44th President of the United States will be the last. Predicting the Sleeping Prophet

April 3, 2012 13:23

In 2007, celebrated 130 years of outstanding American teller Edgar Cayce. He was born in 1877, died in 1945, his predictions Casey admired the world over. And especially the United States. At the beginning of his career he is more involved in healing. With no medical training, put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment, to use medical terminology, sometimes known only to a narrow circle of specialists. He did it by plunging into self-hypnosis, and all that he had said during samogipnoticheskogo sleep stenographer recorded. His fame it was huge. In 1910, the newspaper "New York Times" (October 9), he devoted a long article, entitled, "An illiterate person under self-hypnosis is a doctor."

Casey later became famous for his predictions, which he also did samogipnoticheskogo able to sleep. Stenographer records everything said in the dream soothsayer, because he woke up, he usually did not remember anything of what he said in his sleep. Therefore called: Sleep prophet.

Another factor which caused him special credibility with Catholic Christians, was that Casey periodically show "stigmata" — samovoznikayuschie and bleeding wounds on the body in the places where they were located at the Christ during his crucifixion. For Christians stigmatizm — is practically "in vivo expression of holiness."

What of the predictions came true Casey?

In his prophecies Casey predicted start and end dates of the 1st World War, then just as accurately predicted the beginning and the end of the 2nd World War. They predicted and described during the "Great American Depression": 1929-1933. Even describe in detail the panic on the stock exchanges.

He made a lot of predictions of a global nature that have already been fulfilled. Therefore, his prophecy in the West enjoy a special trust.

But here's to the future of the United States, he is no good prophesy. Maybe that's why they so try not to remember. Casey predicted the giant global cataclysm. As for America, it predicted, in particular, that of New York, Connecticut and the entire east coast of the U.S. will shake so that they simply disappear from the face of the earth.

Great Lakes Water merge into the Gulf of Mexico … wake up volcanoes in the United States and Hawaii, and ride a huge wave that Southern California coast will disappear under water. South America will be shaken from top to bottom …

By the way, Edgar Cayce predicted that the 44th President of the United States will be the last …

All are puzzled why the U.S. provoked the global financial crisis? And maybe believe in predictions of Casey? After all, President-elect Barack Obama is just the 44th in a row. And the world "shaking" stronger …

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