3rd World

Third global war is constantly present in the information field since the end of the second. Its ability to refute, but feared that it still starts. Cool called third world war and the Third World is called a chain of conflicts shortly, during which the United States and several European countries in their own (in their own right?) For changing regimes and redraws the municipal borders in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In general views on the possibility / impossibility, forms and terms of the Third World a lot — you can choose for every taste. I wish to offer another version of the localization of the Third World.

In my view, the third global war is a little more than 20 years. It started the other day, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its first real big fights and political actions have been fighting acts of the Yugoslav Army in 1991 against Croatian and Slovenian separatist activities in August of the same year, 1991, the Soviet Union, the dissolution of the USSR in the Bialowieza Forest and in the end, the capital riot liberals in the process whose legitimate parliament was dispersed by force and power in Russia has been usurped by Yeltsin and his clique.

So Makar, the first step of its third global war was a distinct character civilian encounters. The relevant feature of these conflicts — they are trivial inanity. They were not interested, no great social force, and those political groups who initiated them were small and weak in comparison with the state machine, mentally, morally and intellectually negligible in the public plan. In other words, at a theoretical level, they were not able, however some very shake the boat, but in fact their actions led to the sudden changes in the global character.

Moreover, over time, the chain lengthened impermanence, covering new countries and regions. In any case, it was possible to trace the foreign intervention of early, pre-step (ie, the South American-inspired "color" revolutions in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine). In any case, external forces were connected after the fact, and even at times against her will, as in the case of the collapse of the Soviet Union, against which Bush campaigned less than a year before the collapse occurred either as the intervention in civilian war in Yugoslavia, where Germany is almost unwillingly dragged European alliance, and the brand-new political reality later lured to the region and the United States. In some cases, external forces even fought in combat acts specifically (in open form, in the course of aggression against the U.S. and its allies of Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, in a veiled — in the cases of Libya and Syria).

But the spread of civilian conflicts around the world obviously has a systemic character. Moreover, it must be emphasized that in fact neither mentally pathetic and politically impotent internal fifth column, nor the South American and / or European financial and political intervention, nor the ability to "Internet", which has become the global factor of public life in 10 years after the first volleys of the Third World is not are neither individually nor in aggregate be quite effective factors for the sequential implementation of this longish chain of conflicts.

In the history of something similar, however, happened, when, during the 100 years of unnecessary, majestically after the French Revolution, our homeland, Europe and the United States actually continuously shaken by coups, countercoups, revolutions, counter-revolutions and, of course, wars, both external and civilians . By his own scale of these conflicts and bloodshed at the time surpassed all previous history, with each successive was much bloodier the previous one, until in the course of wars and revolutions of the twentieth century due to ruined souls have not gone into millions and 10's of millions. In the end the bloody graft 2-global instability of the global war halted by stopping the conflicts in the center of civilization (the U.S., Europe, USSR), limiting their scope for making manageable and relegate to the periphery.

This period of bloody wars and revolutions were based on the fact that in the political arena solidified industrial government (the first in their own capitalist, and then in the form of a socialist), displacing the absolutist government bureaucracy. Now, after many years, it is clear that there is no "Masonic Center" and no "world government" is not ruled almost one and a half centuries of wars and revolutions. But then — in the XIX — XX centuries theory komplota were vserasprostraneny more than at the moment. However, because of the ignorance of the masses, amused by them, generally, the political elite. At the same time about the "unclassified navel of the earth" talk to my grandmother every yard bench.

It is reasonable to imagine that if a similar chain of events that were considered by many contemporaries, not just inter-related, and specifically organized, is Normal impartial development of political and public processes, and then another chain of similar events also organized by the "world conspirators," but is a development such as natural processes.

This does not mean that a variety of forces and countries do not try to use these processes and events in their own interests. But something organize and manage the process is still far away is not the same as trying to use the process in their own interests, which are prerequisites for even you are not always clear.

As can be seen, we have to try to understand what is the reality of an impartial spawned processes, leading to a global confrontation, in most cases, the individual who takes the form of a local civilian war interconnected with other such wars, but do not exclude any direct military confrontation between states and their coalitions, right to a nuclear conflict between the superpowers.

