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Chemtrails — a new phenomenon that is occurring around the world. It seems that the government specifically uses airplanes to spray an aerosol substance, which can cause fatigue and depressed people. But why?

Conventional exhaust stripes left by aircraft, to dissipate is not long enough, and depending on the mode of the engine. Chemtrails usually continuously expanding, gradually turning into a stratus, consisting of many rings.

We should add that after seeing the country watched the people magnified chronic diseases. Many witnesses reported falling from the sky spider web material. Laboratory analysis of samples that were obtained showed the presence of biological agents, such as: Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Streptomyces and rare enzyme used to create viruses. Expert on viruses, with 20 years of research, found a rare influenza virus V2, which is usually only found in laboratorii.V past months the U.S. and Canada, researchers were able to assemble an impressive collection of photographs and eyewitness reports describing the strange phenomena that occur in the sky above them heads. We give independent researchers to carefully consider a variety of photos is known as chemtrails. Most people who saw the photos and read the report, were in a quandary, to correlate these events with the usual exhausts of aircraft, which every day in commercial service.

Many of the respondents described the anxiety at the sight of these photos and reports. Those of us who have succumbed to the feeling of natural human curiosity, found the strength to turn off the TV, go outside and look at the sky, were rewarded by direct observation of these phenomena. This unique experience has allowed the observation of the phenomenon, many researchers made a startling conclusion that over our heads unfolds a grand national project (the U.S. government), which has no clear boundaries. Now fully known nor purpose nor the perpetrators of this project. Crystal clear only two things — this is not the usual technological activity; this phenomenon happens every day, covering the entire territory of the United States.

Aircraft emissions are not chemtrails

Chemtrails are not ordinary aircraft engine exhaust, which we can see every day. There are definite differences in the nature of the formation, development and behavior of these phenomena, which enable them to carry out a clear boundary between.

Conventional aircraft emissions are composed of tiny ice crystals that form at altitudes over 31,000 feet (10.5 km). At lower altitudes, they can not be generated regardless of the type and speed of the aircraft. At altitudes of over 31,000 feet exhausts seem thin sharp lines (if the observer is looking straight up, perpendicular to the plane's position.) Usually they evaporate in a minute and rarely extend to a sufficient distance behind the plane.

On the contrary, chemtrails created by aircraft were observed both at altitudes of 8,000 to 33,000 feet. Usually they occur at altitudes below 30,000 feet. Normal exhaust can not be formed at this height. Therefore the observation of emissions below 30,000 feet is very likely to chemtrails.

Usually they occur in large smoke trail tending eventually become wider and thicker. They do not evaporate and lose density. Parallel chemtrails for several hours may coalesce into large cirrus clouds. Very often chemtrails shaped like fish spine, consisting of many rounded joints. After the appearance of chemtrails seems speckled blue sky mist net. Then it may become cloudy, and even gray.

Chemtrails lead to diseases

Repeated cases of people living in the area where there is the appearance of chemtrails. George Filer, editor of the popular daily online newspaper, gives the following statistics to increase disease strange disease symptoms similar to the flu. The outbreak was observed in northern Texas in the third and fourth week of December 1999. Plano — 98%, Levisvill — 81%, Lakewood — 76%, Dallas — 30%.

Observatory for chemtrails (The Contrail Research and Reporting Center), said that within ten days of December (1999) in the north of Texas noted an unusually high number of observations chemtrails. George believes that these two events is a direct connection, despite the fact that doctors commented outbreak in another (George Filer, Filer's Files # 1, 2000).

Canadian researcher and journalist William Thomas Hermine Cassini reported that during the April 1999 military transport aircraft several times threw chemtrails over Canada and the United States. Cassini was able to collect samples of brown gelatinous substance that is deposited on the ground after the plane took off.

Following this, a number of strange events. Cassini shortly flu. Biologist, review material, was hospitalized with symptoms of upper respiratory tract. A woman came to the house where jelly-like substance, also recovered from the flu, and a month later she had a heart attack.

As a result of this analysis were found various biological agents are extremely hazardous to human health. (William Thomas, Erminia Cassani, Sky Samples Analyzed).

Anomalous zones and chemtrails

Researcher Tom Dongo of Sedona (pc Arizona, USA) takes the alternative hypothesis of chemtrails. Tom has been researching portals and anomalous zone located about 20 miles from Sedona. According to the hypothesis of Tom and other studies sedonskoy anomalies, portals can be passes into other dimensions. This fascinating book is devoted to the problem of Tom's "Crossing the measurement."

