3rd Patriotic War

Speech at the Congress of the Russian State Council, June 12, 1992, in the "Independence day"

Many years ago, I visited East Germany, then called German Democratic Republic. After leaving the train, I saw flags waving in the town and asked my colleagues that now the prazdnichek? "Day of victory" — told me. When I asked who they defeated in the present day? — They are somewhat sheepishly replied that it was "a day of victory over fascism." With all the fears of fascism, I did not believe that the Germans are reforged, that their hearts beat at the sight of gratifying their own dismemberment of the country. Of course, the flags were hung in teaching Germans, in memory of their defeat. It was not their prazdnichek and favorites — the occupying power and, perhaps, the German authorities, it provides a mechanism for control.

Now in our town, too, waving flags, and just as hard to understand — in honor of what? They say to us that this day was proclaimed the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, it was "independence day". Independent of whom became our home? From the country that more than 1000 years called Rus and Russia, the creation of which was a historic case of the Russian people? And it was not recognizing the bitter truth, a statement of fact. Russian alliance has not collapsed, then he ran through the monolith only the first crack. But the act of "sovereignty of the Russian Federation" was one of the first and hardest hit, gave birth to the decay of our country, which at the moment has gone so far, but I'm afraid far not over yet. We, the residents of the decaying going to crash the country, there is nothing to celebrate. It is not our prazdnichek and prazdnichek favorites and authorities serving them.

What happened after all, where did the separation of favorites and losers, and when the war is not it? I think the reason is that all of us — not just our country, indeed the world — have been victims of a colossal hoax, perhaps the greatest hoax of human history — not only the "hoax of the century", and "Stories of mystification." We are all assured us believe that what is happening in our country over the last couple of years, is — the reform, restructuring, structural reforms. In fact, it was the collapse and looting of the country. And from what type of phenomena we refer happening, it depends on our attitude towards certain issues. For example, sales in private hands most of the economy is estimated by one, if we believe that there is a speech on economic reform and in another way, if — the destruction of the economy and its transition into the ownership of foreign companies.

There can be no such reform, which has been held for a year or even more, and so far only brings destruction of the economy and the catastrophic decline of the current level. Reform is required to have a general idea, but it should always be the embodiment of adjusted tangible fruits. That is, there must be a reverse relationship, allowing to find the correct implementation of the general idea. If not, then there is an attempt to subordinate the life of scholastic utopia that can only be violence to life. It is so familiar to us, utopian thinking, when Thomas Moore, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, or compose an abstract scheme, and urged on by her followers inappeasable life — and the life less amenable to the steeper falls on her crush. But we are — part of that life.

So who are the favorites, prazdnichek which is now marked by flags, who dictates the acts experienced by us? The address we report back often. At that time, as the fate of the harvest, the fuel price increase a couple of times, and even several times each time, not so long ago predicted the next increase by 25 times! Even the British "Times" refers to this madness. Rob village, which could provide us at least a half-starved existence: it is planned hunger. But it wants to International Monetary Fund. All we have gone up in the 10's again. Apart from the main stock, they have risen less than 2-fold: apparently they need to keep up a cheap mass stock sell-off. This is the desire of the IMF. We grows mortality is falling apart honey software, hundreds of lock factory, we are waiting for the massive unemployment. But the IMF is insisting that this process was quick.

International Monetary Fund — is, of course, only the sign. We are talking about the Western economy and tradition in the history of the West. The Western world is in itself fatal decline. He was not able to build a measured economy, which would took from nature only as long as she is able to play. With the growing rate of the Western world runs out of the earth's resources and destroying the biosphere. At the moment, there is the West at the expense of the Third World squeezed juices. But from him, he squeezes the last drop. If the press to throw the richest country in the world, the end, the final reckoning on bills, you can pull on one or two generations.

Already the 3rd century breaks in West Russia. In the XVIII century, after 30 years of war, Sweden was of strongest military power in the North-Eastern Europe. Her attempt ended with the conquest of the Russian Federation at Poltava. In the XIX century. repeated the same attempt to Napoleon, in the XX century. — Hitler. History has shown that the West has just enough power for a military victory over Russia. Suddenly, something that did not managed to bloody wars, most falling into the hands — it does not die any South American fighter, not spent, no expensive rocket.

