Animals sometimes fall into unusual alteration …

Unusual case, it is not fit to represent the persistence of quadrupeds, occurred the other day in the Republic of Komi. From Ukhta to Syktyvkar, spaced about three hundred miles, under the hood drove kitten. It was discovered only service station workers, which revealed hood of the car for an oil change.

When workers began to change the oil in the engine, in the narrow gap between the defense and to the engine suddenly discovered black-and-white kitten. The animal was in shock and did not publish a single sound. Employees of the service station shelter kitten-traveler traveling on the planet such an unusual way. Now he lives in a box with a cloth and keep quiet — the workers have not heard his voice. Apparently, not yet departed from the shock.

Explained the owner of the car hit a kitten in the engine: in the yard on a hot engine hood of his car (and neighboring) like in the winter to warm up the cat, cats and kittens. Apparently, the kid somehow managed to "leak" into the engine, where it was even warmer. So get to Syktyvkar, changing place of residence to the yard gate to a cozy box at the service station.

History is replete with cases where the animals caught in unusual adaptations, which is only to be surprised. We begin with the "animal" of travel. In June 2011, the inhabitants of New Zealand found a young (and, perhaps, more and too stupid) penguin that mistakenly sailed over three thousand miles from Antarctica — places of their traditional habitat!

A lone male walrus, and covered the distance over four kilometers, appeared in the airport area of the Arctic village of Tiksi (Yakutia), crossed the runway and got to spend the night at the gate of the terminal under military guard. In rescue stray animals were used reserve staff "Ust-Lensky," the Emergencies Ministry, the airport, the military experts of the Council on Marine Mammals. As a result, walruses safely transported to the Gulf of Tiksi.

At a military airfield Vaenga-1, which is four kilometers from Severomorsk, aircraft equipment for maintenance of the AN-24 plane had arrived the day before from the Crimea, with the famous airfield Kacha, was surprised to find in one of the wings of a plane field gopher. The animal is not frozen on the 20-degree cold Kola (and at the height of the temperature during the flight you know what). What such suslichnye interests led him to the wing of the plane is unknown. Animal is still alive, aircraft equipment and warmed it at the earliest an occasion sent him back to the Crimea.

In Norway, the sheep moved out on electrical cables, tripped over a horn. This poor sheep was actually, sorry, full of sheep. Well, here's how you can catch a horn for power cable? Animal notice when it began to bleat, hanging five meters above the ground. Luckily it did not kill the shock. The incident occurred in the small Norwegian town Helgoysind

Tourists to videotape the whole process of saving the animal. Sheep lasso rope and dragged him back to ground level. Vacationers took about an hour to save a negligent sheep, but in the end, the animal remained unharmed. Apparently, the sheep grazing on the hill and tried to reach out to the grass growing on the cliff, but instead caught a horn on the wire and slid down to the place where the ground wire from the distance was more than five meters.

Bird-nevelichka a cigarette caused the fire outlet, which caused damage to 250 thousand pounds in the UK. Store owner long puzzled over why the fire started — because like all fire safety measures are respected, enemies, he did not have, that is a malicious arson seems to be excluded. He "opened the eyes of" the employees insurance agency — well, to get away from them!

Six weeks after the accident insurance agency investigators told him they found on the roof of 35 butts. In their version, the sparrow collected these stubs to equip its nest, and one of the cigarettes was not extinguished, and that was the cause of the fire. Frustrated boss "shop goes online," which, by the way, I do not smoke, said that from his point of sale is nothing left, and insurance does not work anymore — this gimmick was not provided for the insurance contract. By the way, experienced representatives of the insurance company argued that even the first time they had this event.

There, in the prim England, cat, trapped in a metal container for 34 days survived by licking condensation from the walls. It accidentally shut in a metal container, in which the local electric company keeps spare parts and tools, a local worker. The hostess gave the announcement of his missing the charity to protect cats.

She obbegat all the streets and all the pillars of advertisements plastered while volunteers from the organization to protect the rights of animals looking for a missing cat. But found it the same business, which his chance and immured in a street container supplies. When the electrician opened the container, it jumped skinny "devil" with glowing eyes — so working recall that. The cat has lost weight by half, however, has gained weight over the previous week and a half — made happy hostess tried.

In the U.S., a skunk stuck his head in the jar of peanut butter. He ran through the city center with Bixby tin can on his head. Apparently, I was searching for a hungry skunk, whatever profit, and stuck his head in a jar without a lid. Had to call the emergency services. It lulled gently with a cloth soaked in chloroform to safely remove the jar from his head. Skunk was so grateful to her savior, that he did not even dabble their traditional terribly smelly liquid. He was just happy that I was back on the loose, and ran home.

In England, a pig swallowed a diamond engagement ring cost of half a million pounds. Sow voracious jaws clapped when a rich lady from North Yorkshire put her hand on her snout. Host animal had battered week poking you know what to find the diamond and return it to green with grief mistress. However, the fastidious lady was soon sold "obsvinyachennuyu" jewel.

But the very real unusual case of quadrupeds, which this writer, who has served for many years on the nuclear submarine fleet, personally witnessed … The arrival of the nuclear-powered submarine to dispose of the shipyard "Zvezdochka" (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region) was met with a shudder: ancient by Navy standards, "azuha" (nuclear submarine project 667) is famous in polar submarine base Gadzhievo arrogance and bloodlust … living there rodents. The fame of the rats has reached the submarine Severodvinsk, gathering chilling detail.

Rumors of the soil under a had. Man-of-war's man was found in the hold even hefty cans with ship supplies, opened terrible teeth tailed pirates. They say the boat in tow went to one of the factory terminals, even the hand crane, puts a metal ladder on its side, shaking. It turned out we were wrong.

Mass gathering the ladder rodents was not observed. Hull they did not leave until the production boats on a breaker in the 15th department, eating in holds and provizionkah remaining supplies. And in the dock chamber has begun! Sea rats gradually began to get out into the open, looking around in surprise and dissolve the factory floor and in the quarters of Severodvinsk. A team of welders, anticipating trouble from meetings with rodents at cutting sections, they decided to declare a merciless war. Was mobilized tens (number of compartments NPS) yagrinskih homeless cats. They were brought directly to order. The outcome of the first battles was tragic: recruits have disappeared in the gloomy depths of the hold. Everyone knows: cats are good only in battles with mice, rats are often afraid and panicky pass them by …

Where in the 15th workshop took the cat — a thick, like a barrel, and striped like a boatswain in the shirt, no one knew. But immediately he is named as the boatswain. This fighter set to work on your cat's strategic understanding. Pochavkav sailors brought saffron cod, he turned away in disgust whiskered face, and went down with the ship's XO good advantage. From that moment on the boat … the battle in the morning, when the shop stocks still held on divorce work in the bowels of the boat had already heard the battle cry Boatswain. So the hunter of rodents reported on the results of its work. After two weeks on the order there was not a rat. Boatswain brought strict statutory order on the ship … and then disappeared!

Continuation of this naval thriller suddenly discovered on one of the suburban areas COT "Spectrum". It turned out Boatswain secretly took with the company one of the welders, my friend. He later admitted that this battle was looking for a cat. Most recently, he invited me to visit the cottage, warm up in the bath. Prochapav to his summer cottage, I did meet with a cat of strange sizes. I thought the striped predator licking his lips as a particularly carnivorous and intently watched me. The impression that I was looking for rat's tail … even flinch once!

Andrey Mikhailov

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