A.Milinkevich: Lukashenko seeks to sow fear

"Order Lukashenko to seek instigators [terrorist attack in the Minsk metro on April 11] of the opposition — is absurd," — says one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition Alyaksandr Milinkevich in an interview published on the website of German newspaper Tagesspiegel.

According to him, Belarus has no opposition forces capable of such a thing. "But — he says — Lukashenko reaction demonstrates his attempt to instill in the public a greater fear, and finally tighten the screws."

Speaking of arrests since the presidential election,

Lukashenko reaction demonstrates his attempt to instill in society more fear and finally tighten the screws

Milinkevich believes that the regime wants to spread fear among political activists. For the sake of the country in the coming months will show trials, as it was in the days of Stalin intended to demonstrate that the opposition — this murderous agents of the West.

In this Milinkevich does not exclude that after rendering harsh sentences these political prisoners will be used to Lukashenko including in the backroom trade with the European Union for financial aid.

As for the financial support of the opposition, including political prisoners and those who have lost a job or a place at university, then, according to Milinkevich, the EU would have to change and simplify the procedure itself, or it did not happen. "In a worst case highlighted the large amount will go to the organized outside Belarus seminars, conferences, meetings and foreign practice, but not for a particular job at a place that is much more important."

When asked what is the work on site, Milinkevich said that the opposition should not exist only on the Internet and on satellite TV channel "Belsat" — it must also go to the province and not just hold meetings there, but also to help people organize themselves to solve local problems. This is an investment in the future. "We need a long-term permanent work with the people."

Speaking of them organized by the movement "For Freedom!" Milinkevich said

Lukashenka understands only force and specific actions and compromises he sees only as a weakness.

striving to mobilize all of society. For example, using the "European People's University", which organizes courses, meetings, training in the new EU member states. "Later, the activists, the last such? Preparation, may be elected to the local authorities and will pursue reforms after the fall of the Lukashenko regime," — he said.

According to him, Belarus can now survive only thanks to foreign aid. "At first, Lukashenka will throw in jail opposition leaders and then take possible more money from China and Russia. Then he will try again to enter into business relations with the West … But this time, the West should be consistent. Lukashenka understands only force and specific actions and compromises he sees only as a weakness, "- says Milinkevich.

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