Ales Liauchuk versus the Banner of Youth: the next round of

The Company's February 21 Moscow court during its consideration of the claim of "Banner of Youth" was on the side of the state newspaper and ordered the journalist to publish a refutation to the pages of the magazine at their own expense and pay for travel expenses.

Edition of the publication "The Banner of Youth" held that statements in the media Ales Levchuk, the correspondent of the newspaper for Brest, the requirements in a negative light to write about events in the Square 2010, the opposition, and later — a statement that he is dismissed from the office for political reasons,

I totally disagree with the decision that was rendered by the court of the Moscow district of Brest.

damaged the reputation of the newspaper. Editors sent a claim to the Court of the Moscow District of Brest. The court sided with the "Banner of Youth" and ordered to pay 280 Ales Levchuk thousand for publishing a retraction in the newspaper and the web page, 105,000 for filing a lawsuit, and about 700,000 for the shipping costs. A former reporter did not agree with this decision and appealed to the Regional Court:

"I totally disagree with the decision that was rendered by the court of the Moscow district of Brest. So I hope through the regional court to overturn the verdict on the payment of money and publication in the journal.'s Hard to say yet what will be on trial."

Ales Liauchuk notes that this matter there are four possible solutions: either the Regional Court reversed the decision of the Court of the Moscow District, or refuse to Alexander, perhaps that will be partially satisfied with the complaint "Znamenipm Youth", and it is possible that the case be returned to the other judge of the Moscow district of Brest.

Ales We did not ask to write about Piazza

Lawyer "Banner of Youth" Gleb Goncharov says that the editors intend to continue to prove their position in the judicial institutions:

"Everything will be in place vyrshatstsa. Edition retains its position, we will defend it in court in the future. Ales We have been asked to write about the area."

In the past two months in the publication "The Banner of Youth" against former correspondent had three hearings. The Regional Court will consider the complaint Ales Levchuk April 18 at 9:30 am.

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