Aliens have studied the KGB

September 27, 2012 11:09

Not so long ago in the Russian security services almost impossible happened: some of the documents related to UFOs, which had long been classified as "top secret", declassified and they are widely available. Based on these documents, often recorded UFO over Russia. The greatest attention is paid aliens military bases, strategic sites and places where troops.

Information on UFO sightings began arriving after World War II. But there is evidence of sightings of unidentified objects before the war. In 1934, Ukrainian pilots made a training flight. In the sky, they noticed a strange ball of fire, flying at high speed. Get close to him did not work. After a while he was gone. After returning to the base of the pilots reported what they saw. They decided that it was a test of the new weapon of the imperialists. But soon received command of an official document, where it was said that it was a fireball.

In 1947, on a secret city Armzasom which was under development of the hydrogen bomb, has repeatedly observed an unknown object. They were silver in the form of cigars and the light is dim orange light. They circled over the city at high altitude. The military believed that this American spy planes. They tried to force a landing, but all to no avail.

In 1960, Colonel J. Nefedov, test pilot, took off on a new one with the MiG airfield in the far east. Flying about 200 kilometers, it was going to turn back when he saw that he is approached by an unidentified object. Pilot realized that there will be a collision, because the object is coming straight at him. But before the actual plane he abruptly went up and disappeared. From the words of Nefedov, no plane to make such a maneuver could not. He is well aware of, and even thought I saw a mirage.

But suddenly the UFO reappeared. The facility is on par with the plane and flew around. The pilot managed to see the object. It was a rough and irregular oval, which was more like a potato. A closer look it was not possible because the subject is too bright glowing. Nefedov reported by radio that he was pursuing an unidentified object. But managers said that in addition to his plane on radar is nothing. UFO suddenly abruptly moved forward and was right in front of the cockpit.

Pilot blinded by bright light, he began to lose control. He speed up, not turning its course. The hope was that the UFOs gone away, but it did not. Strike was not, but his head spun Nefedov, eyes swam circles. All this happened a couple of moments. When the pilot regained consciousness, he realized that his plane crashes at high speed. Experienced pilots with great difficulty managed to stabilize the car. Nefedov defined position and was shocked he was in 350 kilometers from the place where the unconscious! When the pilot contacted the airfield, the dispatcher could not believe it. They thought that the pilot was dead, because 20 minutes ago, his plane disappeared from the radar screen.

After returning to base, it was found that clock Nefedova delayed by 20 minutes. Moreover, going the extra 350 miles, it does not consume a single liter of fuel! It turns out that the 20 minutes the pilot did not exist! A special commission to investigate the case. But there is nothing to find out it was not possible. The documents in the case were classified as "top secret", and witnesses have to sign an NDA.

No less interesting incidents that happened in the water and under water. In 1951, in the territorial waters of the Soviet Union discovered an unknown underwater object larger. The object moved slowly at a depth of two kilometers. (!) Did not respond to requests, it continues to move in the direction of the Soviet Union. Then the order was given to reset the place depth charges.

The explosions of depth charges facility also did not respond and continued to move in the same direction at the same speed. But after a while he began to climb rapidly to the surface. Reaching a depth of about 50 meters, it is at high speed out to sea and disappeared from the instruments.

In 1972, the crew of the cruiser, is located near the Kuril Islands, discovered the mysterious object that dived out of the air into the sea. UFO was spherical, but, when he plunged into the water, took the shape of a cone. The most interesting is that of the entry object does not have any splashes or marks on the water.

In 1978, a military destroyer, which was in the Laptev Sea, the majority of the device shows the wrong data, and some are completely out of order. At the same time, the right of the ship was spotted an unidentified object. UFO hovered over the ship at an altitude of about 30 meters. His form was like a bell, it shone a light yellow color, but the most interesting is that it is translucent. Within the object can be observed something pulsing like a heartbeat. The crew was amazed. After some time the object leisurely down to the water surface and at high speed away from view. Only after this equipment on board work again. We also learned that another vessel, which was not far from the destroyer, watch as the surface of the water swept unknown object pale yellow.

In 1966, in the Black Sea were conducted large-scale exercises with the participation of the Soviet Navy aircraft, submarines and surface ships. Doctrine was to be held for a long time, but they had to stop because of the exercise area appeared incomprehensible objects flew at high altitude. After a while they came down, and they can be seen with the naked eye. Objects were cigar and spherical. They moved in the air is quite chaotic.

The order was given to attack unidentified objects, but the attack did not produce any results. They continued to fly erratically over the ship.

A UFO in the shape of a cigar down very low to the water, at the same time with the instruments of the submarine cruiser disappeared, which was nearby. The submarine began to surface. A missile, which was designed to UFOs, for unknown reasons, struck released her ship! Continue teaching has become unsafe.

In addition to unidentified objects in the Black Sea were discovered unknown creatures. The captain of the second rank V. Borovikov had passion watch sharks. One day near Anapa it submerged. At a depth of about 8 meters, he saw a mysterious creature: milky-white, rear was like a fish, but with a face! Beings were several. They also noticed a man, one of them pointed his hand at him. Their hands with webbed fingers. Borovikov beings approached and stopped. For a while they looked at the captain, and then sailed away.

In 1984, a Soviet submarine of unknown fish observed in the Baltic Sea. These were three huge beings in silvery suits, similar to humans. However, at a depth of 400 meters of no man can be! Dimensions were subhuman creatures — about three meters in length. There seems to have been found on the shore of Sakhalin in 1989. It looked like a fish without scales, and the lower part was like a human lower limb, only atrophied, said

There was a case when the Soviet border cruiser stopped the Japanese schooner, which was included in Soviet territorial waters. Border guards went on board and saw that on the deck were frightened fishermen and the networks fought an unknown creature with a smooth body, is like a human, with a tail and no arms, but with a humanoid face! Being beat on the deck, and his mouth was foaming. Border guards also scared and shot him, then dropped into the water.

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