Alexander Lukashenko and ambassadors are divided into good and bad

As reported by Interfax, Alexander Lukashenko expressed his surprise at the attitude of some countries and their ambassadors in relation to the tragic events in Minsk.

"I do not understand how in the difficult moments of the civilized, democratic state, but they claim to be, did not express sympathy to the people of Belarus," — said the president of Belarus, met on Tuesday with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Nagievym over the completion of his diplomatic mission.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed his surprise at the attitude of a number of States that have not sent condolences to the people of Belarus, which in turn, lost the greater part of its World War II, "broke the back of the creature (fascism)." "Here's a litmus test — the position of individual states and ambassadors. But the Lord is with them. It will deal with them," — said the head of state.

In an interview with the Azerbaijani diplomat Alexander Lukashenko said that "in this case, foreign ambassadors to Belarus clearly separated, I think, into two camps. "" Ambassadors who love our country, our people who want the good for our people and the state. I am confident that this group belongs to the Ambassadors and Ambassador of Azerbaijan ", — said the president." But there are others. Our media recently, in light of the tragic events that have shown very clearly their position, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

In fact condolences to the people of Belarus expressed by many governments around the world.

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