2012 The Great Transformation

January 15, 2012 12:39

Astrological predictions for 2012 have already made up. They do not portend much disasters — as the year with its pluses and minuses, which is clearly not discern the "End Times." And yet …

New Year's Eve will be launched a new planetary matrix that will define a new development of the planet and its inhabitants. The action of this matrix will be manifested in the reorientation of power and information flows in all the spaces of the earth.

From an energy point of view, the coming year will have a much larger number of cycles, characterized by fluctuations around the conditional "zero" axis. In this one year duration of such cycles will be reduced, and the oscillation amplitude to increase.

If we impose this "zero" axis on the magnetic axis of the Earth, visually these fluctuations will form a vertical "eight" with the point of intersection of the energy the planet's core, which covers the inside and extraterrestrial space. At first the "eight" will grow in breadth (the two halves of the "eight" encompass the northern and southern hemispheres), and then shrink towards the nucleus. Energy intensity in and around the core will increase, and at some point it may change the vector of the electromagnetic field of the planet.

Of course, this is only a forecast, has a certain degree of probability, that depends on many factors — the earth, solar and galactic. Translated into ordinary language, we can say that the energy of the planet will be highly volatile, which, in fact, of course — it is this instability is necessary for transformation of any kind. Energy intensity will occur as we are used to seeing in this and previous years: sudden changes of weather, unusual weather events, increased volcanic activity, hurricanes, floods, fires …

These natural phenomena can more frequent imposition of man-made disasters that will worsen the overall social situation. In the Middle East and Asia will continue, and in Africa to begin social unrest related to the desire for change, but, unfortunately, the overall energy intensity will not contribute to the progressive resolution of social and national conflicts. Rather, in these regions will be found temporary solutions, which subsequently lead to even stronger disorder. All these phenomena are fed a high activity of the Sun, which thus responds to the energy perturbation (galactic "wind") from the galactic center.

In general, do the forecast for 2012 is very difficult because this year will be full of surprises. Developments will largely depend on the general level of human consciousness, which in certain points of choice can either support or oppose the emerging processes.

Powerful vibration energy of the Earth will have an even stronger impact on individual human electromagnetic field than in the current year. This impact will be manifested in the alternating expansion and contraction of the energy field, ie untwisting and twisting it to horizontal and vertical spirals to deep study and the expression of your true inner essence. Purification processes energy bodies and to work on life lessons will continue for those who could not use for the facilities provided in 2011 year. In this case, the situation will become even more intransigent, requires us to take the final decisions based on fear or love.

In February and March, a global cycle of transformation, which began in September of this year, will come to an end, but along with it will be a new, more powerful loop that will continue until the end of next year. In mid-summer energy intensity slightly weakened to the renewed for the fall, and, starting in the fall, all of the processes taking place in the energy of the planet, will twist again "into a tailspin."

December of this year, in fact, was a kind of rehearsal for the process of the coming year, showing the upcoming trend in small scale. After the September destabilization and rupture of most of the old links, all came in "Brownian" motion. In this apparent chaos, it was very difficult to find something stable, grasp something external. Flow changes in this December (especially from 12 to 21 December) is so strong that even seasoned "workers of the world," felt uncomfortable, not feeling the familiar ground.

We (and other sources) are advised to hold on to their "inner core" to keep balance and not amenable to whirlpools of energy that shook your emotional and mental bodies. If you have successfully completed the December test and gained good experience in maintaining the balance, you can quite competently swim "between Scylla and Charybdis" is still continuing duality of our world. Remember that the internal balance can be saved only if the study of basic fears produced by our restless mind (especially in connection with the "end of the world"), and center in the heart of the vibration source of unconditional love.

The following year, established portals high-frequency measurements are running in full force. This means that the flow of information from higher dimensions literally overwhelm humanity, mingling with the information coming from Earth sources, including from the Akashic Records of the planet, and you are required to show their innate ability to recognize the purity and authenticity of the information received. Many of you will continue to receive information from previous civilizations and transmit it to others.

Come to the fore about Lemuria, but some of you, having roots in the Hyperborean and earlier civilizations, will open these more ancient chronicles, for humanity. Simultaneous information "presence" of several civilizations (in the form of opening ancient techniques, knowledge and skills) also will contribute to the destabilization of the minds, especially those who continue to live in disharmony of mind and heart. Those who set the highest vibration of love, gratitude and compassion, will use this knowledge for the benefit of themselves and others, creating new (remembering the "old") methods of healing.

Since next year will continue to be activated more advanced vibrating matrix of creation, including the matrix of DNA, scientists will make new discoveries in this area, and going through a spiritual master the quantum way of interacting with their DNA, which will open new possibilities for healing with the use of weak magnetic fields.

Under the influence of the dramatic fluctuations of the electromagnetic field and multilevel information field immunity of the person, in general, will weaken. People will still get sick more often and more seriously, and sometimes without the traditional symptoms. Of course, there will be new viruses, however, they will have on our short-term impact, mainly aimed at the development of new immune responses.

To global epidemics, however, will not come. Doctors will always capture the deviation from the norms established traditional medicine, including in the blood that will change under the influence of new information. The nervous system is in stress, the nervous breakdowns and depression.

However, living in the heart of the next year will confirm the chosen way — their biological bodies will continue to fine-tune to the higher vibration at the cellular level. Continue to form new neural connections that secure these tuning processes.

Many Lightworkers, especially between the ages of 25 to 33 years, finally find their sense of arrival to the planet and begin to form groups (sometimes virtual, Internet) to carry out their tasks. However, their real strength will manifest not soon, sometime in 2015.

2012 will be a test of our theories, attitudes and beliefs. Many will have to remove the "rose-colored glasses" and stand on solid ground. Better to do it voluntarily, than under the influence situations. Those who will cling to the old idea of a new world, relying on outside help (including from the brothers on reason) are unlikely to be happy with what they see during the year. Many do not transfer frustration and leave this reality.

We all know that the time in the world of duality is exhausted, but parting with it is very painful, and not all agree to live more perfectly, not feeding your ego. Living "here and now", found, however, a lot of smiles. In times of change, we will learn to appreciate the true value of life and enjoy each of their manifestation. Unjustified expectations or illusory notions finally dispelled, and we can show their true nature, demonstrating the best qualities of the human angel.

Generally, the next year is characterized by opening and expansion of established boundaries, and the emergence of new matrix of relations in all spheres of life, and those who will be able to tune in to these new features, will continue to change their lives consciously and joyfully.

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