Altai. Responsible body of the Earth

October 2, 2012 21:23

Here is the "cutting edge" restructuring of the climate machine Planet

More and more of earthlings can understand — the world go global planetary change. They will affect everyone on the planet. On this subject, conducted workshops and conferences. One such scientific conferences on the topic "New state of nature and man" held Shebalinsky district administration of the municipality, and, despite the fact that since its implementation has enough time, it is more relevant than ever.

The report "On the organization of the new psychology of life in the renewed nature of Gorny Altai" was made doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, senior researcher at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Dmitriev.

This is a surprise to me — that housing starts mated from body perception. Both support and vigor, and zhiznevyzhivanie and the region, and in common processes on Earth. It's very cool that Shebalinskiy area is a start. He participated in more than one hundred seminars and conferences for their lives, but the first time I meet a close association of interest and this interest of the hall.

Truly new times come, and this is also the psychological climate change, if you will — the social, the "inner climate." This conference is to find mutual understanding, mutual respect, which are formed from the very first stages of the organization of a new psychological climate of the Altai Mountains. In the report, I will appeal to the mental capabilities to the human psychic energy because this energy is of the highest quality, and it really has a managed property, even in relation to earthquakes. I mention something to this effect in the future.

Altai "listens" to the Sun

Rain in the Altai Mountains are sensitive to the levels of solar activity

Will return to the title of his report, the second part of it. Why is updating climate Altai? Altai is a responsible body of the Earth. And when we come to consider the Altai obscheplanetnoy function, we say, of the Altai-Sayan folded area. It is, indeed, a certain authority. My colleagues told reporters some geological-geophysical and biospheric features of Altai. I will also emphasize continually one of the fundamental properties of the Altai Mountains, which displays and gives Altai geophysical, geological and structural characteristics, — it geliochuvstvitelnost. Altai is highly sensitive to the processes on the Sun. In the Altai are energy-intensive processes or slaboenergoemkie, but they "listen" that the sun has delegated to the region in the mode of solar-terrestrial relationships, especially during geoeffective processes on the Sun.

In recent years, "suddenly" discovered, as they say, "cut through the eyes" to the fact that climate change machine in the world as a whole is subject to solar-terrestrial relationships. Moreover, climate change and large tuning planetofizicheskie processes currently taking place in the solar system, all the planets.

In connection with the general solnechnosistemnymi land conversion also built into the new order, namely "solnechnosistemny order." It was found, for example, in the Altai grozoprotsessy and grozoprotsessy — is not only lightning, wind, rain and ozone — is, in its turn, and life sensor (as shown by recent studies, with rain during the storm comes and the "fertilizer" ) — Rain in the Altai Mountains are sensitive to the level of solar activity. They "feel", as shown by quantitative analysis, more than 14,000 thunderstorms, high and low solar activity, in fact, threatened to "feel" even the sign of the magnetic fields of sunspots. As it turned out, thunderstorms to behave differently in the so-called odd and even solar cycles.

Magnetic dipole

Altai is "at the forefront" of restructuring the entire Earth's climate machine

Seismologists say the specifics of what happened in the Altai earthquake. Very true, the specificity is — this is called the earthquake "sluggish." Come up with a new term for it. This earthquake in classical computational models in the classic words can not be described. Few people know that on 23 October 2003 at 10 hours were the most powerful disturbances in pressure, temperature (it was discovered AV Shitov on meteorological data). Thus, even before the earthquake was some preparation structures Altai, as is true of South Siberia as a whole, in the event, which is then broken out as "Chu earthquake."

Oddly enough, but it is good that the earthquake happened. Thus led to the release of elastic energy reserves. But I personally think that a trigger or a "trigger" for the shake of the South Siberia, the epicenter of the shallow-focus in the Altai Mountains served as a specific category of radiation from the Sun. Such work geliozavisimosti some earthquake already have, such studies ceychac develop.