Dongo believes that the nature of chemtrails to be found in the other direction:
"… We know very little about this third portal. We do not know how strong it is or how it is weak. Similar anomalies often disappear if they are focusing enough people. This has already happened many times in the past. Sometimes it may seem that such anomalies someone deliberately "off." We want to gather as much information and learn all you can while the third portal is still active. I spoke with several researchers from other places, who told me that the U.S. government precisely known locations of all the major portals in the country. The government buys the land on which the portals, isolates these areas, and if this is not possible — simply destroys portals. There are several good arguments confirming such statements.

A few months before the book was out of print, May 22, 1995 the area near the portal, which we studied, were dusted with some chemistry, gave off a strong odor. This operation was carried out late at night and was made from a helicopter or glider. Since 1993, these "pollination" were held across the country and not to comment. According to the statement of privacy one of the police officials in Montana, similar actions have repeatedly held in other U.S. states.

In one case that occurred in the western state has been analyzed as a doctor in the cardiology center in Idaho (Coeur d 'Alene, Idaho). The material was collected from the foliage, the affected areas of pollination. When an unusual substance was analyzed in the laboratory, it was revealed that it contains an unknown biological component (agent).

It seemed that the initial composition of the substance has been genetically modified. In the case of Sedona, the collected samples have not been analyzed. (10 June 1995: the doctor of Prescott (Prescott, Arizona, a city located 30 miles from Sedona) has asked 16 patients complained that their homes and ranches have been air-pollinate some of the chemical agent with a sharp odor ). Destruction portals not affect the activity of the anomalous zones. It even increases … "(Tom Dongo, Merging Dimensions. The Opening Portals of Sedona).

War games in the sky

American researcher Mike Blair more categorical in its conclusions about the nature and purpose chemtrails. In the official report of 11 June 2001, laid out in the Internet, it clearly refers to the main culprits of this phenomenon and its causes.

The basis of the chemtrails are salts of barium. Spraying of the chemical is a part of the military program testing the newest radar system (RFMP). Based on the effect of the reflection of radio waves, it is possible to observe the objects in three dimensions. To obtain three-dimensional images are also used satellites orbiting Earth, and a network of powerful computers that process and bringing the signals. For this purpose we developed a special computer program (VTPRE).

Originally a three-dimensional radar tracking system could be observed only for the objects in the water. Experiments with objects on the ground did not work, as required special atmospheric conditions that allow the signal in a special way (military slang — "pipeline" — ducting).

The issue was resolved after over the United States began spraying a mixture of barium salts. Thus, the atmosphere becomes suitable for high-frequency signals — "pipes".

A research physicist at Brookhaven explain this effect as follows: chemical and electrical characteristics of the mixture allow moisture to dissipate in the atmosphere, concentrating it around the aerosol cloud. This state of the atmosphere is favorable to the military system of signals RFMP / VTPRE.

"If you spray a barium mixture in the form of linear structure from point A to point B — it will best support the link between strategic points, despite the curvature of the earth." — He added. — "It also provides better control of high frequency signals of the enemy."

However, this is not the only application of chemtrails. Another project is also based on the use of barium salts and is used to control the weather. This project is supervised by the U.S. Air Force. It is based on laws, scientists first discovered by Nikola Tesla.

This project is also known as HAARP, which is based on the manipulation of natural processes. About this project is little known, despite the fact that work on it began in the mid 50s. According to some independent researchers successfully tested the climate control systems of the project HAARP were held in 1998.

Clearly, the ability to control the weather — torrential rain, storms, heavy wind, dust storms, droughts — can bring to their knees any enemy without firing a shot.

Another project, which was associated with the appearance of chemtrails, funded by the Office of Advanced Studies of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA), is aimed at the detection and suppression of possible biological attack. This program is also used as the basis of the aerosol mixture of barium salts, along with special polymer fibers. This unique combination enables detection of biological agents.

In order to test the effectiveness of the program, in an atmosphere sprayed some biological agents. Researchers believe that a mixture of barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals in the atmosphere mogzhet cause sudden and unexplained bleeding from the nose, asthma and various allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract diseases and arthritis.

Chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere, air and soil result in a condition that can be dangerous to human health, while fostering the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Barium salt is very well absorbed in the intestinal track and muscle tissue. In this case, there is no clinical data to describe long-term impact on the human body small doses of barium salts.

"The program is kept secret, so that the Committee for Environmental Protection is not necessarily aware of its side effects on the human body. — Said one researcher. — Negative factors — the main reason for the secrecy. "

For information: BARIUM

Used in vacuum technology, in alloys (printing, bearing). Barium salt — in paint, glass, enamel, medicine. All toxic soluble barium salt. Practically nontoxic insoluble barium sulphate, used in radiology. The lethal dose of barium chloride ingestion of 0.8-0.9 g barium carbonate — 2-4 g

Symptoms: ingestion of toxic barium salts having burning sensation in the mouth, pain in the stomach, salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. Pale skin, covered with cold sweat, 2-3 h occurs severe muscle weakness (flaccid paralysis of the upper limbs and neck). Pulse slow, weak, marked cardiac arrhythmia, drop in blood pressure. Dyspnea, cyanosis of the mucous membranes.

