About solar activity in July and August

According to the Center of the forecast space weather (IZMIRAN) most of July, solar activity was very low. Only at the end of the month, there are three rather large and active group of sunspots that generated flash average power. July 30 was recorded large X-ray flare.

Geomagnetic activity in the past month has changed, mostly from calm to slightly perturbed. 1.5 and 7 July were reported disturbed periods, and on July 30 — short small magnetic storm.

In August, is expected to mainly low solar activity. Possible period of moderate and even high activity. Geomagnetic situation in August will change from calm to slightly perturbed. Small geomagnetic disturbances are most likely 15-17 and 25-17 August.

It is noted that the perturbations in geomagnetic conditions caused by solar flares affect the well-being of people meteodependent, exacerbating the impact of weather.

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