Here, in the Altai, we are "at the forefront" of restructuring the entire machinery of the Earth climate. And why not? Because the area is susceptible to Altai cosmogenic effects on Earth.

Furthermore, only recently acknowledged that the Earth is an inversion or reversal. the geomagnetic field. The globe is a magnetic dipole. Now the magnetic field on the Earth plus to minus change. Prior to 2001, we thought it would be digression. It was expected that 2001 will braking motion of the true magnetic north pole from Canada to us to Siberia, to Cape Chelyuskin. And from Antarctica across Australia to meet him moving south magnetic pole. But it turned out that in 2001 the rate of movement of the magnetic poles doubled, before it was 23-24 km per year, and in 2001 it was 51 km per year (according to geophysicists in Canada, France, etc.).

Nature — not the "can-can"!

Our bodies need to adjust to new conditions, "the magnetic and electric supply" …

Now, there are four active Kamchatka volcano. This is to ensure that the issue of "quality of life" with a sharp deterioration in the environment is now a matter harmful to humanity. Now the main thing — it is a matter of survival, and that is timely, and indeed vital. Throw all nonsense, that you will live in Switzerland, Italy and Southern France. You understand that the south of France and Italy now also beginning to "look over their feet." Go irreversible energy-climate, and it is necessary to adapt to them. No wonder I've already told you that these processes are transforming the environment across the solar system.

Two or three years ago at a conference I was told: "The nature of sub levels, sublevels, and two years later returned to what it was." I then said, and now I repeat: "Nature — not" cancan "! Nature — a powerful legitimate and irreversible processes. " Due to the fact that Altai is a singular point planetofizicheskih processes, it is very important to have advance information and try to apply it successfully.

There are predictions of geomagnetic polarity at 100, 200, 300 years, etc. So, if the reversal occurs with the acceleration, which is planned, then after 40-50 years we get this reversal. But neither physics nor geophysics do not know about the mechanisms of this reversal. It can happen in the next 10-15 years. And so, at this time the entire biosphere, and our bodies have to adjust to the new conditions — the new terms "magnetic and electric supply" our subtle body processes, our psychological, neural processes, etc. This is extremely important, as they say physicians need to speed adaptation, and can, and the exhaustion of the overall adaptive capacity of the entire body.

Bioeffektivnaya point

People living in Siberia, are constantly increasing geomagnetic intensity.

We must not forget that kind of thing is that, in connection with reverse polarity, East Siberian magnetic anomaly is already the most magnitonapryazhennoy point in the magnetic body of the Earth. It turns out an interesting thing that people living in the Altai, Novosibirsk region, and across Siberia in general, are under the constant influence of this anomaly, a steady increase in geomagnetic intensity.

Further, if we take Europe and the European part of Russia, it was found that this area is one of constant reduction of the magnetic intensity. And our bodies are very closely linked to the strength of the magnetic environment through the circulatory system. We can assume that our circulatory system is a kind of magnetic antenna reception.

And in these properties of blood, we are not convinced just by studying the so-called "spot exposure", a place where large form plasmoids, fireballs and invisible "magnetic body." In one "spot exposure" we discovered a curious thing: a magnetometer "feel" of a person, that is, changes in the readings of 100-150 nT, which is far beyond the possible errors, it is important to experiment. When a person walks into a stain effect, the magnetic field increases to a joyful mood of man and falls in a "bad mood." We named this spot bioeffektivnoy point.

When we found out, I talked to staff. They said that if this is the case, then your emotional or psychological condition should show an increase or decrease in the magnetic field, and we have had this result in measurements.

Pessimist and optimist

Emotional state can positively or negatively influence the strength of the magnetic field

By this time we were more or less literate, with knowledge contained in Agni Yoga, knew that the emotional state of a person can positively or negatively influence the strength of the magnetic field.

We had a friend who badly "unlucky" in life, we "pessimist" was named. So we sent him to this point bioeffektivnuyu and asked to think about what it unfortunate (from his second wife just gone). And he began to remember, and at this time we fix a reduction of the magnetic field of 112 nT.

