AH-64 Apache sighting system receive high-definition color images

AH-64 Apache sighting system receive high-definition color images
The U.S. Army is working on new sights for the pilots of helicopters AH-64 Apache. Created aiming system is designed to display the situation not only in color, and in high-definition format. This writes defence24.pl.
Currently, the image on the tactical situation AH-64 monochrome blurred. Brand new system targeting Lockheed Martin is not created without preconditions. There were cases when the pilots because the blurred image, they beheld on systems aiming attacked the civilian population.
For example, in 2007 in Baghdad as a result of the attack helicopters «Apache» killed 12 innocent people, including Two journalists from the agency «Reuters». Prerequisite misunderstanding became camera to the 1st of the journalists received pilot gunner for bazooka.
Brand new system for «Apache» will allow significantly increment situational awareness on the battlefield. It will also reduce the need for radio required for the proof goal. The need to prove the voice, so as not to shoot at someone asks a lot of time and delays undertaken attack.
New detectors provide additional, previously inaccessible, the ability — or even tracked vehicles people will be recognized by color and clothes. Infrared image can be displayed along with a color image. New equipment is being tested at the flight test site in Huntsville, comparing it with the old systems. Equipping all 680 helicopters AH-64E U.S. Army newest targeting system may take seven years.
As part of the modernization project aiming systems AH-64, which for the past four years, spent 60 million dollars will be changed legacy systems that were developed 30 years ago. Mass production retrofit kits helicopters «Apache» is scheduled to begin in October 2014 after the flight tests. It is not clear what it would cost brand new system, the company Lockheed Martin is still conducting negotiations with the U.S. Army on prices.

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