From my point of view, this reality can be found, as a dictatorship of the oligarchy of money. We need to realize that the financial oligarchy — It's not hard-core capitalists in top hats in the morning drinking the blood of Christian babies and dreaming to conquer the world. It's faster — the players, athletes, whose activities akin to the work of players. Only this game is much more difficult, it can not be described by a finite set of definitions and can not be labeled a finite set of figures. This game with non-linear construction, and non-zero sum, in other words, repetitive actions do not lead to a similar result, the favorite does not always remain in the win, and from 2-players can both win and both can lose. This game is played throughout the world chessboard. Its outer shape — the creation of monetary instruments that can in turn produce virtual means.

Many people think that the purpose of the game is the concentration of power in the hands of an oligarchy of money. In fact — power is only a necessary condition for the game itself (as a green card table or roulette in a casino or a chess board with figures in the tournament). Without power, the financial oligarchy can not force countries and nations to the detriment of their own interests, participate in game extras in virtual money. Yes, and on condition that everyone understands that no matter how we play, agents still remain in the hands of the oligarchy of money.

The power of the financial oligarchy is the same as everyone gives what he wants. The government has an opportunity to create unlimited spending, just spending a strong social policy, rampant armed, cutting taxes for the rich and trying to build Innovative economy. People get cheap personal loans and the opportunity to get here and now what Protz many generations could not even dream. The industry is constantly supported by consumer demand and the abil
ity to advance development.

Everybody is happy and it seems that this hassle-free, crisis-free paradise will last forever. But, one day, when virtual monetary instruments begin to exceed by several orders of global GDP when all around are in heavy debts when people, governments and stock exchanges are experiencing mental scrapped and no longer believe in what will now be better, not worse, a crisis . We feel its very beginning. At the moment, most governments of different countries are trying to keep their economy, their industry, their country and the people of the household from bankruptcy.

In fact, it's an unsolvable task. Several hundred billion euro or the EU throws in Greece, the Greeks not getting any better. On the contrary, the debt crisis in the European Union at odds. And the islands of stability, such as accumulated huge foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation, the Land of the Rising Sun, China's wave of crisis may wash away in an instant. All the accumulated trillions — less than the U.S. and Europe are squandered in just one year, in an attempt to escape from the crisis.

Practically, the whole world — bankrupt. Just do not yet know about it. But, if some places is decreasing, then come here and there. If all the world do not belong to either the government or households, it does not mean they vanished. They just went for a game table cash oligarchy, where the funds can make money directly, bypassing the creation of commodities, which thus can accelerate cash flow unceasingly, multiplitsiruya the amount involved in the game and where you can endlessly produce monetary instruments to the sky raising a tidal wave of unsecured means.

It is game in "Monopoly". If at the beginning of the game, there are a number of accessories that can be purchased and a certain amount of money, in the course of the game (especially if it is delayed), means of the participants no longer enough, and the "bank" simply draw new notes on paper to the desired amount. In the end, the game's end funds can be an order of magnitude greater than the first, supplies as much as it was, and any excess amount — long a player can.

But in "Monopoly" play chips and scraps of paper. Chess mimic war on the board. A game of money oligarchy is in the real world, with real economy and real people. So when the moment comes to profit all the rich of yesterday suddenly discover that they are the poor.

In such games financiers tried to play already in the XVIII-th and in the XIX-th centuries. But the volume was not the same — there was no physical ability to turn a game around the world. The damage caused by playing a particular state, is rapidly becoming clear, and the ruling elite or solved the problem by expropriating money oligarchy, or (in the case of fusion of elites and oligarchies) revolution took place, me and expropriate the elite oligarchy.

A weak spot cash players then was that they could not do without the real economy and not the people. In other words, the financiers of the past have been the least of their own games out of touch with real life, and to continue their own interesting match, were obliged to prove to the state and its usefulness to society by serving their interests.

At the moment, the situation changed drastically. The financial oligarchy has not impartial needs of the real economy, as well as the existence of mankind. It is the capitalist-industrialist, whatever parasite it is, need customer demand. People who have the opportunity without end and without control, on their own, produce financial instruments that can create money out of thin air is not necessary nor industry, nor the buyers of industrial products. The most wins who will exclude it "unnecessary link" of its own chain of production facilities from the funds, and coupled with it and eliminate hazards associated with industrial and public crises. The idea is committed to the production facilities spotlessly clean, with a left — to communism, the right — to fascism, opium — to heroin.

