Alexander Lukashenko: How sharahnu — do not have time for a run across the border

Alexander Lukashenko promises to prevent strikes in Belarus and unauthorized actions. He said this on June 14 during a visit to Smolevichsky Minsk region.

"We have a" conscious "in Minsk on social networks, the Internet calling for a strike. So I'll watch, observe, and then as sharahnu — do not have time for a run across the border," — quoted Lukashenko government agency BelTA.

"Arrange it strikes them that we do not allow for a song repatriate fuel, cigarettes and other goods. Previously, these speculators were called — they also have the speculators. Am I going to look at it?" — Said the president of Belarus.

During the last week in different cities of Belarus have been massive unrest due to rising prices and the economic decisions of the government.

So, on June 7 in Minsk, a mass rally of motorists who are protesting the next increase in fuel prices. Hundreds of motorists for two hours paralyzed traffic on Independence Avenue. Four people were arrested and fined.

Evening of June 12 incident occurred at the border crossing "Bruzgi" (Grodno region). About 200 people blocked the road, outraged by that thereozhenniki not allowed into Poland drivers who went back the second day in a row. Customs officials justified their actions the government's decision to limit and ban export abroad automotive fuels and a number of consumer goods. The incident in the "Bruzgi" lasted three hours commandos stopped the spontaneous action. 22 people were arrested and fined.

Evening of June 13 a similar protest took place at the border crossing "Warsaw Bridge" (near Brest).

Meanwhile continue to appear on the Internet calls for citizens to participate in a variety of peaceful protest, BelaPAN.

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