To correct for the experiment, we had also "optimistic", he still always a good idea. We sent him to a spot and said that he also thought of all your fears, all the failures in life. He gave a small decrease in the field — 18 nT. Then again we are sending the "pessimists" and tell him that he remembered the high points of his life, recorded increase in the magnetic field of 47 nT, "Optimist" is raised tensions with their delights to 370 nT. Such is the "inclusion" of a person in a planetary magnetosphere and its interaction with her (we multiply the result by a single billions embodied humans, their pessimistic or optimistic interaction with the magnetic field of the Earth). So keep in mind that many invisible and imperceptible process is in our bodies, in the Altai Mountains in particular.

The new "food" of the mind

Our physical health is largely controlled by now the quality of our thoughts and feelings

And add to this the fact that there is a geomagnetic reversal, and we know, in addition to the characteristic features of geological and geophysical environment in the Altai, which can only happen here. In this room, probably a lot of people know, and Agni Yoga specifically says that idea — it's the basic building material of life, the inner fire manifestation of each of us.

So when I say that students need to improve their responsiveness to intellectual work, it means that they own growing organisms will properly nourish new "food" of mind that they will strengthen the mind and health. But, unfortunately, now around the world economic structure passed to the program is open suppression of the cognitive process.

And the first were under attack, of course, education and scientific branch of knowledge. Extending definansirovanie destroys cognitive science centers around the world, all knowledge is put on increasing profits and, therefore, does not meet the overall objectives of the Homo sapiens. And Christ said that not by bread alone will man live, but in short, it is a cognitive process.

Concluding his brief report, again appeal to all those present. Planetofizicheskie and climatic changes on Earth and in the Altai in particular, are going in the direction of increasing the role of fire processes. As we now know, in the world, in all of its gas and solid shells, increasing the concentration of fine matter — ether (as it was called before), or dipole polarization of the physical vacuum (as we call it now). This fine material is the base of our feelings and thoughts. And with the increasing number of the matter part of our feelings and thoughts will continually increase. Thus, our physical health is largely controlled by now the quality of our thoughts and feelings. And here in the Altai we have come close to that in itself, and especially our children, "plant" good thoughts and feelings.

Life in a new state

It should guide the development of new and use of existing moral and ethical standards …

It has long been no secret that the Teaching of Agni Yoga is addressed to our time. Moreover, Roerich, HYPERPHYSICAL accept this doctrine of a higher world, was in the Altai. Even now, there are successful attempts to get out of the Subtle World (live) advance information is very important moral and scientific values (eg, receiving texts from A. Tundinovoy Kulady).

Consequently, further organization of the future life in the Altai should guide the development of new and use of existing moral and ethical standards, as well as the rules set forth in Agni Yoga, which takes into account changes in the environment and the potential of man.

Finally, it was time for a deep and intelligent fusion of the past, contained in the Altai epic (such as the epic "Maadai Kara") and the information from the direct studies of man and nature of modern scientific approaches. This merger will allow us to find an effective organization of the life of the script in the new state of geological and geophysical environment.

Replies AN Dmitriev audience questions

Now we build ourselves on a new basis

— Do you think there is a connection between the adverse events that occur in our country, and the excavations of the mound with the Altai Princess plateau Ukok? What is the mystical meaning of the excavation?

— I would say, not so much mystical significance, and how magical. Yes, indeed, violated for Ukok plateau mystical balance that is disturbed psychological projection of the future. Few people know for what purpose this princess was buried. But the fact that it dug up and grew weak, so to speak, around the world, and parts of her body are 5-6 institutes in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, it is a serious violation of women's historical continuity will for the location.

