21-year-old Englishman has photographed alien craft

February 18, 2012 22:07

Ernest Griskas of Essex, UK, witnessed the strange event: coming out of the house, he saw in the night sky more brightly glowing UFO.
Because with him he had a mobile phone with a camera, he filmed them immediately.

For the first time UFOs were seen on January 6

— It was emitting a strange glow ellipses — says eyewitness Ernest. — First, they were hanging on the ground, and then began to move at different speeds. And then as if vanished into the clouds. I did not believe in UFOs, but now I think differently.

The pictures taken guy took it to the newspaper, which has reviewed and acknowledged that this is not a photomontage.

— This is the original photo, — explains the expert Nick Pope. — The pictures taken, there is no interference and computer graphic photomontage. What exactly is shown, I can not tell — it could be anything from a light show to an extraterrestrial object, but as long as you need to carefully study the pictures.


But then the fun began. After the publication of the photographs in the newspaper edition phones were torn from the calls of local residents. It turns out that many people have seen the exact same UFO in his district. People claim that UFOs come here not by chance — they are looking for their missing brethren! Not far from the county is Rendlshemsky forest, better known as the "British Roswell": here in 1980, probably crashed alien ship, and the military Air Force Base made contact with extraterrestrials. However, until now all of the information about this incident is strictly classified.

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