A space truck Progress was turned into a scientific object

The space cargo ship "Progress M-09M", which on April 22 undocked from the ISS, a four-day turn into an object of scientific experiment "Radar-Progress".

During the autonomous flight of the "Progress M-09M", which will last until April 26, as part of an experiment "Radar-Progress" will be studied reflection characteristics of plasma irregularities in the ionosphere generated by the engines space truck.

The experiment — Study various changes ionospheric characteristics (in particular, density, temperature, ionic composition local inhomogeneities) in operation liquid rocket engines spacecraft.

In the course of the experience of "Progress" will one day make the maneuver of short duration with the engine running. Experts will monitor the changes arising from the incoherent scatter radar Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The experiment "Radar-Progress" has been held for the third time. Previous "participants" were ships "Progress M-03M" "Progress M-06M".

After the experiment, the space vehicle will be flooded in the non-navigable part of the Pacific Ocean. The command to start engines for braking will be transferred to the "progress" on April 26 at 16:36 Moscow time.

"Progress M-09M" was part of the ISS on January 30 of this year. The ship was delivered to the station more than 2,600 pounds of cargo needed to continue its flight and crew life support.

Arrival of Russian truck next to the ISS is expected by the end of this month. April 27 is scheduled for launch spacecraft "Progress M-10M", which after two days docked to the station.

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