Again, referring to Agni Yoga, we must remember that era is the Fire, and everything to do with the formation of a new climate on Earth and the new processes are in the direction of increasing the concentration of the fire. Agni Yoga — the alarm system, a system, learning that we get psychological and physiological resistance to the new format and the climate. Such a climate, where there will be a lot of fire processes. A ognenasyschennost our planet is growing, and especially in the Altai. Agni Yoga — planetofizicheskaya predinformatsiya and education. And, as I said, the thoughts and feelings that are born within us, in the interior of us, they match, and physiological and psychological processes of the body. In this sense, Agni Yoga is a new intellectual, emotional and volitional power in the new environment, a new state of the climate.

Speaking even more deeply, Agni Yoga is given from the terminal Shambhala (You may have heard this word) Mahatmas. Mahatma who gave Helena Agni Yoga teachings, declared, "I tell you from the region of the sun." And remember, it was said that the solar-terrestrial relationships, but energy and matter, and contain more information.

So, one of the types of information, running along with the solar wind, as we now call it, of intellectual structure of the Sun — The Mahatma Letters, which are stored now in London. They also were given predinformatsiya. In the same vein, should be considered and the "Secret Doctrine" by HP Blavatsky. That is about all the people were warned for a long time, over a hundred years ago.

And in Agni Yoga has been written about the subtle bodies. I refer to the academician VP Kaznacheev, who said that one should not think that the support of the mind may be only the physical body of man. I fully agree with him. Moreover, to the mind to function, not necessarily at all to have a human physical (real) body.

We believe that we live only when we woke up. Sorry, but when we sleep, where we are at this time? At this time, we can be more full of his powers, than when we open our eyes and ears, and interact with other people and things. Here our attention is scattered, and there, in the Subtle World, we do to ourselves. Therefore it is necessary to look at both himself and his life of a larger, more serious. But when the concentration of spatial fire is inevitable.

Even Christ said that "every one shall be salted with fire will be," and he said, "I have come to bring down the fire on the ground, and would like to see it be already kindled" who "near me, he in a fire." That is, the possibility of fire and ognepreemstvennosti in our minds is actually laid, and they are huge. And this ogneemkost in each of us, again, depends on the quality of psychic energy, which serves the life of each of our day, week, month, year, and lifetime.

It should also be noted that the increase in the number of spontaneous combustion of people. And burn so that is a little bit of ash, and the sheets and blankets — whole. This is exactly the kind of (destructive) manifestation of inner fire. And Helena says that many souls are not ready to blow with the change of the physical conditions of the environment.

And to prepare the future of the soul, it must be prepared for a new set of ideas, meanings, emotional reactions and thought processes. Now we build ourselves on a new basis, a new plow changing climatic and biospheric processes on the territory of Altai Mountains, and on the whole world.

While in some places much ether, why we are there to deny the presence of consciousness that can exist without physical bodies? — Explain again the question of the interplanetary plasma.

— Yes, this is an interesting question. And for us — both literally and figuratively. Right now in this volume of the hall some of the atoms are ionized, ie, either an electron detached from the atom (it is a positive ion) or attach an extra electron (this is a negative, "healthy" ion). And if we take the episode when the aurora lights above the faults or over ridges, then the number is not neutral atoms or ionized atoms is from 50 to 80%, and this is the so-called plasma. Appearance or "taking away" of the electron with the outer orbit of the atom is ionized.

AL Chizhevsky said for breathing and health are important negative ions. Negative ions are generated and the nature, near the waterfalls at Leucaspius or Nizovka on Lake Teletskoye, for example. Negative ions are rich in biological effects that are beneficial to the health of respiratory tract, liver and kidneys.

When negative ions are increasing, and the plasma contains positively charged atoms or molecules, and the number of positive atoms equals the number is negative, then there are conditions depolarization of ionic charges in the atmosphere. This depolarization is inevitable participant in storm processes.

Several sources in the Altai in the place of condensation faults, also near the mounds have a high concentration of ether. It can be argued that the feelings and thoughts are on the air. Hence if in some places much ether, why we are there to deny the presence of consciousness that can exist without physical bodies. In this sense, I probably intersect with what you call the spirits of the Altai mountain spirits, the spirits of the rivers.