Treatment: gastric lavage, laxatives, enemas siphon. Symptomatic therapy. (Collection Directory "family doctor", JSC "Parity", 1997).

Aircraft mechanic discovered the truth?

In search of answers to questions that I have not been able to obtain, I looked through a lot of articles, newsletters, forums and newsgroups on the Internet. In most cases, people are just discussing — what may be the chemtrails, advancing the well-known hypothesis. I met with some researchers utrverzhdavshimi that they have complete information. As a result of dialogue with them, in my e-mail came a copy of the letter, which may give an answer to the question "how it is done." Below I present the full text of the letter, with no literary edits and cuts. I tried to perform the most accurate translation, though some technical terms inserted puzzles me: "For reasons that you will understand the process of reading, I can not give her name. I work for the civil aviation mechanic airlines to service stations in a large airport.

First of all I want to tell you about a certain "hierarchy" of aircraft mechanics. This is very important for my story, and you soon will understand why.

Aircraft mechanics work in three main directions. Avionics, engines and flight control systems. Aircraft mechanics working on these systems are located on the top step "hierarchy." They were followed by mechanics, air conditioning servicing and hydraulics. Finally, the mechanics of serving other minor system. At the end of the hierarchical list is staff responsible for waste management systems. Nobody wants to work with pipes, pumps and tanks of service latrines airliner.

But at every airport where I have worked, there are 3.2-volunteer mechanics responsible for the system of toilets and auxiliary machinery. The rest of the mechanics happy to let them do it. Is usually no more than 2 or 3 mechanics according to such work. Usually these guys do not pay much attention to the rest of the technical staff did not seek to establish friendly relations with them. Frankly, I do not particularly think about this problem until last month.

As a rule, most airlines have contracts with other airlines, visiting the airport. If they have a case, the problem with the aircraft, one of our mechanics will service it. On the other hand, if our plane will need help at the airport, with whom we have an agreement, local mechanics will help us.

Last month, I was unexpectedly called out of our local mechanic to service the aircraft another airline. Manager, gave me a request, did not know what kind of fault is on board. When I arrived, it turned out that there was a breakdown in the system of waste management. I had no more how to undertake this work. When I entered the technical compartment, then immediately realized that something was wrong. There were more pumps, tanks and pipes than it should be. At first I thought that the system was modified. By the time I worked for ten years as a mechanic. Trying to find fault, I quickly discovered additional pipeline and tanks that were not included in the system of waste disposal. At that time, when I tried to understand the function, there was another mechanic from our center. It was one of those guys who are responsible for such systems.

I provided him with relief deal with the problem. Before leaving, I asked him about the extra equipment. He joked: "Do not worry about my end of the plane, let him of himself bothered!"

The next day I had to tinker with the computer in our technical center in search of the necessary circuitry. I tried to find the equipment that had seen the previous day. To my surprise, the figures were not specified device, which I saw with my own eyes. Digging in the archive files, I also did not find the. Now I'm just was curious to find out why the equipment is intended.

Next week we drove to the hangar three aircraft for the scheduled inspection. Throughout the examination is around the aircraft maintenance personnel. After the end of my shift, I decided to look at the system of waste management. I was sure that no one will notice that the board will get additional mechanic. My search failed, — the plane was installed additional equipment!

I began to study the system of pipes, tanks and sediment. I found what could be the control unit of the whole system. It was a standard air closet, which is usually placed instruments and controls, but it had no markings and inscriptions. I was able to easily find the control wires from the cabinet to the pump, but I could not find the control circuit, which would enter into the mysterious device. The only wires going into the box, had contacts battery system aircraft.

The entire system is composed of one large and two small tank. The eye can be determined that their large tank capacity is 50 gallons. The tanks were connected to a filling and discharge valves, which went under the fuselage behind the drain valve for waste disposal. Physical examination I easily found hidden hatches for access to these valves near the discharge of waste drainage panels.

I tried to trace the pipe leading from the pump. This hose is connected to a network of smaller pipes that end and the back of the wing and horizontal stabilizer. If you look at the wings of a large aircraft up close, you'll notice a lot of wire size of a finger. It — drains static charge. They are designed to dissipate static electricity, which is formed on the surface of the fuselage and wings in flight. Every third wire is a tube mysterious system. Drains static electricity was intentionally removed and in their place put strange tube.

At this point, one of the engineers who are on the wing, saw me. He ordered me to leave the hangar, noticing that my shift is over, and I have no authority to overtime.

The next two days I was too busy to continue the investigation. A couple of days after my freelance research I was called by one of the sides to replace the sensor. I could handle the job for two hours and went back to work with documents.

