A resident of Germany showed pictures of a flying alien

December 3, 2011 18:37

A resident of Germany showed the media a picture of UFO. Flying alien was in the lens 22 — year old Abby Linfut accident.
Student from York decided to go on a trip, and in the Bavarian town of Nuremberg photographed something strange. After viewing the pictures she noticed in the background of a strange UFO with wings and naked body.

According to Abby, when shooting landscapes she did not notice. Image of alien front it only presented itself in the photo. None of the relatives and friends of Germans could not identify the object, but by the assumption of her mother, it was a cherub. At the same time lover Abby thought that the shot came plump fairy, while it is reported that the photo is clearly visible her large breasts and buttocks.

The assumption that the photograph are images of the alien, voiced the mistress pictures. In the images she saw the suit with a big helmet.

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