And we have dollars — in bulk, take at least ten thousand. In currency speculators. By 3600 …

At the Company's this topic — a significant part of our mail. I'll start this conversation with letters of opposition activist Yuri Kutuzov of Smorgon. Speaking about the current state of the environment in government opponents, he writes:

"It is outrageous state of relations between the subjects of the opposition. In such a stressful time when ever needed harmonious collaboration, they failed to unite even for the sake of the joint action on March 25. How did it was necessary to try to crush, to spoil themselves a holy day. Recently, even unpleasant to listen to our would-be leaders during their debate. Everyone considers himself the most intelligent, and nobody wants to listen to the other. "

Later in his letter to the "Freedom" Yuri Kutuzov expressed about the possibility of talks with the opposition government. Another quote:

"It is not to be released to the abolition of all charges and the payment of compensation to all those arrested for the area, there can be no question of any relationship. Personally, I think: even if these conditions are met, to talk about the recognition of the government and this president — prematurely.

Meanwhile, now ours, and Western policies require only the release of political prisoners. And it is something unheard of non-recognition of the past and the immediate pseudo new elections by democratic standards. Some began to discuss the format of participation in the future "tent" elections. What is it turns out, gentlemen? Poshumeli, had a fight — but in the end again with all resigned?

What is it turns out, gentlemen? Poshumeli, had a fight — but in the end again with all resigned?

He will continue to reign, spit on all protests and injured another defeat the opposition, as we say in Smorgon, twisting his ear again will draw up a new plan of action?

Clearly, not Europe or the U.S. will have to change. But their influence and the response is very important.

… Sorry for the time that we spend so poorly. It's a shame and anxiety. I, like the majority of the rank and file members of the opposition — not a professional politician, not an analyst and I can not give our leaders a miracle recipe revival and unification. But I see and understand: all is not well in our environment. I was even more often visited by the thought: this is not specifically planned, thoughtful and reasonable process is controlled from the outside (on the outside — does not mean necessarily from abroad)? If so, the puppeteer can be pleased with the results. Clearly, this is — extreme. And it would not want to put it — the truth. "

Politicians who are suffering heavy losses, often tend to look for external causes of their failures. Notably, for example, that almost all the Arab dictators who held a decade of violence in their countries sole power, not allowing any dissent, now that in their countries the revolution broke out, one by one say about the machinations of foreign countries, of conspiracy against them, the threads of which , they say, are drawn to the West. It is also often attributed to failures of its internal and external policy of the Belarusian authorities.

A bit strange to hear that some external influences and conspiracies to justify their failures and some opposition politicians. Explanations such, Mr. Yuri, simple and easy, but the reality have little in common. If the furrows solid freak out if the potatoes are growing, and cucumber dried up, the roots of the problems, obviously, to be found in agronomic own abilities and not in the neighbor's garden.

Own view of how people can and should express their citizenship under an authoritarian regime, our listener Stepan inert from Minsk. In his letter to the "Freedom", he writes:

"I — Belarusian, I'm seventies. Heart aches when I see how the power in the embryo destroys the roots of freedom and democracy in the country. "Naparstachnyya" I totally ignore the elections. I believe that participation in a fraudulent election games — it is tolerated by the authorities in her abdurvanni people and the international community.

Been thinking about what kind of civil protest might bear fruit in the current situation. He came to the conclusion that the organization in the country indefinitely All-Belarusian weekly action codenamed "Light in the Window." Citizens who do not agree with the current government, have a certain day of the week at a certain time turn off the lights in all the windows of his apartment.

Citizens who do not agree with the current government, have a certain day of the week at a certain time turn off the lights in all the windows of his apartment.

This action would help in the legal field to solve a number of socially significant problems. For example, to educate the population of active citizenship, to know the true picture of public sentiment in the country. "

Similar action, Mr. Stepan, the opposition is trying to spend a couple of years ago. Anyone who agrees with the political prisoners were asked to put on a window sill in a certain evening lighted candle. It is not that this action was barren, but to say that it has acquired a nationwide scale, it is difficult. The fact there are a lot of reasons. Is the large part of society to support such an initiative? And whether or not the initiators of opportunities to inform people about it and make sure that it is needed? Without positive answers to these questions the project is unlikely to implement.