On Molnieboynom hrebtike we found specific variations associated with the Sun

— In your book, the case when the soul is separated from the physical body. Tell us about it.

— Yes, this is a very interesting and unusual event. I told you that we are the opportunities, life strategy scale and life itself not only express with this material ("kilograms") body. Already been said that there are subtle body, there is the structure of our emotional, intelligent, strong-willed. In this you can see at night, encountering any positive or non-positive dream. This statement (not an assumption), it comes down to the fact that we have a realization in the subtle body, that is in the air, or the astral body (roughly speaking).

Geophysics long as we learn one point in the Upper Uimonen. This place is called Molnieboyny hrebtik. So, at this point on Molnieboynom hrebtike we found common ground magnetometers special (multiple 160 min), the variations associated with the Sun. And so it was in the early 1990s, I made a point to this geophysical ammunition.

I work as usual, but it tracks its psychophysiological potential. And I know that at this point I can not work more than two hours, and then have to leave. And why not? Yes, because there is, as we have already established, high efironasyschennost. And putting yourself in a physical body in this place, I naturally saturates so ether, which is there. Also, I still do, measured the magnetic field, ie, I am all there, as if dissolved in this matter, the invisible subtle plane.

Besides, the day was going strong geomagnetic disturbance and local ionospheric storm: there was a process of relaxation after the missile launch. And I got to this point is extremely abnormal. At that time, by the way, were generally strong geomagnetic storm. Naturally, I got up on the site of excess fine matter and energy. Thus, I had the "priorities of the subtle body" in relation to the physical body.

And when I felt that I have to go and put on a backpack, all hooked up, not to break the sensor, buttoned. And for most steep slope started down to quickly leave the area of influence of the place. Went quickly and suddenly felt that I feel completely at ease. Some anxiety, so to say, made me turn around. Looked back — and the body is sitting. There was a momentary confusion … But I been trained in this area … It is clear that it is necessary to the physical body, to take away. I'm coming back, recessed, all right. I get up again, again easily. No, I think we must "sensors" to put on the body. And when I went up to a point, then climbing over the fence Elk farm and received a strong scratch, even the blood ran. Hurt. And long-injured knee hurts. All, I have two "anchor points" to the physical body. I did not get up, and so, the "fifth point": Move forward, sit down, listen, does it hurt? Hurts. All, therefore, I, along with the body. Probably fifteen or twenty feet slipping way. And then I realized that I had an impact on the top, and there is also modulated electromagnetic pulses (in 1000-1500 nT magnetic and electrical surges.) Ie My body was in such strong electromagnetic "flaws" navigation of my mind. That's how I choose from there … and then slowly, slowly walked to the camp.

There you are, a very unusual and has taught me the situation. I do not know if you can call that came out of my body, soul or spirit. You can certainly say that it is a soul, but I call it an organization of consciousness in the subtle body.

Each of us is the result of great effort, a great waste of time, a great learning, great suffering …

— In terms of your research, there is another world and life after death? Many points of view, but what is your opinion?

— Yes, that's right, the so-called other world exists. But I was, frankly, not so much surprised and puzzled by the "beyond" life, as a "this-worldly". I'll say it again: We have a strategic value our consciousness, our volitional and emotional tools that will outlive our physical body. And then, in what form you are to be in front of me, as I represented to you — is the result of many lives on this earth. Each of us is the result of great effort, a great waste of time, a great learning, great suffering, etc.

Therefore they are related with respect to their life, whatever it may be, this is your life, take the issue seriously, take yourself seriously. And life will support you. Life always takes care of people. Of course, she does not care that you have a car, a cottage or a pool decorated with onyx. Life takes care of the strategy of each of you. It will make sure that your mind, your mind, emotions, and will happily develop independently and in harmony with the environment. Thank God you're here, the Altai, live.

