All of the best movies about the end of the world. Top 30 films of the apocalypse

November 24, 2012 3:18

Each of us have heard a lot about the end of the world, everyone has seen at least one film in this dramatic theme.
In this paper, we propose to study 30 of the best films on the theme of the apocalypse. Each film included some information for easy search, if you want to see one of them, divided

Year: 1916 Country: Denmark Director: August Blom

All over the world there are natural disasters caused by the Earth passing comets. Despite the lack of modern special effects, the film draws the viewer excellent acting.

Year: 1936 Country: USA Director: William Cameron Menzies

The film is one of the first telling of the end of the world. War, epidemics, and other "joys" have led to large-scale disturbances. The film was produced under the legendary HG Wells, and released in theaters in the late 30's, became a kind of prophecy the coming of the Second World War.

Year: 1951 Country: USA Director: Robert Wise

The film is a classic black-and-white sci-fi thriller. The plot tells of the situation in the United States during the Cold War. Stranger to visit us, the proposed merger with extraterrestrial civilizations, but the government of the self-employed civil strife and war. Desperate to find a common language with people, a space visitor makes an ultimatum? Land should stop all war, or she will destroy. The moral of the film tends to suggest that such an ultimatum is a must …

Year: 1959 Country: USA Director: Stanley Kramer

Nuclear war destroyed almost all life. Survived Australian residents, but they are in danger of destruction. One of the most iconic films of the end of the world in the 60's.

Year: 1963 Country: United Kingdom Director: Stanley Kubrick

The film tells the story of a nuclear strike, deposited psyched chief U.S. military base for the Soviet Union. The U.S. government warned of the threat, but the Soviet Union has to respond to the attack.

Year: 1964 Country: Italy, USA Director: Ubaldo Ragon, Sydney Selkou

This film about the end of the world is the first, and according to many, the best adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson. Planet died in the epidemic, people have turned into monsters. How will the only survivor?

Year: 1971 Country: USA Director: Robert Wise

What happens if you fell from the space probe will bring earth science unknown virus? Master of such films Robert Wise tried to open it in the next, its offspring movie about the end of the world.

Year: 1984, 1991, 2003, 2009 Country: USA Director: James Cameron, Jonathan Mostow, McG

This franchise is definitely a legend.

Apparent on the face of an extraordinary story, in fact, bears a lot. We are all surrounded by machines that serve and help us. And what happens if they get a free hand? One of the most popular films about the end of the world, where the theme is one of the most realistic side.

Year: 1986 Country: USSR Director: Konstantin Lopushansky

One of the few Soviet films about the end of the world.

As a result of a nuclear explosion on a U.S. military base, the life on the Earth is destroyed. But in the catacombs still have survivors fighting for their happiness …

Year: 1991 Country: Australia, France, Germany Director: Wim Wenders

By the Earth moves the failed Indian nuclear satellite, threatening to destroy the entire population of the planet.

Great cast and a good script make this film worthwhile.

Year: 1995 Country: USA Director: Terry Gilliam James Cole with a time machine will try to determine the cause of death of 99% of the population, and it is possible to prevent it.

Year: 1997 Country: USA Director: Roger Donaldson

Scientist volcanologist, who lost his wife at the time of the eruption, shows worrying signs of activity of Dante's Peak, which could result in the end of the world.

Year: 1998 Country: USA Director: Michael Bay

The film, which does not save the Earth superheroes, not NASA scientists and teams usually drillers that the devil is not the brother.

Year: 2000 Country: Germany Director: Holger Neuhauser

Another celestial body moving towards the planet. When it becomes known the day and hour of incidence, only hope of scientists who have ahead of time to create a technology that can protect us.

Year: 2002 Country: USA Director: James Forces

Disregard for nature leads to the fact that all life on Earth at risk burn alive. Seen unprecedented volcanic activity, time to save almost none. But America is once again trying to save the world.

Year: 2003 Country: USA Director: John Emiel

Because of the stop of the outer core of all life threatened with extinction. A group of scientists decided to drill the crust to the core in order to try to run it, but on the way to the goal they face many unpleasant surprises.

Year: 2003 Country: Canada, United Kingdom Director: David Barto

Terrible virus destroys half the world's population. Vaccine, but there are drugs slow down the disease. But do not get it so easy …

Year: 2004 Country: USA Director: Roland Emmerich

Earth is going through the second ice age, around the world disappear from the map of the whole country. America has become a north pole.

Year: 2004 Country: USA Director: John Lafia

Tremors rocked the world of unprecedented power. The strength of the earthquake increases. Expected push force 10.5 points must sweep all life. Last hope is directed nuclear explosion.

Year: 2006 Country: Canada Director: Robert Lee

A scientist discovers that after two days the Earth turns into an icy hell. The government does not believe his confidence, and to fight the coming catastrophe he will with a handful of his students and his ex-wife.

Year: 2006 Country: USA, UK Director: Alfonso Cuaron

In the not too distant future, it was the anarchy, the cause was a mass infertility. Humanity's last hope left? the only pregnant woman whose life is in danger.

Year: 2008 Country: USA Directed by: Joe. J Lenders

Terrible epidemic swept the land turning infected in suicides. Epidemic can not be stopped, but a group of people with the hope of trying to find a place where there is this horror.

Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: John Hillcoat

Terrible disasters have created a hell on earth. People divided into cannibals and their prey. The film describes the wanderings of a father and son who just want to survive.

Year: 2011 Country: France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden Director: Lars von Trier

To the ground at breakneck speed moves planet called Melancholia. All living things can only pray for death seems inevitable.

Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: Ernie Barbarash

The asteroid, named Cassandra, threatens the world total destruction. Before the death of all living things is a couple of hours. Hopes of saving dying …

Year: 2009 Country: USA Director: Roland Emmerich

The plot of the film revolves around the Mayan prophecy. Authorities to build the ark, knowing that it will come soon deluge.

Billions of people have nothing to do not realize until it's too late.

Year: 2009 Country: Canada, USA Director: Steven R. Monroe

The experiments were aimed at finding ways to control the weather initially could not end in anything good. So it happened, terrible tornadoes reminded all that the nature trifled with.

Year: 2011 Country: USA Director: Matt Codd

Land risks being at the mercy of eternal winter, the reason is the eruption of a volcano in dozing Yelounstonskom park. But among the people there is always a couple of characters, they will save the world.

Year: 2011 Country: France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden Director: Lars von Trier

To the ground at breakneck speed moves planet called Melancholia. All living things can only pray for death seems inevitable.

Year: 2011 Country: USA, France, South Africa, Germany, the UK Director: Tony Mitchell

This is a story about the end of the world, what happened to the legendary Atlantis. The disaster that buried the ancient world, and gave the world one of the greatest mysteries.

Year: 2010 Country: USA Director: Colin Strause, Greg Strause

The film tells the story of the enslaved by aliens, perhaps even extermination. Bright light in the dark all the delays on the way, then there is a sweep of survivors. A handful of survivors to fight for their lives.

This is of course not all movies about the end of the world, but here are the most iconic and world-famous film, which had already become history. Look, look and enjoy those moments that you have until the long-awaited apocalypse.

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