Aggressive house

October 18, 2012 17:42

In the building of a military unit inhabited by aggressive something

In the building of a military unit inhabited by aggressive something

Here, on the island of Russian, I was new: just took over as commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage Special Operations Group Intelligence Pacific Fleet. As expected, the company commander was happy to immediately hang up on me every churn (this is the inevitable fate of groupers) and I'm off the bat atonement responsible for the company of …

Night adventure

I had to be on duty during the day. To spend time with properly, stocked book smart specialization — "Manual on small business. 7.62mm Kalashnikov machine gun "- and with the convenience of getting on to the office to read.
With the convenience — it's on the couch in the office, head to the door, a desk lamp — on the contrary, on the desk. Right — the door and wardrobe, but not against the wall at the end, and a step apart from walls and form a sort of alcove, the locker room with a mirror on the wall hanger and the wall between the wall and the cabinet. Such is the disposition.

Passed an hour. Dim light table lamp, page by page … and suddenly I felt the most natural way in the neck rigid claw that no nonsense, I emphasize — no fooling! — In all seriousness, I began to choke. Another second — and Adam's apple will break! With me were not kidding. Well, I was not joking: throwing tutorial grabbed this leg with both hands and took her "on a break", as taught by our brother in the classroom for fighting.

Sense: in my hand was a very tough paw — it's paw, and not the hand, — covered with scales large cold like a turtle on the feet, only bigger. Four fingers with strong corneous claws, though not as sharp as, for example, a cat, rather, as a dog. Lapa is the material? Dry, cool, but not very pleasant surface.

I twisted leg "down on himself" and right elbow smash into something lively and muscular, felt a strong tug to the right and the corner of my eye caught sight of the owner of feet: hunched gray-green creature rise about five feet darted into the lumen between the cabinet and the wall. And the solution is in the shadows. All I can still say about him — his clothes were not, but had a tail and seem to have been protruding ears like a fox. That's it.

Well, the case!

Jurassic Park

Do you want to — believe it — no, but after a brief struggle, I lit a cigarette and went back to reading the textbook, as if nothing had happened. Perhaps it was a reaction to a fantastic story.

-It does not happen! — Ordered the left hemisphere of the brain.

— Well, well, — a wry smile right.

In the morning, an hour before the divorce to school, in the office gathered "cream" SWAT: Zorin, Kurochkin, Shevchenko, Galimon, Mad — aces, sea, air and taiga wolves, past the fire, water and copper pipes. I cautiously from afar made the story of his night adventure.
Amazing — no one was surprised!

— What, you got to? — Without much interest interrupted me Captain 3rd rank Kurochkin, melancholy wielding a toothpick.

— Well, as it were, yes.

Kurochkin nodded and did not bother to continue the conversation.

— Hammer, Serge. He is trying to get all brand new — moved Cossack mustache Lieutenant Shevchenko. — You're not the first, not the last. This type of local check for lice. But at least you had it in the ear to light? In our opinion, in spetsnaz?

— I have no idea. I kind of grabbed his leg and had an elbow in the ribs. Maybe I thought it all?

— Show? In the mirror at yourself!

In the mirror I saw did not even bruises — deep ruts from the claws on his own throat.

— Magic! No office, and Jurassic Park. So that I do not dream?

— No. The building is found any creature, but it you just do not touch. You gave her rebuff, it's enough. So forget it.

And I scored.

After shooting tragedy

Usually Kalashnikov machine gun does not shoot itself

Usually Kalashnikov machine gun does not shoot itself

More with this brownie I have not met. But the fact remains that in the two-story barracks / h 59,190 lived on the island of Russian something extremely aggressive to the inhabitants of the old house. There is something very badly affected the fate of the soldiers. The tragic incident followed one another with depressing regularity. From a formal point of view, the reason each time was the "human factor", but that's for a tiny (less than one hundred people) emergency military unit was far too much! And one of them has not slipped at all in any gate, even with this very factor.
It is a machine gun, "Manual" on the treatment that I had studied on that memorable night. In contrast to the Kalashnikov assault rifle, machine gun shoots the same name from the open bolt position. In this case, the cease-fire shutter stops in its rearmost position, as if "between his teeth," another socket, waiting for the owner again presses the trigger.
On that fateful day of the third company colleagues performed shooting exercises of issue weapons. I must say that ammunition shooting at us in part spared, head of ammunition supply without talking gave this good in any amount, but with one condition: Shoot everything to the last round! He did not like to bother with registration of the "return". And we were not eager to pull the shooting range aspiring cartridges. As a result, we shoot it.
That's the day in question, thirty men, turning the target in rags, lined up to test weapons. According to the senior team, "Discharged! Weapons for inspection "- a machine gunner, as expected, as has been done hundreds of times, unlocked the empty box under the belt, pulled the cover box gun and showed his age. Making sure that there is no cartridge in the bolt, senior threw 'inspection! "Gunner slammed the lid and pulled the trigger, is authorized sending the barrel up and down at an angle of 45 degrees. This procedure does not, simply can not give misfires, it is specifically thought out so that the trunk is left cartridge. Even if both — and gunner, and a senior — suddenly blinded and chuck proshlyapil, control will trigger the shot, and the bullet will fly to heaven to a spent without causing harm to anyone, to fall to the ground. Shutter, as expected, dry klatsnul, the shot did not happen, all right. Roth returned to the location and began a mandatory cleaning weapons.
Suddenly barracks jumped from crashing a shot!
Ran into the steerage officers saw a terrible picture: a few soldiers were desperate to stop the bleeding bundle, literally a fountain gushing from a broken femoral artery of one of the sailors. Near the face as white as the belly flounder, froze gunner. Before him lay a gun on a stool, still lazily indulges smoke out of the barrel, and around spattered with blood. No efforts have not helped, a minute later the victim died from loss of blood. It's only a movie hero, getting up devyatigrammovuyu rifle bullet, another half an hour of screen time to perform feats in the name of democracy around the world. The reality is much sadder.


Barracks at night suddenly burst into flames

Barracks at night suddenly burst into flames

In just two years, there have been five cases of that claimed six lives. Then I retired from the Navy and moved to the North Caucasus. Returned there on vacation a year, and quite by chance in a cafe met Vladimir Shevchenko. And that, as a case where there was what I saw …

— And what about getting on our mutual acquaintance, a tail? — I asked casually.

On the face of Shevchenko shadow passed over.

— Apparently, no longer doing. Gone with the fire and smoke …

It appeared shortly after I left Vladivostok, in part did not come for the next emergency. And this time, major: flared up at night is the same barracks! Knock down the fire in the embryo does not have managed, with great difficulty managed to pull out the most valuable — a weapon from the armory room. And nothing, but then remembered the duty in the office safe nachfina: money! With hindsight, he berated himself for that last word: a few men rushed inside without a team for this damn safe, and at that time failed corroded fire rafters.
Two men found their death in a huge funeral pyre.
I left the walls of a military school in 1990, as a wholly atheist-materialist. Did not believe in a dream or in Chokh nor crow Gry.
However, as if mocking me, the reality again and again throws me off the phenomenon, to explain that, in terms of household logic, it is impossible.
How are Stephen King? Why do weird things happen to ordinary people? Because they can …


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