Paradox because for many living is this: we have to be responsible for themselves, for the fact that at this time, in this place we live.

So as long as there sounded Agni Yoga, Shambhala sounded, sounded names Roerich and HP Blavatsky, who were masters of subtle bodies, it must be remembered that because of Altai is different from other places. Knowingly Nicholas Roerich wrote "Altai — the Himalayas." And with all that is happening in the Altai, living here, at the forefront of change, you are confronted by your children after themselves with the new formation of life, with the new emerging world.

News is not just looking for eyes and ears. News will come to you from the inside. So again I say, take very seriously the dreams, premonitions, etc. But do not exaggerate, be experimenters.

Children can have a very unusual gifts, and they need to understand

— Considering logically if Altai is a unique place with unique energy resources, it is necessary to believe that there should be created a unique gifted children?

— All right, but not all at once … and these new, as you say, "gifted" children need to discover and preserve. In addition, these children may have very unusual gifts, and they need to understand.

The main strength of catastrophes played out over the territories as not relevant laws of Nature

— The invention of computers, whether it is in the future for spiritual and physical development of the individual, because computers are very harmful to the ecology and evolution of beings in general?

— The end of the issue explains the beginning. Indeed, computers, especially linked to the global network, are very harmful. But as soon as you speak from the position of Agni Yoga, he met and adopted in 1967, it says that the time will come when no longer needed and naughty have to destroy more than 60% of technical products.

But on technological impacts, it should be noted that you have here at hand, there are two "dragon": the first — the Semipalatinsk test site, which is now heated and which are electromagnetic and gravitational bursts of unknown origin, and the second — Baikonur, from which fly boosters; start each rocket "Proton" causes turbulence or disturbance in the ionosphere, the upper atmosphere, and it is not safe, in fact, a day after the launch of 2-1,5 reduced magnetic intensity of the vertical component.

These are facts, and these artificial influences on the regional geomagnetic field was made more than one thousand. We need to seriously examine how they changed eventually geomagnetic conditions territory. But the money for the study is given, and the number of commercial launches of growing, and growing number of "severe weather environments."

Therefore the technical progress itself begins to absorb. Technical progress, as it is strange to most people, short-term thing. Look more closely and quietly, that is, for example, in the United States. There's one spilled 815 tornadoes in May, and it is only 14 days. At the beginning of XX century was only 300-400 tornadoes a year! We call this non-linear processes. So these nonlinear processes have gone all the time. We already know, and in the academic allegations saying that "civilization will fall" with violations of power generation, telecommunications, natural, then transport, etc.

Already in some of the mining pits, adits work by hand, because you can not use electricity all off — the wiring burning, burning transformers, motors, and more. They in fact have been built for other conditions, for other essential conditions and physical laws. And now they will burn in accordance with the "birth" of new physical laws.

By the way, burn and people, as we have already mentioned. And once again, Helena Roerich said that in recent years with an increase in the space of fire, and it is the main property of the ether, unprepared souls will burn out. Also inevitable huge transformation and disaster. But the variety and severity of disasters will depend on the spiritual and moral qualities of people living in a particular area. And, according to our estimates, the main power of the disaster played out over major metropolitan areas, that is, over the territories as not relevant laws of Nature.

So, not so much now we need to seek some kind of "security" or a European "security" as to adjust itself to overcome the challenges. And it does not mean overcoming that with tears in his eyes, or with a torn shirt on his chest, no. When you begin to carefully and actively looking for the same nature as the creative results of which we are in many ways and, inevitably you will come across and its prevention, and care.

While technical progress, especially in the field of modern biotechnology, sorry, can "entertain us" genetically "move" intermediates or kvaziproduktami. People need time to recover, it is necessary to appreciate yourself and life in itself. It is necessary to appreciate the place where we live, and feel themselves masters. It is good that you are starting to feel it, to understand, and most importantly — try to apply.

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