2012 — the end times?

September 4, 2012 23:07

End of the world is imminent. Scientists warn about it, this prophesy major world religions and the great predictors of the past. The question is — when will it happen?

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The age of our Sun is not infinite. Sooner or later the fuel reserves will run out in the subsoil, and the nuclear furnace cooled. It is the natural and most favorable for us doomsday scenario. Because hydrogen storage — "Nuclear firewood" on our Sun — enough for at least another few billion years.

Where real danger posed by asteroids and "tail" of comets. They are near the sun is drawn from tens of thousands, many of them unknown. Especially dangerous are those whose orbits cross Earth's orbit. Even their approach to the planet, not to mention the fall, can cause huge disasters — volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, in short, something terrible that has been in the history of the Earth and destroyed 90% of all life on Earth.

Fall on maloobitaemyh of Siberia in 1908 Tunguska explosion caused comparable in strength to a few thousand atomic bombs dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima. It is terrible to imagine the magnitude of the disaster, were it fall somewhere in the outskirts of Paris …

Other than that of the outside there is a possibility of natural disasters: supervolcanoes eruptions, hurricanes, and dust storms that carry away topsoil, earthquakes and tsunamis, like recently in Japan.

Finally, mankind irrational activity brings sunset civilization. This script can be called a man-made doomsday. Let us remember the Chernobyl disaster, Fukushima, where the nuclear genie to escape to freedom, and other man-made disaster!

The annual number of launches of all types of modern missiles close to the critical value, which is able to withstand the ozone layer of the planet! Children in New Zealand is not allowed to go without an umbrella or a broad-brimmed hat on his head. The number of cases of skin cancer there is extremely increased, since the ozone hole over Antarctica has expanded to the borders of this island nation.

Tropical deforestation occurs with an intensity of 20 hectares per minute, every second cut down an area of 2 football fields. Over the past 40 years, the area of tropical forests has decreased by 50%. If this continues, then in 30-40 years these forests disappear. (Remember this number).

If in ancient times, man has used only 18 chemical elements, in the 18th century — 29, and in the middle of the 20th century — 80. Now embedded in almost all parts of the technology of the periodic table!

Not far off times when we completely run out of natural resources of the planet: proven reserves of most minerals at current production rates would last only a few decades (take note and this prediction, as well as subsequent dates).

We have enough coal to 100-300 years. Oil — 30-50. Virtually all oil wells Russia transferred from the fountain to the mechanized mining method. A massive input to the development of small, low-productive fields. The average depth of oil wells has increased by 2 times. Costs of production of the Tyumen Oil rose more than 3 times and the volume of production fell by half. Russia is shown as an example, as the world's third oil producing power.

Intense burning hydrocarbons cause low percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere and increased carbon dioxide. This leads the argument of global warming of the planet. On Earth, it became drier and hotter. Size of pack ice in the Arctic has decreased by half. Polar bears, who dwell in them and in the same breeding, were on the verge of extinction.

Inventories of copper ore in the world is actually run out. Thus, in the early 20th century developed only rich ore with a copper content of 5-15% or more, it is now in underground deposits of copper should be at least 1-3%, with quarry extraction — 0.2 -0.7%, and from complex ores extracted copper content at 0.1%! Processed and former dumps "empty" breed.

Russia, holder of the richest natural pantries, already experiencing a shortage of chromium and other metals. To say nothing of less resource-rich countries!

Humanity desperately short of drinking water. By 2025, the shortage of water resources will be affected more than three billion people worldwide, or almost half of its population. Already today more than one billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Coming military conflicts over access to fresh water!

Water scarcity has become a deterrent to social and economic development of China. Size of water resources per capita of China in more than three times less than the average. From the Yellow River to irrigate dismantle as much water in the summer it is almost dry. In 1993, officially began construction of waterworks "Xia" ("Three Gorges"). It will close this year and will cost $ 22 billion. This allows to transfer annually from the Yangtze basin to the Yellow River basin 50 billion cubic meters of water to expand the area under irrigation in northern China, to solve the problem of drinking water there.

According to various estimates, every year in the world dies of hunger from 13 to 18 million people, half of them — children. The number of victims of hunger is, if every three days on the planet explodes a bomb equivalent to Hiroshima.

Lack of food leads not only to hunger, but also to the rapid depletion suitable for agricultural land, desertification and contamination of fertilizers and pesticides.

Over the past half-century oceanic fish catch has increased almost 5 times. But unregulated fishing and whale blew ocean resources. Many parts of the world's oceans today — it's lifeless space.

The rate of disappearance of living species in the modern era is 1000 times higher than in the era of extinction of dinosaurs, which we believe catastrophic! Nowadays, every year on the planet disappears one animal species, and every day — one plant with near-term hourly extinction. Natural speciation virtually disappeared. Who are — European tour, Steller's sea cow, the dodo, passenger pigeon, the Tasmanian wolf? These animals have disappeared in the historical memory of the people, not without our participation.