In the past few weeks in Belarus economic situation has changed dramatically. In fact, what the changes are and how they affect the standard of living, Belarusian citizens make every day watching the price tags in stores and standing in queues at exchange points to exchange their rubles for something more robust and stable.

On this topic wrote us in his next letter to an old friend of "Freedom" Constantine Syrel of Ushacha.

"Yesterday I met one of his friend, whom he had not seen for a long time. The word for word — it was a question of life-being — wrote a listener. — The fact that the prices seemed to have broken the chain. And like last week in the nearby district center deep rumor has it that in our town both banks are chock full of dollars. Understandably, some of the Deep Ushachchine immediately rushed to buy them (in vain hope!). That was another rumor that sugar will nine thousand per kilogram, and so sweet carbohydrate instantly dissolved. That of private shops disappeared in an unknown direction of oil and oil that after the same fate befell the flour. What's in Polotsk dollars in bulk, take at least ten thousand. In currency speculators. Three six.

Understandably, there were the perennial questions: who is to blame and what to do? During the debate shape my acquaintance, keeping his eyes to heaven, humbly said, "All authority is from God!".

If we start our conversation, what kind of divine retribution he looks more like our government by the ravages of power — the earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption?

Then I asked him, if we start from our conversation, what kind of divine retribution he looks more like our government by the ravages of power — the earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption?

The same statement about the relationship of power with God and with just the same words I recently heard two or three times to call on the radio "Freedom": "All power is of God." < br />
… We sometimes difficult to comprehend the divine purpose. Perhaps Lukashenka's power is sent to us as a divine punishment or as a test of strength — is anyone's guess. As well as sent to us Chernobyl, total drunkenness, premature death of thousands of stupid people, thousands of abandoned children living in tatah and mothers, an unprecedented level of suicides and many other ills. But if this is punishment, for what? I answer, unfortunately, is not … . "

In the Bible postulates are many explanations and interpretations, Mr. Constantine. A rich history of mankind, which gives a lot of arguments in favor of either interpretation. Here, for example, the Americans (people are known, mostly with a deep respect for the commandments of God) at the end of the 18th century, strongly driven out of their country British royal administration with its troops, declared independence and democracy. Was the Lord against this revolution? Judging by the fact that over the next two centuries, Americans have created the most powerful state of the world — it is just the opposite. Again, the power that is installed in place of the defeated — it, too, from God?

The last letter in today's review — on a topic that concerns many of our students coming of age: the unjust system of calculating pensions, which operates in Belarus today. Dmitry Aniska of Maladzechna in his letter to the "Freedom" writes on this subject:

"Opposition leaders must go to the people and tell them the truth about what is happening in the country. Working common people have to explain why he had driven to the contract system. A majority of retirees (the former workers, engineers, teachers, farmers, doctors) — open your eyes to an unfair system for calculating pensions.

Before the last election in the electoral rally Sannikov I once talked to a pensioner. I asked: "Who do you vote?" — "For Lukashenko" — responds. — "He gives us a pension."

I have tried to show that Lukashenko does not, and vice versa — takes a significant part of the pension which by law must pay all state, depending on seniority and transfers to the pension fund. It Lukashenko issued a decree of September 9, '97-year ordered all public servants (officials, customs officials, police, military) to accrue a pension of one and a half to two times higher compared to us mere mortals — for the same length of service and the ratio of earnings. People have worked the same number of years, transferred to the Pension Fund of the same amount — a pension of one — 500,000, and the other — a million. Just because one was sitting in an easy chair in the ministry, and the second — was a cut, treated people … On the topic of this injustice in 2006, the year of "Narodnaya Volya" newspaper published an open letter to the Constitutional Court, signed by three dozen pensioners. But the response from the government, we did not wait. "

Indeed, it is — one of those topics that studiously ignores the power and bypasses, and the opposition does not give it prominent attention. Although in reality, millions of ordinary Belarusian pensioners, who, unlike the former officials, have no benefits, this poorly hidden injustice in calculating pensions are concerned and outraged much more than any political controversies and scandals.

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