After 20 years, the Earth will inhabit the cyborgs — scientists

October 2, 2012 2:23

American futurologists have shown how in the next 20 years will look like the air, space and cyberspace.

As part of the research program Blue Horizons, which involves the preparation of a series of annual reports on the prediction of future technologies, the U.S. Air Force experts presented a video that clearly represents a tendency to blur the boundaries between humans and machines.
This process goes faster and faster, until the difference between man and machine will not disappear altogether, giving rise to the cyborg — a new generation of people in the world. According to military futurists, social media is an important step on the way to this dystopia.

In this case, the U.S. military said that the need to anticipate how technology will change our civilization, and in the process will be engaged by a party and individuals. They believe they can fairly accurately predict which technologies will be implemented in daily life, for example, the chips implanted in the brain. However, the authors acknowledge the predictions, no one can predict with accuracy the consequences of a new stage of progress, which creates some concerns.
Videos mood permeated corresponding grim quote from Einstein, who cited the top movie, "Technological advances like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal." The graph shows the increasingly sophisticated technology that goes back to the curve from the 1500s until 2035.
Program Blue Horizons — a research project of the Strategy and Technology (CSAT) University U.S. Air Force. It should define how the next 20 years will look like the air, space and cyberspace, as well as in the early stages to identify the emergence of new threats to U.S. national security and methods to predict possible countermeasures to minimize possible damage.

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