Imagine the above facts: the depletion of natural resources over time, reducing water and food supplies, climate change, etc. in the form of graphs. We note that all the graphic curves tend downwards! And somewhere, in 30 years, cross! Maybe it will happen earlier because of mutual reinforcement of negative processes. This will be the hour of X! The so-called singular point. In common parlance — the end of the world. The peak of the disaster. It has already begun. Let us not dissemble and admit it! Fruits are detrimental to all life activities will reap the following two generations: our children and grandchildren!

At a recent conference at the Hadley Centre in Exeter, brought together leading climate scientists around the world. In their unanimous opinion, the Earth is destroyed climate. Floods, storms, droughts, melting ice caps and glaciers, acidification and overheating of the oceans — all facing imminent destruction of humanity in this century!

Writer and environmentalist, a multiple winner of awards, Geoffrey Lean wrote: "Future historians, looking back at us from far more hot and uncomfortable world … will puzzle over how a whole generation could get to the disaster, as lunatics, destroying the climate that allowed human civilization to flourish for 11 thousand years. "

In this regard, of particular interest are the prophecy, directly or indirectly related to the year 2012, perhaps the beginning of a singular move to the new reality.

That saw Edgar Cayce-REPORTS UFO

Look at the history of the famous in his time "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, amazing vision which still are of interest in the world of science. Indeed, much of what he had predicted at the beginning of the 20th century, strangely fulfilled in our day. "Of particular value are seeing Casey early 21 th century — wrote in his book on Casey researcher of anomalous phenomena Felix Velichko. — In the early 30s, long before the boom in UFO, during one of the longest of his trance mentally Casey found himself aboard beings who could move in time. They rolled him over the land of the early 21 th century. A bird's-eye Casey saw the American and Japanese coastal cities, as well as Northern Europe, lying in ruins and waterlogged. Time travelers Casey explained that it is not the consequences of war, and a huge natural cataclysm — slip bottom oceanic tectonic plates. The exact date of the catastrophe they have not named, but have made it clear to Edgar that it occurred no earlier than 2000 and no later than 2015 the (2012?) ".

Partial "end of the world," continued his explanation aliens, would not affect the massive continental plate on which the Belarus.

The Mayan Doomsday

Mayan civilization is a great mystery to modern scientists. In the time of the conquest of Yucatan conquistadors destroyed almost all of the written sources of the Mayan civilization. But then what is left, is striking.

The greatest invention of the Mayan calendar was. He, despite its antiquity, amazingly accurate. According to modern calculations, the length of the solar year is 365.2422 days. Maya calculated the value of 365.2420 days. The difference — just two decimal. To produce such a precise calendar, according to scientists, it would have to observe and record the movement of the planets during the approximately ten thousand years.

At that time were made such precise calculations? If you believe the Mayan calendar, in which the time is divided into cycles, the end of our fifth cycle will fall on December 21, 2012. According to Mayan legend, each cycle ends with the almost complete destruction of civilization that lived at the time …

But with this place, please detail how fond of saying "comrades" in the Lubyanka.

Mayan priests argued that since the creation of the human race has passed the four cycles, or "Sun". Replacement of the four races of man who died during the great cataclysm. "First Sun" lasted 4008 years and was destroyed by earthquakes. "Second Sun" lasted 4010 years and was destroyed by hurricanes. "Third Sun" lasted 4081 years and fell under a rain of fire, spilled from the huge volcanic crater. "Fourth Sun" (5026 years) destroyed the flood.

We are living at the end of the fifth era of the Creation, or the "Fifth Sun". It is known also as the "Sun of the Movement." Maya believed that at the end of the current, 5126-year cycle will occur a movement of the Earth, which will lead to the destruction of our civilization.

Moon, Sun and stars "to stop its movement in the sky." According to the Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions (3-9 century BC. E.) The current cosmic cycle began on 13 August 3113 BC and to be completed December 21, 2012.

All the mysteries which at one time owned the Maya apparently never will unravel because of the physical loss of the many testimonies of this civilization, but an inner voice whispers: Do not listen to us ancient legends?

Prophet about the 44th President of the United States

Today, the predictions of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Wangi on black (and last?) 44th President of the United States to become a reality. And were all these predictions?

On the Internet, you can find the old forum where the topic was discussed long indeed before you can even talk about it seriously. So, dated 2004 forum (http://forum.lirik.ru/forum/viewtopic.ph p? P = 19664 # 19664), discusses the prediction that "the last president of the U.S. will be the 44th president, and he will black ". In 2004, no one even in jest could not assume that the U.S. president will choose black, and this prediction is discussed with a degree of humor. Talk more about the content of these predictions.

