14 Commandments of Buddha

February 24, 2012 14:46

World.  CloudsLet them be happy all the beings in all the worlds!

1. The biggest enemy of human life — is himself.
2. The biggest folly of human life — it is a lie.
3. The greatest loss in life — is arrogance.
4. The greatest sorrow in life — it's envy.
5. The biggest mistake in life — to lose himself.
6. The biggest fault in human life — ingratitude.
7. The most unfortunate in life — impairing their dignity.
8. The most admirable of human life — to rise after falling.
9. The greatest loss of human life — the loss of hope.
10. Greatest asset in life — health and mind.
11. The largest debt in human life — heartfelt feelings.
12. The greatest gift in life — generosity.
13. The biggest drawback in life — misunderstanding.
14. The greatest consolation in life — good things.

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