Because the people of the country, the real economy prevents this impeccable cleanliness, rules, cash game start imperative to seek to eliminate them. This is not to say that the Rothschilds Rockefellers, locked in the secret chambers, make plans to eliminate the population of the earth. No, financiers continue their game in full conviction that the public lands are good and progress. Just South American generals were convinced that the rescue of millions of their own and the Japanese fighter, dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just Kennedy and Khrushchev were convinced that firing, during the Cuban missile crisis, their own hands the key to the beginning of a nuclear war (the right solutions for nuclear strike impartially commanders defected to the Russian and American ships and submarines collide in the Atlantic), they protect the interests of own countries.

Simply, the rules by which the financiers play, no longer require public security, industry and the general work of the country's existence as such. As can be seen, the means and do not go on these "unnecessary" is not profitable projects. On the contrary, they tend to spheres, dooming the industry, the government and the population of the earth to the crisis and bring destruction but spirited and a riskless profit.

This does not mean that Sarkozy destrukturiruya Libya or Obama, trying to do the same with Syria and Iran, thinking: "And let the money will help eliminate the oligarchy of humanity." As I wrote, does not think about herself and the financial oligarchy. Moreover, it does not consider itself a separate layer, warring with other people and with the system of world order. Cash oligarchs think they are wise bankers who courageously fighting the crisis, implement some programs from charities and generally all the help. Government think that they use the world situation to implement the relevant interests of their own country, to rewrite it in favor of the rules of the game in the world and for redrawing, in his own favor, maps of the world.

Peoples together and learn things in themselves, about the boundaries of historical justice, languages, cultures and beliefs. Shiites fighting Sunnis, Jews, the Arabs, the nationalists with internationalists, the monarchists to communists, the U.S. and Russia, and China — for dominance in the Pacific. Even money oligarchs are fighting together for victory in the majestic and interesting game of concentration of financial capital at one point. I stress, not necessarily in the same hands, but at one point. This impartial zeal capital, since the higher the concentration, the higher its ability to repeatedly and uncontrollably grow.

You can draw an analogy with the Ukrainian political system. As I write this, it is arranged so that the property tends to concentrate at the top of the pyramid of power. This leads to a system of impermanence and annihilation in the foreseeable future. Policies governing the system (and the power, and the opposition), impartially interested in stabilizing the system, as the inconstancy is a danger to their welfare, and in the latest versions and physical existence. But they can not reform the system, being in the system, and to go beyond the system, they can not, because in the modern system, they are not guaranteed leading position. So Makar, they are required to maintain the system, preparing the impartiality of their own death.

Similarly, the population of the earth could not exist with the usual level of comfort outside the system that plays by the rules of monetary oligarchy. Sacrifice comfort achieved it is not ready. As long as people are trying to solve the problem of the shortcomings of funds for a comfortable life for all by eliminating unnecessary. It can be people of a different race, tribe, religion, nationality or other another class or clan affiliation, in the end, enemies from another country. An appropriate e
xample: for the first time in the history of the world on the official government level, Europeans and Americans began to talk about the fact that the Russian Federation "unfair a lot of resources," taking into account the relatively small populations. From here to the idea of expropriation of resources for the "justice" one step — necessary and sufficient lowering of the combat capability of the Russian army when our homeland is allow.

Again, neither Russian nor Ukrainian or South American rulers are not (what they love to incriminate) "puppets of the world's oligarchs." The very financial oligarchy is not a cohesive group of individuals planning forever and coordinate their actions. Just all play by the rules prescribed by the existing reality, beyond which you can get only by an effort, with no low-risk and not without casualties. The rules actually available impartially, as the laws of physics, consist in the fact that the ability to make money from the funds of funds, bypassing the stage of production and exchange step in a globalized information society have gained complete purity. Means got a real opportunity to concentrate at one point, having made such Makar, absolute and endless profit-taking (all funds of the world). Here they are, according to the law of profit maximization and headed there.

All forms of civilization, including the people themselves, not even pretending to survival, but to a comfortable life, interfere with the zeal of money capital to the absolute concentration, and, as it should, stop financed as unfavorable. What that leads to death impartially civilization — not the problem of money-capital, as for the parasite — the problem is not that the laws of its development led to the death of the body.