In one of the monasteries in the Italian city of Bologna in the XV century there lived an ancient monk astrologer Federico Martelli. He was nicknamed Ranyu Nero, which translates as "Black Spider". Own prophecies he wrote in his book Eternal. In 1972, archaeologists had radioisotope analysis of this manuscript. He confirmed that the book actually written in the Middle Ages. Researchers were interested in it lines that are directly related to the current U.S. President — Barack Obama. We quote them verbatim: "Power on the shore of two oceans would be the strongest in the world. Rule it will be for four years, the rulers, the 44th of which will be the last. " In 2008, the U.S. was elected the 44th President — Barack Obama. Four-year term of his presidency ends in 2012.

Nostradamus — after the arrival of the 44th President of the country are waiting for a big change. Everyone knows that it is the word "change" (change) has become a campaign slogan of the new U.S. president.

Vanga's predictions of various authors comment depending on the degree of personal animosity toward the United States. Judge for yourself. Wang in 1978, while in a trance, told:

"When the black man wins, America will freeze and fall into the abyss of a major crisis. Maybe even break into the northern and southern states. "

All agree on one thing — Vanga predicted that the 44th president of the United States will be a black man, and he will be her last. Why? Some believe that because America is living beyond their means — in debt. She fell into the abyss of the biggest economic crisis will inevitably disintegrate into the southern and northern states. Other analysts, Wang was referring to natural disasters, coming after authorities received a black president.

The Modern Science of December 21, 2012

Most interesting is that modern astronomers also claim that memorable day on December 21 is not at all private. Then, you can watch the astronomical phenomenon of extraordinary beauty — the parade of planets. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will line up in a straight line, and, as the scientists say, "will be seen as one huge star." Actually, these planets were parades before.

What is the difference between a parade of planets December 21, 2012 from the previous ones? The fact is that in this day line up not only the planets, but planets of other star systems, forming a line from the center of the galaxy. And it is quite another matter. The process can be compared with the clock when they get up at 0 hours. This combination will mean the transition of the Universe from one phase to another. Thus, according to the ancient Mayan Fifth Sun will end, and begin a new 5125-year cycle of the "Sixth era of the Creation," or "Sixth Sun".

But suddenly, the Mayans knew something more about this day, we do not know, and their secrets to the end until we can not reveal? Maybe the gravitational influence of stars lined up deep in the earth cause geological disasters, predicted a "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce for that period of time?

HOLY Malachi about the end times

In 1094 the Irish Ulster someone born Malachi later pious priest and missionary. He became well known throughout Ireland, people recognized a saint during his lifetime. Do not stay on the sidelines and the Vatican: the Pope Innocent II called his servant to the audience. Malachi spent all night in the Vatican library, where he wrote some mysterious manuscript. After the death of the saint in the 1148 manuscript wandered from one monastery to another. It was not until nearly 450 years later, in the late 16th century, the document was found, and the world learned of the work of St. Malachi, which he called "Prediction of the Roman popes."

Manuscript Malachi is a kind of catalog, which lists 112 priests who served at various points and will remain in the Holy See. But the most striking in the treatise of Malachi — not phenomenal match with biographies of the popes once ruled, and an unexpected ending. If we believe the Irish saint, life prepares the institution of the papacy tragic end. The fact that only 112 people, counting from Celestine II, will take the coveted crown. The mission then the successor of St. Peter is interrupted, the holy city of Rome fell, and then comes the Apocalypse.

Until the end of the world is only one step … April 2, 2005 went to the Lord, John Paul II, in the world Pole Karol Wojtyla. He was 110th on the list of Malachi, the reward of the Pope motto "By the works of the Sun." Interpret those words differently. Many say that Wojtyla was born during a total solar eclipse, others point to increased solar activity, which accompanied his accession to the throne of the Vatican. Anyway, it now belongs to the heavenly world, and the world has become a part of history Dolny. On this 111th Pope Malachy laconically reported as "Glory olive" (in another translation — "Celebration of Peace"). Olive tree — a symbol of peace, and therefore, under the new Pope may come long-awaited peace between peoples and prosperity throughout the world.

However, the joy will be short. Malachi did not say how many remain in power peaceable 111th Pope, but his successor, who was named for the predictor, the world is waiting for a disaster. When the Holy See takes the 112th Peter of Rome, and Peter II (the first, as we know, was the Apostle Peter, the disciple of Christ, who established institution of the papacy), end of the world. Against his usual custom, the last Pope Malachy devotes a whole paragraph, which reads as follows:

"At the end of time the place of the Holy Roman Church will take Peter the Roman, who will feed the weak-willed, making a lot of disasters. At this time the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the monstrous Judge will judge the people. The end. "

Another, much more famous than St. Malachy, the predictor — Nostradamus — interprets events in a similar vein. So, speaking of the 112th Pope, he said that "common blood will flood the earth, people will live with closed mouths, and come unpredictable."

As is known, the current head of the Vatican, the 111th Pope very respectable age, so the predicted events to be expected in the near future. Certainly not in 2012 a year?

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