AgroPrirost company has found a solution to the environmental problems of the Moscow Region

To date, the domestic agriculture have a situation where animal waste and poultry have become almost the main polluters of the environment. With the passage of time in storage chicken manure undergoes almost no natural fermentation and contains viruses, germs and bacteria are harmful to humans and the natural environment virtually unchanged. Each poultry farm, which has a temporary storage in which accumulated several hundred thousand tons of poultry litter.

Environmental issues have been found in the company AgroPrirost using the method biofermentation, one of the most efficient processing of chicken manure into organic fertilizer. The method is based on solid aerobic biofermentation. In a substrate which is placed in biofermentator, also contains a sufficient amount of organic matter homogeneous (sawdust, peat, straw, chopped, etc.).


This technology is patented in Russia and has already been introduced in some poultry farms of the Moscow region. Performance of one biofermentatora solves an environmental problem for disposal of chicken manure, which has the third class of environmental hazards for poultry 100-150 thousand.

Eponymous organic fertilizer AgroPrirost obtained by biofermentation fully comply with the Russian national standard fertilizers and is a free-flowing mixture of particles with a size of 2-10 mm, 45-60% humidity, and odorless. Complex organic fertilizer AgroPrirost contains all the macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micro-(copper, zinc, boron, magnesium, etc), the elements of plant nutrition: 50-65 kg of active ingredient per 1 tonne of NPK.

The resulting high-performance eco-friendly fertilizer is used as a nutritional podsypku (dressing) for growing vegetables, berries, fruit, and other field crops for growing seedlings and substrate to spawn, as well as creating lawns and playgrounds, football fields, etc.

Advantages of the new organic fertilizer AgroPrirost unlike traditional manure and compost in a more balanced composition, in the absence of germinating weed seeds and pathogens (not broken biocaenosis land), lack of odor and long duration of fertilizers in the soil (up to 3 years).

By its action on the yield from / crop fertilizer AgroPrirost is 3-4 times higher than manure and provides a yield increase by 35-70% compared with other fertilizers (in the region of Moscow and Tver regions).

The production capacity of the company will be able to provide AgroPrirost fertilizer farmers across the Moscow region.

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