And the parasite is killed, along with a startled them by the body, just killed and monetary capital, reaching its own absolute concentration. It is no place to invest, as all around and so is his, and the rest are independent and conditionally living human units are insolvent and can not be regarded as an object of lending. Moreover, the destruction of civilization is destroyed is the realm of the world's population, and to such an extent that disappear themselves money oligarchs — the necessary money-capital players, without which the financial game. But capital is a living organism thinking. This function is acting according to certain rules and striving for perfection (absolute concentration). At this point the game is over, all the rules are met, and what happened with the chips (the population of the earth and its civilization) — not just a minor discrepancy, in general, not the problem. The rules of the game does not say that the chips have at least some value.

Because the world's population is now a third world war against the oligarchy of money as a mechanism by which the money capital imposes rules of the game to the entire population of the earth. For all this, in the case of loss of the world population, the fate of the money oligarchy (consisting of living human beings) is the same as that of the world's population — death (just a bit later.) While the third global war is, to a greater extent, in the form of civilian wars, because the present stage of development of the world's population (taking into account the presence of several armies, possessing an instrument of mass destruction and the highest konkurentnst superpowers for regional impact) specifically plainclothes war untied easier all with less impact.

In fact, all members and civilians near future interstate conflicts are impartial allies as enemies monetary oligarchy. But playing by the rules of money capital, which is based on modern society, they are not able to reach a compromise and merge. Because they are fighting together in the interests of financial capital, at the time, as usual association alone would be a serious violation of the rules of the money game, perhaps giving a start to substitute an old obsolete, exhausted his base for the world's financial, political and economic system to date.

Of course, that everyone over the highest political level, while maintaining the conditional stability of the system has the ability to survive (politically and physically), more small level. In this regard, at the level of political decision-making does not have to wait for the configuration rules. More than the highest of all living longer and the level of the system is actually the financial oligarchy, which provides capital flows towards its absolute concentration. Because the third global war waged against the population of the land of money capital as intangible features results in the war against the oligarchy of money, as the physical representative of the function. Money capital, Determining the specific rules of the game, they can sell only indirectly — through playing the financial oligarchy.

All other parts of the system, including those of super-rich people like Abramovich or Akhmetov — the passive elements of the system. Their fortunes are real (factory, yacht clubs, working stocks of companies, bank deposits). This means that at any moment in the global game, they probably will be poor (in the literal sense of the word), and all that they have, the vacuum cleaner will suck money capital.

Ultimately, at the end with a step, the absolute concentration of the same process of waiting and representatives of the oligarchy of money, but this may not happen, as under the current system, where human civilization is no longer a condition of mandatory merit money capital absolute concentration step, more failures are possible scenarios, namely

1. As the population of the earth is not a condition of mandatory continuing the game, lifted the ban on global nuclear conflict. In this case, the financial oligarchy and money destructuring capital with a population of land earlier than the absolute concentration step occurs.

2. For the same reason, there is no need to divert capital to maintain the viability of individual countries and peoples. This leads to atomization and anarhizatsii civilization, but also means a denial rather countless more world population passed into survival mode separate groups of playing by the rules of money capital. Becomes more and more urgent subsistence farming, small exchange, travel on rather short (50-100 km) distance and semi-feudal societies sputtered device. When the assets of the planet will actually controlled degraded to semi-feudal state of society, money capital will lose a place to play. He just would not need, nor need a loan in a feudal society with a subsistence economy.

3. Eventually likely option globalization uncontrolled chain social upheavals and wars, civilians, during which (as, for example, during the Napoleonic wars) ancient system will be destroyed, and the newcomer will only be created. So how does the destruction of an old system involves the elimination of the leading role of money in the economy captan (as majestic French Revolution meant the elimination of the leading role of the nobility in the community), the destruction of an old system of automatic structurally lower (though in this case and it is not going to kill) the role of financial capital.

All the options are not very pleasant, overhead and even bloody, but the "ideal" option when the system eats itself, is even worse. To achieve the perfect option, it is necessary that the destruction of civilization and the extinction of mankind progressed rapidly both necessary and sufficient for the purpose of money-capital contribution of absolute concentration. Then we get in a pure form of the parasite above situations, dying on the body's own owner. The only difference is that the money capital as an abstract essence, do not even find out that he died.

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