At the moment we are going through the same Russian war in 1812 — the same "invasion motley array of" war for survival of our country. This is the third Russian war. But this is a quixotic war where there are no armored battle and do not explode atomic bombs. And we have not managed to see this war until it lost some huge fights. Just at the moment we begin to think about the meaning and scope of what is happening. I, for one, saw that it is now the third time in six months as I have been involved in the work of the movement, standing in the municipal and patriotic positions: ROS, Congress civilians and patriotic forces and the current congress of the Russian State Council. This one of the signs, as there is a growing awareness and gather strength.

The movement, whose members have gathered here — special. At least as to its title comes the word "Russian". To only to say at the moment is the word courage is necessary. But it lays down the languid responsibility: thinking of the Russian people, we come in contact with one of the most painful problems of our country. Just a couple of years back have become widely known numbers characterizing the tragedy of Russian standing between life and nothingness: a decline in fertility, the standard of living and education, lack of medical care, the death of the Russian "unpromising" villages. But even if by some miracle managed to feed the little Russian, and make them small living conditions, it's got the best of us do not have. People, especially such as Russia, can not exist without feeling the sense of its own existence. This feeling is drawn not only from reading and writing articles, and — more often — of life itself. We litsezreem that at the moment we are particularly refined try to deprive our history, to reincarnate it in gibberish, to submit a bloody nonsense. This was the point of beating veterans gathered Feb. 23 to remember the fallen in the last war: the memory of this majestic feat was necessary to erase from the minds of the people. Such a terrible sense and nedavneshnego ads sanctions against Serbia. After all, only
in order to protect Serbia, Our homeland entered World War I. Our homeland has decided to then betray Serbia — and would not be for us either world war or revolution or collectivization, no adjustment, no collapse of the country. And now our home all the same throws Serbia, turning in all the gobbledygook that chain of tragedies. And the fact that this action is performed immediately after the week celebrated with fanfare of Slavic unity, gives it the character of conscious mockery.

In the current third of the Russian war the Russian people fighting not only for the terrain of the country in which he has built 1,000 years, along with other nations, and for the idea of this country — Lofty Russia. How much effort was spent to mess this idea, to force her to be ashamed: there 'bullpen nations, "" the Russian colonial empire, "" the last colonial empire "/ say, the last refuge of barbarism in the world /. Russia can be called and the empire — but quite unique. Many of the century, many 10's people lived in it, without losing its own particular state, developing their culture and civilization, together creating the latest. For example, many people are listed first, "The Tale of Bygone Years", and had lived in this "empire" century, perhaps 1000 years, not only did not lose his nationality, but not so long ago to proclaim sovereignty. This empire has nothing to do with the colonial empires of Britain, Spain or Holland. The only comparable historical paradox — this is the Roman Empire.

In the Third Russian war, as in the preceding them started with a languid retreat. We departed from the line of defense along the border of the Union of Russian borders Russian Federation. This strong position: the huge, rich country with a predominantly Russian population. But it is not determined by the strength of the position of the bastions of the fortress and the fortitude defenders. Maybe we should not be able to resist and then we step back further, to the South or to Siberia. In principle, only to learn the principle of Romans: "Rome loses battle, but wins the war." First Russian war lasted half of the year, second — 4 years. It may be that the third will be a matter of a generation. But if we do not give up spiritually, then we will win. Win in the sense that it is understood by our forefathers in 1812: "Neither the 1st enemy fighters should stay in our holy land." In our case, this means that the majestic Our homeland is restored. Does not matter within the boundaries of what year, but will be restored country that is a legitimate successor to the historic tradition of. Everyone can understand this way, the job on its own. One — as the fate of their own children, who still will not survive if we are destined to defeat: After 1 or 2 generations, they will die from radiation, hazardous industries and hunger. The other — as the debt to the forefathers, who built our country more than 1,000 years old, pass it out of the hands of the 1st generation in the hands of future until she came to us. 3rd — so that our homeland — one of the plans of God on the population of the earth. But like it or express, if we will not put the idea in their own souls stateliness of, what with her, I think we will be saved.

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