2012 — a new beginning?

January 7, 2012 3:14

Is it science or superstition, correction or disaster in 2012 is mentioned in many ancient prophecies. "We call it a butterfly diagram, because sunspots are created in the scheme design, which resembles a butterfly's wings," — says Dr. David Hathaway of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in an article about the impact on the dynamics of the solar magnetic field of the Earth.

Like Hathaway, dozens of scientists around the world think about the fact how big will the 2012 magnetic aggressiveness of our "mother star" of the Sun, which, as we know, will be in one of their main activity cycles. According to expert predictions, the expected alternating magnetic polarity of the Sun will act as a colossal cosmic magnet that can change the magnetic field of celestial bodies within its scope, which includes the planet Earth.

Although the Maya civilization disappeared centuries ago, their calendar, called the long-term calendar, preserved to this day. According to this calendar, the end of the human civilization will be the last day of the 13th Baktun, which in our calendar corresponds to 21 December 2012.

Maya called the 20-year period the 13th Baktun (1992-2012), a time of "Revival of the Earth" or "purification of the Earth." In 755, a monk Mayans predicted that after 1991 there will be two important events: the realization of mankind's place in the cosmos, as well as cleansing and rebirth of the earth.

On the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States shows a 13-step pyramid on top of which shows a sharp eye (in the original version was a palm tree). It is believed that this symbol means the awakening of humanity after the 13th Baktun.

In 2007, Dr. Jay Tsvali, NASA scientist, has estimated that by 2012, all the ice will melt in the Arctic Ocean.

Others, like Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatovu of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, claimed that in 2012, sunspots cause the Little Ice Age, which will last until the middle of next century.

Some also believe that the end of the world comes from the collision of Earth with a planet called Nibiru. However, the existence of such a celestial body is not confirmed by astronomical observations.

Maya is not open for 2000 years before it made the computer that 21 December 2012 marks the end of the cycle of the precession of the Earth, which is about 25,765 years old. During the winter solstice the sun in 2012 will be located just above the dark rift of the Milky Way, that is, above the Earth. Some astronomers consider it a galactic alignment as opening doors for the Earth to Heaven.

Whether this is true or myth, the prophecies regarding 2012 are a good excuse to think about the fate of humanity, of our role as human beings and as sentient beings in the middle of the vast space.

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