Aliens prey on celebrities?

February 7, 2012 15:35

Recently the show business are increasingly recognized by his belief in aliens, and some say that my own eyes have seen UFOs and even entered into contact with them. Recently, the famous American comedian and television host Fran Drescher said that the child was abducted by aliens who implanted a chip in her body …

Moreover, the 54-year-old Fran said that this experience was and her husband, producer and writer Peter Marc Jacobson. And there was all in the same situation — when the two children were traveling with their fathers in the car.

— We both then went to junior high and, meeting a few years later, realized that we were something in common. I think we were programmed to meet. We both have the same small scars in the same places. True, Peter is not sure he got the scar from the aliens, he remembers nothing. He thinks it was a burn from hot drill bit or boiling water. But I think this is the place where to put the chip — says Drescher.

Not one Drescher considers himself a "contactee." Among the foreign stars of show business "alien" theme is now in vogue. The famous American actor Tom Cruise believes in aliens and wants to meet with them in person.

Renowned British singer Robbie Williams said that at night he always dreams about "little green men", arriving to Earth from another planet in their boats. According to the stars, these dreams are not random and are prophetic. "Mark my words, — says Williams — in the next seven years, alien beings arrive to visit the planet."

Russian celebrities are no exception. Thus, Lyme Vajkule childhood believes in fate and is convinced of the existence of parallel worlds, and extraterrestrial life. The last singer once had a chance to make, so to speak from experience.

While Vajkule worked with his musical group in Jurmala, in the variety show "Juras pearl." Once in the group, consisting of musicians and dancers have noticed in the sky over the city of mysterious glowing object. He is constantly moving, as if tugging and mechas — up, down, left, right …

Spectacle fascinated observers. One of the guitar players had to pull out the camera and take a picture of a UFO. Later he tried to publish these images in Riga press, but their editor flatly refused to believe in the authenticity of photographs. Finally, the musician posted pictures of German and soon received a call to the UFO Congress. The audit showed that the original photo!

Lyme Vajkule asserts that the history of UFO sightings over Jurmala with the mention of her name published in many international journals and authoritative works on ufology. The researchers considered this case is very interesting, but the solution he has not yet received.

The singer believes that UFOs do not appear by accident: they occur in the fateful moments of our lives, trying to control us and show us the way forward …

So what happened to the star series "Happy Together", a popular TV presenter and participant in the show "Star Ice" Viktor Loginov. The actor not only acknowledges that he believes in the hereafter and aliens, but argues that, at least twice in my life met a UFO.

— In the evening I was walking in the park with a stroller. The child was very young then … I lift my head — and suddenly see a few fireballs and flaming triangle — they are joined together and disappear in the sky — Loginov told reporters.

Shortly after the "meeting" and began the rise in popularity of Victor as the main characters of the series "Happy Together" Gennady Bukina.

More than that — she prima Russian pop Alla Pugacheva no secret that she had experienced contact with an unidentified flying object?

Once, during a concert in Izhevsk, an outdoor stadium, Alla accidentally looked up — and saw that hanging over her … "flying saucer"! She pretended not to notice, but tried to sing as much as possible. Diva seemed that the aliens are watching her …

A singer Marina Klebnikov even insured for 1 million dollars from a meeting with the aliens. However, the conditions of insurance says that she will get the money only if the next 20 years, she would suffer physical or mental harm as a result of contact with aliens …

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