A short dictionary of liberal network superman.

The dictionary is based on discussions at the forum of ATP during the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2003. So …
Cattle — creature who is not a supporter of the PCA or Apple. Cattle — culprit of all the misfortunes Raschke.
Raschke — The country of residence Cattle.
INTELLECT (Spellings: INTILEKT, INTILLEKT) — Something that is lacking Cattle for accession to the number of supporters of the PCA or Apple.
INTELEGENT (Spellings: INTELLEGENT, INTILIGENT, INTILLEGENT ) — A supporter of the PCA or Apple, that is a person with Intelligence.
LIBERAL — Mental health and well-educated people. Possesses Intelligence, As a consequence, is INTELLEGENTOM and a supporter of the PCA or Apple.
DEMOCRACY — Either immediately clear from the Greek origin of the word, the power DEMOCRATS. Resists authority Cattle.
Gaidar DEMOCRAT, saved Raschke with hunger brilliant economist.
Chubais DEMOCRAT, the best manager Raschke. Together with Gaidar saved Raschke from highly diversified disasters, we hate stupid Cattle. The most important quality CHUBAIS — he did not do anything and is always responsible for his actions. The most consistent opponent of habit Cattle TAKE ALL AND SHARE, prove its principles throughout his difficult life. Gaidar and Chubais from a young age fought with the Communist Party and the Young Communist League.
Shock therapy — A set of measures to help Gaidar and Chubais saved Raschke and populating it Cattle. Shock therapy was developed by the well-known philanthropist and humanity of the IMF and the Administration of the President of the United States, and sincerely wanting free Raschke and its Cattle prosperity and welfare. Unfortunately, Cattle and OFFICIALS do not let themselves be saved until the end. Note: Not to be confused with the operation of "shock and awe".
PRIVATIZATION — the transfer of a tie the hands of Soviet property Effective owners. PRIVATIZATION Chubais was organized and carried out in strict accordance with the law, therefore, not subject to revision.
PRIVATE PROPERTY — that which is sacred.
COMMUNIST (KRASNOPUZY) — A person who is not a supporter of Liberalism and / or criticizing Gaidar and CHUBAIS.
Nationalists (chauvinists) — Not quite sane person who does not agree with the assertion that self-evident that the Russians are predominantly Cattle, and Raschke — The country Cattle.
PATRIOT — The mentally retarded, absurd and utterly clueless representative Cattle, similar to Nationalist.
Fascist Nationalist and a supporter of SOCIALISM simultaneously. Close to Patriot.
GEBUHA (Option: Gebnya ) — And incredibly powerful criminal organization, covertly and overtly ruling Raschke since time immemorial.
TAKE ALL and Share — The dream and the main slogan Cattle, nationalists, communists and PATRIOTS.
RENT — Scientific-sounding word used most cunning representatives Cattle Flush the name of their dreams TAKE ALL and Share.
SHARIKOVSCHINA — Teaching Cattle, based on the thesis of the need to TAKE AND SHARE. The name was given in honor of the idol Cattle — Known revolutionary Sharikova (buried at the Mausoleum).
WORK — That does not know how to do Cattle.
EARN YOURSELF — Lifestyle LIBERALS. Resists the desire TAKE ALL cattle and Share.
OLIGARCHS — The most disenfranchised segment of the population Raschke. Need continued protection of the INTELEGENTOV. Nevertheless, The oligarchs keeps the whole economy Raschke, and they protect Raschke from the total destruction of a blunt Cattle and OFFICIALS. The oligarchs better than any other possible TO MAKE HIMSELF.
OLIGARCHY — the highest form DEMOCRACY.
EFFECTIVENESS — parameter that characterizes the entrepreneurial success of a tycoon. EFFECTIVENESS is the ratio of the current market value of the oligarch to the amount that the tycoon paid for a given company at the time of privatization (for convenience, yet enjoy the decimal logarithm of the value). EFFECTIVENESS OF STATE, by definition, equal to zero, because the state can not be effective.
EFFECTIVE OWNER — private owner of a company whose EFFECTIVENESS much greater than one.
Open (transparent) — characteristic property OLIGARCHS, due to their ability to TO MAKE HIMSELF in the open. Openness correlates with PERFORMANCEThe higher the EFFECTIVENESS, the more Openness. Cattle and Official alien to the idea Openness.
ENVY — Basic feeling experienced by Cattle towards The oligarchs. Is the sole motivation of any disapproving statements about The oligarchs and Oligarchy. Cause ENVY — The inability Cattle EARN HIMSELF.
OFFICIALS — The most pernicious and parasitical part Cattle, located on the edge of control The Liberals and The oligarchs. Is a symbiotic relationship with GEBUHOY.
WEST — A heavenly place, geographically located in the west of Raschke, where there is no Cattle. Populated The Liberals, which EARN IT YOURSELF.
MIDDLE CLASS — one staple MARKET. In Raschke Representatives MIDDLE CLASS polls are ardent supporters of the SPS and Yabloko, which, in turn, consistently advocates for MIDDLE CLASS and protect it from the snares OFFICIALS.
MARKET — The ideal structure of the society in which every member EARNS CAM. The finished MARKET exists on WEST and is the cause of the prosperity of the numerous MIDDLE CLASS.
STATE — Heartlessly parasitic social machine, made up of OFFICIALS, which is occupied by the suppression of INTELEGENTOV
and OLIGARCHS. Completely abolished by WEST, under MARKET.
CIVIL SOCIETY — system of public organizations involved in combating STATE in the name of ideals DEMOCRACY.
VODKA — The most popular (option: only one) drink Cattle.
THEFT (nag BABKA) — What busy Cattle, in particular, it is a malicious piece as OFFICIALS, in their free drinking VODKA the time. Resists the desire LIBERALS and especially The oligarchs earn HIMSELF.
SOCIALISM — The social system, the opposite MARKET, which remained Raschke to save her Gaidar and Chubais. Almost the entire population Raschke while not WORKED and continuously drink VODKA. SOCIALISM deeply hostile to WEST.

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