An abstract of the article: Lynx, Tiger or Dingo? in the magazine National Defense (№ 12 December 2011)

The Ministry of Defence chooses suppliers of light wheeled armored vehicles While the Chief of the General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov held in late November, talks with his Italian counterpart, General Biagio Abrate hull, the results of which announced plans to purchase "a certain number of armored vehicles, including light armored vehicles in Italy, "the process is obviously does not have the dynamics, which was accompanied by, say, the purchase of helicopter carriers" Mistral ". Apparently, a number of LMV in the Armed Forces in the end really get, but this is unlikely to be 1,775 vehicles, as previously thought. On cooling, the Ministry of Defence to the idea of purchasing and production license Iveco LMV evidence and information from stakeholders who have an interest in supplying the Russian army armored vehicles in this class.

Meanwhile, in Russia there are new own development of a similar class: some of them were presented at the exhibition held in November "Interpolitex." In particular, the Military-Industrial Company demonstrated Armored "Tiger-6A", different from the basic "Tiger" high level of protection. —- Developmental works under the code "Project Tiger-6A" was launched in June 2010 Its main task was to show that the possibility of "Tiger" to improve the security of the crew and troops had not yet been exhausted. The car, which appeared as a result of OCD, the chassis remains the same, but the body has undergone fundamental changes. The machine was a four-door (rear side doors are similar to the front), and appeared in the aft cargo compartment, closed canopy. — In contrast to the basic version, the car has received additional armor doors, armor plate around the windshields increased in thickness and is made of steel other brand body armor installed auxiliary engine. The body and bulletproof glass provides protection for the class 6A — Now "Tiger-6A" passes the test, which should be completed in the spring of next year. In addition, the present state test passes is another brainchild of MIC — protected modular vehicle "Wolf" was first presented at the International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2010". In the future, "Wolf" can be replaced in the Armed Forces "Tigers". Recall that the "wolf" was created based on the experience of exploitation and combat use of "Tiger", as well as Western cars class MRAP.

The main feature of the machine — gidropnevmatichskaya independent suspension all wheels can be altered clearance of 250 to 550 mm. This solution is aimed at reducing the negative effects of the explosion under the wheel, because the effects of the blast on gidropnevmopodvesku creates disturbing other action than the version with traditional-sprung suspension — springs or springs. Moreover, the explosion pressure wave, leaving up decreases exponentially, so the higher the body above the ground, the repositories inside the safe for humans. And in the most elevated form of ground clearance at the "Wolf" is larger than all of its Western counterparts. — The base version is a two-axle armored unit with a capacity of 10 people. In this embodiment, the machine has a capacity of 1.5 tons. In the version with the cargo bed can carry up to 2.5 tons, the same load capacity is three-axis version with bronemodulem. With the option of booking a basic two-axle vehicle gross weight of 7.5 tons. "Wolf" comes with a diesel engine JAMZ-5347 power up to 300 hp, all other machine components and assemblies as domestic production. And on "Interpolitex" in addition to "Tiger-6A" on the stand of the Military Industrial Company also demonstrated minnozaschischennaya special police car SPM-3 "Bear." It is designed to order and requirements of Ministry of Internal Affairs and provides protection from damaging factors explosives underneath and under the wheel of up to 7 kg of TNT, as well as ballistic protection for 6A class.

