Animal lovers want to save the life of Nepalese elephant killer

Animal rights group on Monday called on the Government of Nepal with a request to save the life of an elephant Dhruba, attacking people for five years, ordered the removal of which Nepalese Army was a week ago, according to Agence France Presse.

Organization for animal rights (AWNN), operating in Nepal, in a statement expressed the view that "the elephants, being peaceable animals do not attack people for no reason. Blame in this situation people make a mistake in training an animal." Shooting an Elephant, according to representatives of the organization, is "unethical, illegal, inhumane and unnecessary."

First elephant show aggression to man five years ago, after he was repeatedly prevented from mating with females. During this period, he allegedly killed more than ten people. The Government of Nepal on December 15 ordered the army to destroy the elephant after animal trample to death of two people. Dhruba hunters managed to wound to the head and trunk, which did not keep him on Sunday night, destroying several houses in a village near the park "Chitwan."

Last week, the major political parties of Nepal organized a general zabastovkuna the national park "Chitwan", demanding to eliminate dangerous animal as soon as possible. Only in Nepal, there are about 300 elephants, including about 100 domesticated animals that are used hotels and national parks for safaris. Their murder is punishable by imprisonment up to 15 years.

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