An activist of the financial police interrogated Kalinkovichi

April 18 activist from Kalinkovichi Denis Rabenka was summoned to Mozyrsky interdistrict department of the regional management of the Department of Financial Investigations of the Committee of State Control.

Rabenok reported that Sulim investigator inquired from him, he ordered the book distributor Belarusian publications Alexander Evdaha someone? And when ordered, how much to pay? According to the investigator, brought against it Evdaha criminal case.

On the basis of Article 27 of the Constitution Denis Rabenok refused to testify against himself. Sulima Rabenka investigator warned that he will be in trouble. But after Rabenka released.

Alexander Evdah allegedly involved in the shipment of publications to those who book through the site It is of interest to the tax authorities and the Department of Financial Studies.

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