Alien Spy: pending disaster earth

September 30, 2012 0:08

Alien Spy: pending disaster earth

If humanity — an alien experiment that says a lot for what he is about to end. Observers from other worlds, apparently, nothing to do but to follow current catastrophic Earth changes and wait for the fatal outcome.

Dangerous stage

UFOs have always been present on the planet, but the advent of nuclear weapons made them dramatically expanded. "Upstairs" realized that earthly humanity entered a very dangerous stage of its development.

There are many reports of contacts with UFO pilots, during which they warned people about the dangers of nuclear weapons. It is, nuclear weapons, has always been a major theme of secret talks with officials from the aliens USA and USSR. Kosmitam did not like it at all tests and its very existence. Apparently, in exchange for promises to limit its earthlings were given some of the technology.

However, nuclear weapons are not only not disappeared, but also greatly improved, in particular means of delivery. In addition, in recent years emerged, and other negative factors that cause anxiety newcomers: environmental degradation, genetic experiments, including those related to human genetic apparatus. According to scientists, Nature (not without the "help" people, of course) now come to the point beyond which irreversible changes begin. The main one — global warming.

Apparently, all this makes vnezemlyan (at least those of their race who feel responsible for the human race) to intensify surveillance. Their interest is not only nuclear weapons but also objects related to computer, medical, biophysical, nanotechnology and other new developments.

UFO, of course, continue to hang over the nuclear bases and accompanying strategic missiles during launch, but now that seems to be the emphasis on surveillance kosmity do "inside." On a variety of objects, they sent their spies …

Sensitive sites surveyed phantoms

Alien spies before noticed in secret facilities. Thus, in the USSR, in the closed city of Arzamas-16, KB-11 there, which engaged in the design of nuclear weapons. In the early 1960s, in the organization in a short time changed the heads of eight. Many years later, a veteran intelligence said that in those years in the territory of this carefully guarded object constantly penetrated any foreign person who managed to go through all the security posts. Seen them, usually at night. At shouts they did not answer and hurried away.

Several times, he followed these subjects, guards fell into stub areas where escape was impossible. Subjects like sinking into the ground. Guards fired dozens of chiefs succeeded, but to catch the mysterious "spies" could not. Once, though, someone was detained, but this was a dramatization to reassure the public.

In 1940, 60 years something like this happened in the U.S., the National Nuclear Laboratory in Los Alamos. In autumn 1958 there guards opened fire on an unknown man who had made his way into the building and moved from one room to another. Locked locks it opened in two to three seconds. None of the bullets fired at him missed their target. Stranger managed to escape and his subsequent quest to nothing lead. Curiously, on the locks, exposed them, found no traces of tampering.

In these and similar cases, the objects are obviously infiltrated phantoms. Creating a phantom — one of the characteristics of a UFO. Close to flying saucers landed witnesses repeatedly observed humanoid figures that could seep through the items, and suddenly disappear just as suddenly appear.

Men in Black

Observed and the presence of a physically tangible figures. Perhaps it is the aliens themselves, but most of all — they have created bio-robots.

"These last are sometimes not recognized. Despite the best efforts of their creators to make them as close as possible to humans, unlike people still striking. First of all it is illogical, bizarre behavior, not peculiar to people

In 2008, the NATO missile base near the Italian city of Aviano police late at night trying to delay the car, which was moving at high speed. The demands to stop the driver does not react. During the chase, the passenger car skidded and crashed it into a counter-trailer. There was an explosion. Mangled passenger car burst into flames. According to witnesses, the men were in it there was no chance of survival. Still burning car door opened and she got out of the two passengers. Clothes they were burning. To the surprise of the witnesses, both matter-of-factly briskly rushed to a nearby forest, and disappeared behind the trees. Police attempt to chase them failed. That night, the travelers saw the unusual local who described them as "risen from the grave dead." They walked down dale and fled, he said, in a pond.

No less strange incident occurred in Sweden, in a high-rise office of a large company, related to the development of weapons. Operator on duty noticed the video monitors in the three men who were walking through the halls and looked at all the doors. Their behavior and appearance struck him as strange. All three were the same height, wearing the same dark clothing, and most importantly — alike as twins. Employees, they passed, they did not respond, and yet not to notice them was impossible.

