Amnesty International recognized political prisoner Fyodor Mirzayanava

In Novopolotsk colonies did not report on the fate of Nikita Lihavida. In support of Fedor Mirzayanava in Ufa picket. The appointed date of consideration of the appeal Pavel Vinogradov and those who were convicted with him. Ilya Vasilevich and Oleg Hnedchyk sent from "Queen" in the colony.

June 20 Elena Lihavid tried many times to get through to the administration of the colony Novopolotsk to know about his son Nikita Lihavida. The guy 4 times since the beginning of May stints in prison lock-up for the fact that calls itself unlawfully convicted and does some work in the colony. The last lockup Nikita Lihavid was scheduled on June 18, Saturday. On that day and on Sunday phones colonies generally silent. However, even today Lihavid Elena could not get information about her son:

"It's hard. At 9:00 am I got a hold of the colony, I listened, asked who I was, and was told that the information is not given, and it is necessary to callDmitriy Krasko, educator in his squad. Since then, I regularly call, but no one does not take up. "

An activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavid punished for the events of December 19 to three years of imprisonment. The fault does not recognize political prisoner.

By the way, as Nikita Lihavida, Ales Otroshchenkov and other Belarusian activists, "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience and recognizedFedor Mirzayanava, The area also convicted on three years of the colony. This is the mother Mirzayanava learned from a letter recently received from the UK from the "Amnesty International". Lyudmila Mirzayanava told about a picket in support of his son:

Relatives and friends of Father Fyodor picketed the office of the Embassy of Belarus in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

"The sanctioned rally held recently in Ufa, the home of his father Fyodor. Relatives and friends of Father Fyodor picketed the office of the Embassy of Belarus in the Republic of Bashkortostan. People stood in the special clothing on which the front was a picture of Fedor and the words "Freedom Fedor Mirzayanavu." And on the back — information about the site There's going about Khalip, Sannikov Gaponava, Mirzayanava — all those involved not only in Belarus but also in Russia, too. They came out with placards and demanded to release all political prisoners, not only Fedor. And demanded that there was no subsidy regime. "

Ilya Vasilevich sent from "Queen" in the colony in Mogilev, but it is not known which of the two 15 th or 19 th. This was the mother of the convicted person for Square Tamara Vasiljevic announced today an unknown woman on the phone. Mother Oleg Hnedchyk Valentina learned that her son was sent to the Shklou colony. No details also.

June 24 at the Minsk City Court will consider the appeal activist of "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov, sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. This was reported by the father of political prisoner Yuri Vinogradov. With Paul was tried Dmitri Drozd, Ales Kirkevich, Andrew Protasenya, Dmitry Doronin, Vladimir Homichenko. According to reports, the complaint will be considered and other convicts who also disagreed with the verdict, which was read by judge Alla Bulash of the October court of Minsk.

He writes that he did not see doctors, none of the doctors did not meet with him.

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko familiarization with the protocol finished its process and waits for "Volodarka 'destination appeal. This was reported by the prisoner's wife. How is the health of Dmitry Bondarenko, whose serious illness? From a letter husband Olga Bondarenko learned that he did some tests:

"He writes that he did not see doctors, none of the doctors did not meet with him. But he did MRI has some expertise. But no, he does not know the results, and treat it not cure. "

Because of problems with the spine of Dmitry Bondarenko leg hurts, it is very difficult to walk. Experts insist the operation, warning that without urgent assistance Bondarenko may become disabled.



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