SPM-3 is equipped with a full-mine protection, including raised floors, suspended seat, and can be used as a vehicle and operating a company car in counter-terrorism operations, operations to stop the riots, the territorial defense tasks, including the transport of personnel at the march. According to the general director of "MIC" Dmitry Galkin, Russian police in carrying out the above tasks goes in line with global trends, the use of non-combat vehicles — Ministry of Internal Affairs is planning to replace its fleet of BTR-80 on the machine "Bear." Dmitry Galkin said that after the completion of the state tests should be ordered a pilot batch of SPM-3 — not less than 30 machines, serial deliveries of "Bears", the company expects to begin in 2013, interest in the SPM-3 exhibits and the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which plans to use the it as a command center for demining units. In addition to the "VPK", his armored car unveiled at the "Interpolitex" and the Corporation "Protection." This "Scorpio-LTA" (LTA — light tactical vehicle), reserved for the class 6A and built on the "canon» MRAP. According to the developer, the crew is being protected from blasting explosive capacity of up to 6 kg of TNT under the wheel or under the floor. — "Scorpion-LTA" was created on its own initiative and will be offered as the Ministry of Defense, and other potential customers. — Car "Scorpio-2M", intended for the carriage of separation: it can accommodate 8 people, along with the equipment. The roof can be set for the machine gun turret. Due to the fact that the Russian Defense Ministry refused to buy UAZ, this machine is offered as an alternative. It occupies a niche between the UAZ and "Tiger". By weight, it is easier Armored "Tiger", but heavier Oise, and on cross exceeds both of these machines. "Scorpion-2M" can be produced with a variety of body styles for different operating conditions. All units "Scorpius-2M" is either commercially produced in Russia (in particular, PPC and transfer case), or collected from domestic components (except for the engine). Body parts and frame are made at the "Protection." The car has independent suspension on all wheels. The machine is equipped Polish diesel engine Andoria. Its assembly "sewn up" intends to establish in Russia. In the first phase it will screwdriver, then the localization of production will increase to 80%. It is now established consignment warehouse in which to store the parts for their delivery to the customer as soon as possible. The annual production of engines is expected at 1-1.5 thousand pieces. Currently, "Scorpio-2M" is being tested and shows its superiority over those cars that are on the supply of the Armed Forces. According to Deputy General Director of the Corporation "Protection" Alex Kagarlyk, the demand for such vehicles in the Armed Forces is. Indeed, the "Scorpion-2M" may well be a replacement UAZam in the Armed Forces, in any case, the other candidates for this role is not yet visible. The question of whether it ever gets to the Russian Army "Scorpion-LTA" remains open. So far, it appears that in the medium term, the main supplier of armored vehicles weighing up to 10 tons for the Russian army will "VPK". In this regard, future configuration of wheeled platforms in the Armed Forces is seen as follows: 1-2 ton capacity machine will be presented modifications "Wolf," 2-4-8-15 tons capacity — cars, set up now on "Typhoon". In this part of OCD UralAZ and KamAZ, submitted armored vehicles without bonnet and bonnet schemes. — Due to the special correspondent of the magazine "National Defense" Denis Mokrushin greater amount of information now available o
n the "Typhoon" from Kamaz. Full-scale model of modular chassis that was created on the subject, has 6×6 (two bridges — the front one — back), it is also an option 8×8. "Typhoon" has an independent hydropneumatic suspension, engine output of 450 hp family JAMZ-530 and an automatic gearbox (judging by the photos — it's an American Allison). In developing his "Typhoon" in Naberezhnye Chelny used foreign experience — this, in particular, said Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. And there is a very important question: in what amount used this experience? Anyway, on the appearance of KAMAZ "Typhoon" is quite reminiscent of a new German modular brneavtomobil Wisent, having absolutely the same ideology. Wisent developed by the company Rheinmetall. In March this year, the media reported that in accordance with the choice of the Ministry of Defence, various levels of armor protection for the Armed Forces of Russia will supply the company Rheinmetall Chempro. The project is a two-axle vehicle KAMAZ family "Typhoon", weighing up to 13 tons and a capacity of up to 3 tons superficially very much like a German Dingo 2 armored vehicle created by the company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann on the chassis of the truck Mercedes-Benz Unimog. These facts, as well as some kind of inside information suggests that the main foreign partner of the Armed Forces and the defense industry in the segment of light armor becomes Iveco, a German company, first of all, apparently, Rheinmetall. 

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