The operator contacted the guards on the floors. They replied that the trio did not pass them by. The operator told them where at the moment are strangers. Security group went to intercept. On the monitors could see two guards confronted with strange subjects literally nose to nose, but every time I passed by, without even looking at them.

The upshot was that strangers were out of sight of cameras and tracking their trail cold. The search yielded nothing.

It seems that they only saw the camera, but not people. That leaves prevent the aliens and their biorobots can have on people's telepathic influence. They seem to "wash" its image from that part of the brain that is responsible for the reception of visual signals. As a result, instead of a stranger or biorobot people see an "empty space."

Embedded into the community

Many ufologists believe that aliens or their artificial spies can be found in all corners of the planet.

A few cases of encounters with extremely strange subjects took place in Moscow in the 1970s and 80s. In 1989, Metro passengers saw a group of men dressed in black, who sat quietly in the car and driving on the ring line, never got off. They were all the same height, dressed alike, face pale, sharp-frozen features. One of the witnesses who wrote about them in the newspaper — student Sokolov — purposely followed them, driving in a nearby car a few laps around the ring. Those in that time has never uttered a word, and did not respond to other passengers.

In another case, also in Moscow, in the crowded bus included five dissimilar similarly dressed men. Several witnesses before strangers to each other, in the paper on how to hypnotize all included started looking. Conversations in the bus fell silent, all was quiet. The witness appeared "oppressive" feeling, as if they pinned in place. The strangest thing happened when the strangers left the bus. After leaving, they suddenly disappeared. Seen it all. The area around the stop was deserted, hide or had nowhere to go.

In the late autumn of 1990 in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region saw a group of truckers at dusk eleven men in light-fitting suits, the same height, similar to each other. They ran in single file. Running was pretty strange: on the move and they are highly synchronized jumps. Besides truckers, they saw a group of soldiers. Strange "athletes" first ran in the direction of summer residents, who, according to their experienced a "chilling horror", although the reasons for this kind would not be. Only when the "athletes" turned away and disappeared into the trees, all took a deep breath of relief.

Know of many such observations. What on earth do these actors — is unclear. Curiously recognition of a Moscow psychic, who every day riding the subway. Moving in a dense crowd, he feels an aura around them. According to him, at least once a month, he reveals some of the individual in the crowd, completely devoid of aura. And it's like to meet a man without a heart and without a brain.

"Alien biorobots or indistinguishable from human mutants grown in extraterrestrial laboratories have long been among us, live side by side with us, firmly entrenched in the human environment — wrote a famous American UFO researcher Robert Duffin. — The purpose of their mission, perhaps, is the observation of the earth community and gather information, but most of all, they are designed to influence the people who make policy decisions, as well as individual scientists, thus moving society and technological progress in the right to their creators direction. "

Our experience will be useful to others

That kind of direction — we can only guess. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the situation on the planet watching at least five different space races. Each may have their own plans for Earth. Perhaps some of them away to eliminate humanity, to use the deserted planet for some of their needs. Other race — perhaps those that make the world there are people — they want to save humanity, the creation and development of which is a kind of experiment.

Some archaeological data, which still does not recognize the official science, suggests that millions of years ago, humanity already emerging on Earth. Of births, or "waves", was at least four. All of them were interrupted when the humanity is still at a relatively low level of technology development. The cause of their deaths were not favorable natural environment and global catastrophes. For example, it is a great degree of certainty that the "wave" that existed in the Cretaceous period, along with the dinosaurs, was killed in the fall to Earth of a large asteroid.

The current "wave", moving beyond previous probably ceased to exist in a nuclear war or ecological collapse. That they will take in this case vnezemlyane? Perhaps that already made more than once: will "grow" new humanity on Earth. Nature eventually heal the wounds of her current civilization. After 25 — 30 million years after the planet we finally find a "decent" look, there appeared to diverse flora and fauna. As for the people, it is unlikely that they will be created until at least 50 — 60 million years.

Perhaps the creators of the useful information they now collect about us, this human world, which went on the fatal journey. With this information, they will take into account our bitter experience and mistakes committed by us and will not allow the future of self-destruction "waves" of the human race.

Igor Voloznev

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