After about half an hour, I was summoned to the office of the head of the technical service. When I arrived at the office, waiting for me except for the head, two of our staff from the department of control and two other people I knew. He told me that he discovered a serious problem. He offered me a form to fill in the fault. He handed me the official form, which stated that I installed a defective sensor and asked me to sign it. I tried to protest. I explained to them that there was a mistake, and I fully do its job. Then two members of the department asked me to take control of the aircraft and inspect the faulty unit together. At this point I asked who the two strangers? Tehsluzhby chief replied that they are representatives of airline security, but it is not going to tell me their names.

We went up to the plane, which was supposed to be already in the air, but was still in the parking lot. Opening the technical compartment, one of the officers pulled the sensor. He checked the registration number and showed all of us that this was the old sensor. We then headed to the warehouse. My report on this work was once again tested. From the shelf was removed airtight box for storage devices, of which the learned sensor with a serial number, which I installed. I can not imagine who could make the switch. I was told that I was fired for no monetary compensation and benefits and must pass the case within a week.

The following day I was at home, wondering what happened, and what a hell of a story I mixed up. In the evening, the phone rang. An unfamiliar voice said, "Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke their noses in other people's affairs. Next time, if you start working on systems not included in your jurisdiction, you lose your job. I think for the first time is enough. I think you will soon be back to work … "BANG! The phone rang busy tone.

There was a strange connection between my dismissal and mysterious pipeline on board.

The next morning I was called by the director. He said that due to my excellent report on the technical state aircraft, managed to finish repairs on the day before, and that I can start work immediately. I was totally confused and thought only of one thing, who or what is trying to cover up the director and who are these people?

The next day was as if nothing had happened. No mention of past incidents and the "damage" sensor. At night, I tried to find answers on the Internet to torment me questions. By chance I came across material about chemtrails. All ambiguity came together to form a clear picture of reality. The next morning at work in my locked cabinet, I found a note. It read: "Curiosity killed the cat. It is not necessary to visit sites on the Internet that are not within the scope of your professional duties. "

They follow me

Now you, too, know how they work. I do not know what they spray, but I can tell you how they do it. I think they use "medovozy." So we call the special trucks, tanks for waste disposal. Usually airports contract with them, not one has any desire to come close to "medovozam."

Who wants to stand next to a truck filled der_om? While the tanks are emptied of waste, they fill the spray system. They know the flight line and, obviously, can program the control unit spray so that it will turn on the system after a set of a certain height. Lance in the fake static sinks so low that they simply can not miss. Not surprisingly, they have not yet discovered. "

Chemtrails exist. They are observed in the U.S. and Canada. After I showed the first draft to be my friends, they said they also observed a similar phenomenon, therefore, chemtrails exist in Russia.

Chemtrails are harmful to human health.

Studies show that in the chemtrails are barium salts and active biological components.

Chemtrails can be used by the military to create a three-dimensional perspective of the radar observation.

Chemtrails can be used by the military to control the weather.

Chemtrails can be used to prevent the military consequences of a possible biological warfare.

Chemtrails can be used by the military to suppress the portals and the anomalous zones.

The Committee on the Environment does not know to conduct such tests and does not have the test results chemtrails.

The problem exists. Despite numerous opinions of researchers that seem plausible and reasonable, we can not be fully sure what actually are chemtrails, and why they are needed.

One thing is clear, we are again confronted with the problem of information hiding. We know from experience, usually conceal information that "working for the war" and represents "a potential danger to human health."

And as long as the military and the government will remain silent until the aircraft will leave behind a sinister chemtrails, as long as people will become ill as a result of "heavenly pollination," we should keep alert mask, and at the sight of the aircraft in blue sky, running in the direction of asylum. Who knows that he is on the board? …

Author: Nikolay Subbotin




Now listen to the former director of the FBI Los Angeles Ted Henderson

"Traces of Death", otherwise known as "chemtrails" are sprayed over the U.S., England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Europe, and I have personally seen them not only the U.S., but in Mexico and in Canada. Birds are dying around the world, hundreds of thousands of fish are dying around the world. This is genocide! It's poison! This is murder by the United Nations! This element of our society, these actions — must be stopped! I know two places where the aircraft, throwing the dirt on us. 4 planes belong to the Air Force from Nebraska, and the other based in Oklahoma. I personally observed the aircraft. They are administered by the Nebraska Air Force. They have no markings. This is a large aircraft such as bombers (tanker KC-10). This is a crime against humanity, America, a crime against the citizens of this great country. They must be stopped. What's wrong with Congress? The same applies to our people, their people, their friends and relatives and for themselves. What happened to them? What's wrong with the pilots who fly these planes? They dump the dirt, this poison to their own family!
Someone has to do something. Some of the Congress to say: "Stop at once!"

Thank you. Ted Henderson …

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