A suicide bomber wanted to undermine the head of the Pentagon

A suicide bomber wanted to blow up the Pentagon chiefHow to say "Utro.ru" at a NATO base in Afghanistan blew up a car. Preparatory version: the explosion was organized by a suicide bomber. It is reported by "Sky News".

Described incident occurred at a British military base Camp Bestion (Helmand Province). According to the Pentagon's disk imaging, one of the local inhabitants, who was driving a stolen pickup truck, drove at high speed on the runway of the airport — the one where he was to land the plane with Panetta. In general, until the aircraft was unable to reach a suicide. For some unknown reason pickup came on and then slid into a ditch.

In the end, this incident suffered by an English soldier. The driver of stolen pickup truck (he got burns), was arrested here. Representatives of the U.S. command said that Leon Panetta was not injured and continued the visit to Afghanistan. The Defense Ministry highlighted that direct evidence of a sample attack yet. Explosive device in a pickup truck is not found.

But many in the media said, citing sources, that pickup came on just after his driver attempted to trigger the bomb. And on the note of the "Daily Telegraph", at the wheel of this car sitting … employee base. That is why he quietly passed all checkpoints base, and then tried to put pickup a group of fighter who trained around the airfield.

In the U.S. military does not rule out that the plane was indeed the purpose of Leon Panetta. Pentagon source imagined that perhaps had a plane to South American Secretary of Defense, the approach. Bureaucrat in the Pentagon said that the driver could know who is on board the aircraft.

The situation in the Afghanistan escalated after March 10, when the South American sergeant opened fire on civilians in Kandahar province. At night, he voluntarily left the military base, which later returned and where he was arrested colleagues. Sergeant victims were seventeen people, among them — 9 children. Until now, it is not clear why the Yankees shot Afghan civilians. Perhaps the premise of shooting was a nervous breakdown.

Incident the killing sparked protests in Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai said that the acts of the military "do not deserve forgiveness." Representatives of the "Taliban" have sworn revenge on America for the shooting of Afghan civilians.

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