Alexander Fyaduta — about books, which he did not have to an American

Transfer books to prisoners of exhibition space 2010 is prohibited. Political Prisoners offer to read agitpros of prison libraries, catalogs are close and not those works which wants freedom-loving soul and an inquiring mind. Released on bail from the KGB prison, known as "American," Alexander Fyaduta — the books that can not read a political prisoner.

Alexander Staganovich. Memories of the ambassador.

Minsk, "Limaryus," 2011

This is the first book of the new series "Belarusian memuarnaya library" that we have come up with Natalia Gordienko, a few months before the events of December. She came out just at a time when I was warming bunk in "American." When I was told about this, of course, I miss you, one thing is when you read the text in the set is quite another — when you take into the hands of published book, is seen in her old pictures, you feel the density of its binding. But read the printed version Staganovicha me, the person Gutenberga era, has already succeeded only at home. And the book is very good: the author of it — Member of the interwar Polish Sejm of the Belarusian Gromada. And — a brilliant kamentatarskaya job that I always appreciate.

Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. Cohn.

Minsk, "Limaryus", 2010

My wife and I have agreed in writing: in the evenings we read aloud to each other poems of the same poets — Mandelstam, Zabolotsky, Tsvetaeva, Blok. Once she reads them at home, and I — in the chamber. We wanted to honor and poetry Neklyaeva, but … Books do not have on hand. And it would be great: Vladimir Prokofievich actually a very great poet, and the association of his lyrics make me very bright.

Vladimir Karatkevich. Rapidly despair.

Minsk, "Medysont", 2010

I — emotional person and easy to get depressed. A Gervase Vylivaha — this is our national symbol of optimism, a man who overcomes everything. Even death will win. So when I was particularly sad, I thought about it and began to repeat himself Karatkevich. But there is nothing to retell — there should be read.

Ales Navarich. Lithuanian wolf.

Minsk, "Fiction", 2005

This is a novel about the defeat of the uprising. The fact what's going on neshantsovnyh after heroic deeds of freedom fighters. Roman sober, hard, miraculously written language, with a sense of bitter humor. This is — one of my favorite books of Belarusian. In fact — a prediction that has happened to us on December 19-20. The defeat also must be able to recognize and experience, because life goes on after that. Here and now: we need to be able to continue to live — this is important.

Alexei Karpyuk. Vershalinski paradise.

Minsk, "Fiction", 1974

This is the story false prophet who led the nation to a bright future, was not able to provide and disappeared — what could be more urgent?
Only one will read a novel in its own way: Nekljaev and Yakubovich, for example, will present its findings and conduct a variety of different parallel. A grim book of my countryman Alexei Karpyuk, will become a good precaution for anyone trying to build a paradise on earth.

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