All events on Earth are preserved forever

November 2, 2011 0:16

Scientists can not really explain paranormal phenomena, but it gave them a great title. Proscopia, prekognitsiya, prognostics — to predict the future. Retroskopiya-to describe past events without prior knowledge of them.

Clairvoyance — mental obtain information on what is happening around now and available direct sense perception. Finally, dowsing — to locate the material objects and people.
Psychics also difficult to explain how in their minds there information that they wanted. For example, the following was said Jean Dixon, an American prophetess, accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential election in the United States, the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, Sputnik, the demolition of the Berlin Wall, and more: "The main source of my predictions — vision.

The vision is always complete, down to the smallest detail. It need not be interpreted, it opens immediately and completely, and therefore requires no effort on my part. "
However, all the seers begin with, think hard about what would be found. That is sent to a mental request, but without a specific address. This compares with a request to one of the Internet search engines, but only the psychics do not know where or to whom they are addressed.

Another famous American psychic Edgar Cayce responded called "readings" when speaking. that draws attention to the "Akashic Record." The concept of "Akash" introduced by the ancient Indian thinkers. It means a subtle ethereal essence that fills all of space. This entity absorbs and records everything that happens in the universe. So there are "Akash". It's not a huge book, and the traces of every word and action, imprinted on a worldwide broadcast. These "records" can be read enlightened adepts.

In the XX century, the "Akashic Records" by Elena Roerich. She came to this conclusion: "Visions for the most part relate to the present or to the near future, at least — to the past, even less — to the far future. Visions related to our past lives is also very rare. "

Universal database

Now replace the "Akashic Records" came the hypothesis of global energy-field, which records everything that happens — whether it be the death of bacteria, human actions or a volcanic eruption. This hypothesis is shared by many scientists.
All material objects that exist on our planet, even in the smallest amount of time, have their own energy fields and the corresponding radiation. This geomagnetic field area, the magnetic fields of objects, human bio-field and other living creatures. And their radiation contain information as properties of the emitting object, and that happens to him. But the law of conservation of energy states that energy does not arise out of nothing, and does not disappear, it is converted from one form to another.

Therefore, it is possible that all of the information about what is happening in the world gets it in the global field of memory and remains in it forever.

The countless streams of energy are not merged into a single stream, since each of them has its own, different from the other options in the form of frequencies or vibrations. In the global information space, they form a set of individual cells, similar to countless sites in the vast set of Internet.

Of the global field is incredible avalanche of various radiations. Each contains information about a material object, and going with it changes — that we perceive as different events. Figuratively we can say that in the space surrounding us continuously sounds "beschislennogolosy Choir", each participant is fulfilling his part.
But this "chorus" is fraught with serious danger. The fact that his "party" in vibration close to the inside of our brain waves. According to Professor D. Dubrovsky, processing these pulses of global field would require energy loss, 5-6 times larger than the cost of the analysis of all the information from our senses.
The brain can "drown" in the electromagnetic cascade, if he will have access to global information field, but the wise nature has provided reliable protection.

erotonin — a hormone made by the brain used for internal communication between different parts of neurons that need to share some information signals. In other words, our thoughts. This is where the inherent security of our brain. The Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics I.V.Rodshtat found that when serotonin neurons in the cells there is a strong electromagnetic "noise", which lost feeble signals from the global field.

How to disable the "jammers"?

Despite the "jammers" psychics involved in prognostics, retroskopiey, clairvoyance and dowsing, unable to establish contact with the global information space and to receive from him the information. In principle, such contacts are possible only if the serotonin "jammers" not fulfilling its mission. This may be because of the functioning of the brain in people with psychic abilities. For example, they often appear in those who have experienced the strongest shock.

However, the man himself can reduce electromagnetic "noise" if he can get the neurons to produce less serotonin. You must enter an altered state of consciousness, which is also called trance. As usual, our waking consciousness commanding the subconscious mind, for the most part oblivious to the incoming information from it. In trance same consciousness as if the time off, receding into the background, and the subconscious mind "taking power into their own hands," pointing to the analytical center of the brain come from outside information.

There are also cases of involuntary contact the global information space. In situations involving a threat to life, it happens automatically. Most impressive are the consequences of such contact apprehension, when the "inner voice" causes people to give up some visits.

Known case of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Vyatcheslav Molotov, who was never afraid of flying, including bombers during World War II. Once, in the postwar years, when abroad was to fly a group of Soviet diplomats, Molotov suddenly refused to get into a personal plane and decided to fly with the rest of the delegation, creating a lot of problems for her. Stalin reported strange things Molotov and ordered to send him after the plane put on the rank. But even over the Soviet Union at the car caught fire engine. Pilots went on a landing, but did not have time to sit down — flew off the wing …

American sociologist James Staunton conducted a study of more than 200 rail crashes and more than 50 aircraft accidents. He entered all the data into a computer to determine the ratio of three factors: the number of people involved in the accident, the number of victims, the capacity of the vehicle. And for the purity of the experiment counted the number of passengers on a similar class of planes and trains that do not fall into a disaster on the same routes. It was found that in all cases ended tragically transport was completed in an average of only na61 percent and prosperous voyages — 76 percent of the total volume. A difference of 15 percent! Those lucky rescued unconscious contact with the global information space.
However, the most common way out to the global database — is prophetic dreams. The fact that serotonin is produced mainly neurons carrying out the transfer of information from the eyes to the visual centers.

At night, they load almost zero. Reduced power consumption and processing of signals from other senses. Consequently, serotonin subsides "noise", and besides, there is excess energy. Thus, there are the right conditions for the reception and processing of the analytical center of the brain, "messages" from the global field. As a result of their analysis and appear prophetic dreams.

They constantly see all the people, but with the exception of a very few forget or do not give them value.
In addition, it is possible that if you sort of information, including the prophetic, coming out of the global data bank, a think tank does not bring it to consciousness in the form of dreams, and to the depths of memory, where it remains unclaimed. But if a person makes this center an appropriate facility, he often will dream prophetic dreams that are born information field.

There are other paranormal phenomena, which may be associated with an information field. For example, out of the body and travel to the astral plane. But it is too early speculate on this account, because it does not have sufficient data.

V.Merkulov. "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism »№ April 2011

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