briquettes left … . "

Of t
he abandoned Chernobyl-affected villages always come back with pain and sadness. At the bus stop in the village Gusarka I met a winter on the wall in black and red graffiti lettering — stalker. It took another step toward oblivion of Chernobyl — 5,000 hectares of contaminated areas have canceled check mode. And what is more important — they have ceased to be a zone of periodic radiation control. What is it, I explained to an infectious diseases doctor, Mr. Michael Shpakov.


Shpakov"From 1 to 5 curies — is when people look back health care workers, are subject to special medical examination, have benefits children to enroll in schools and dormitories in the preparation of …"

As a result, people now feel themselves abandoned forever. Met the 73-year-old Mary Kiryevich, that came out of the house to meet autobench.


Kiryevich"Radiation may be, maybe not. But even the wood was yellow. Now we are left but about 30 guys there, the store was closed for three years. Another of two pigs, and so no one else there … . "

Reporter"You are the wealthy?".

Kiryevich"Oh, out of habit, my God. (Laughs.) Cows nobody holds. Now we milk, sour cream, butter — all autobench pryvazhvaets. Today and Friday will arrive twice a week taxi … . "

Somewhere in the back with a stick daklypala 75-year-old neighbor Evdokia Isachenko.

Isachenko"We live a little, and to die is — is not interesting to us to live, all cheer and cheer. After radiation only three women the most, and so crippled — feet hurt, do not reach for the bread here. "

Kiryevich"Benefits in 5000 Gusartsy paid, not now. Who then went to the hospital, gave the group a disability. Now, do not give — and expensive pills are! . "

… At the village Cherykavshchyne Veremeyko another All-Belarusian election set a record. About him I told the local opposition, former director of the Breeding Center, Mr. Victor Stranchanka.

Stranchanka"Before the closure of the polling station was pushed up to 8 meters, emptied and placed a stack of papers. After the steel pick who is "against" — they did a "one-one-one." "For" Lukashenko — 1035, and only 1,046 voters. Otherwise — 99.9 "for". This figure is unlikely to where in Belarus. Precinct commission headed by deputy chairman of the executive committee Dmitry M. Ruben … . "

Traveling by today Veremeyko. I meet another member of the opposition — the members of the party "Fair World", Tinsel. Prior to retirement he had done as a watchman in forestry. Of course, knows how to have 20 local loggers.

Tinsel"Wages last month received only 600,000. And I know what a drag logs manually to the waist in the snow. By the end of the work presents a … . "

Dmitry Vasilyevich not the first advocates for the rights of pensioners.

Tinsel"To the person to bring firewood — 120-150 thousand trailer if bad if good — 180-220. While the pension 400-500 thousand, 40% of which is spent on drugs. And they say — "Lukashenko gives money." I say, you do all your hard earned, the state is obliged to provide you! Are you in a sanatorium zberatse money? Silent … "

At the largest svinakomplekse once that at a general meeting verameytsy themselves, as they say, "move out of mind", Mogilev gave the bakery, the situation is "catastrophic." Says the watchman, Mrs. Tamara Penkovskaya.


Penkovskaya"We have now that the general wants, and undone. Should have been a salary increase this year — the rate was 1,063 rubles per hour. Operators of milking the shot — now only prybavlenni in weight and eventually earnings. I have experience in '20 — more than 500. On average, the complex of 500,000, but if remove the main experts, will not leave even four hundred and Working conditions — in our garage in the offices of the chief, dispatcher everything flows. Since last year, the former chief Drozdowski banned smoking — all the pipes burst. Now in office, industrial zone, as in the primitive times, are small stoves with wood. (Laughs) It used a piece of soap was given once a quarter — all bring himself. The smell of summer canceled your score can not stand, because emissions have to take out every day, and take out once a week for 30 plus. And operators 8:00 in the afternoon, at night fifteenth People, of course, will not quit, because there is no work here … . "

And now the most optimistic impression of traveling in those 100 days. Before herCherikov, say, dropping hats and vmudronyya the strongest men. Just before my arrival, on a general view of the Belarusian language teacher from a suburban village Rechica Lyudmila Starovojtova removed the chief of police Cherikov Raikov and his deputies and staff, which allowed him against violence. It was true.


Starovojtova"The mother of my former roommate wrote on my statement that I allegedly stole from her 100,000 rubles, and hit them both. This is for 5-7 minutes — the same with me had a driver who confirmed it. Especially the mother was registered in a psychiatrist. It all started on October 28 — I established the gas in the house, and live-in boyfriend came to help. Went on the tool and disappeared. I went to see his mother — he was drunk and asleep. And when I left, took the keys from the house. I started to look into his pockets, his mother began driving a stick, abuse. And on Saturday the kids say — "militia, Mom, come looking for you." In school, they began to ask where it was yesterday — the statement was written that I'm not the 28th and 31st was Cherikov. Then — "come with us, you'll get a boss." Warrants they did not have. I said — write down the agenda. I jumped to the Major Zawadzki, twisted my arm, has established "bracelets". I still have bruises on his arms and legs from hitting the table. Like, you will not go — you'll get a "moment of shame", so we deduce from the school in handcuffs. At that time, there was a shock for me — it is today, I would walk to prashpatsyravala Cherikov to see how and what they do … . "

During the "hot line" with the Interior Minister Kuleshov, she managed to get through to him, and then get on a personal welcome. It is only after its own security service verification prosecuted on duty incinerator for illegal transit of meat in Russia, and the said Major Zavadsky, who, as it turned out, sold as prostitutes. Then removed the police chief Raikov. I ask: Where did you get the strength to fight a weak woman? Starovojtova says.

Starovojtova"For myself say — if you stop and put your hands down, the meaning later in life never seen before. Now I know many who go for the truth, for the idea, sparing neither himself nor the strength or health. After all, life is walking with his head down. The victory is, but want to see innocent people were not afraid to bring their case … . "

The last of the travel wasSlavgorod, where he met with local opposition wrestler, author of 15 books of poetry, the first democratic mayor, a former engineer and geologist, 83-year-old Mr. Felix Shkirmankova. Verse, who recently wrote Mr. Felix is his retraspektsyyay what happened to the country for the first 100 days in office Lukashenko.



"Nonsense for the truth loves to drive and do not hold the answer to the court,
And the one who says "to bark" — behind bars zagremit immediately.
Since then, I received … power — the miracle began.
He began to push another view, as the truth is afraid of fire.
And only those who look into his mouth and sing along —
Warmed by everyone, and therefore have a place at the trough.
He personally chose who to pick up but always
… Appointed for a time — not forever!
In order not to think, God forbid, something decide for themselves
His power saves, clinging to her teeth.
Knows all about the missing — and who killed him, where he is buried,
Therefore, the fear in his eyes — a deadly and blatant … . "



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